Thursday, January 28, 2010

First post Eva~

I should be asleep. I have work in 4 hours. But shampoo and I keep skyping about Silent Hill, the insane aslyums (if Ayaki, Shampoo and I meet up, they're going to drag me there with or without consent from me) and how my stomache is cramping up from laughing. I hate you shampoo D: <33333

And now we're talking about monks. D: wtf. I'd pay them a $1 to go to Shampoo house. Stfu, monks don't need tips.

btw, Yang = 5 rulers tall + 9 inch "maybe, cause it was hard to measure". >.> Silly Yang...

k I should sleep D: Shampoo I know you're reading this. So umm.. GOOD MORNING!!! :D and stop stalking meh... o.o

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