Monday, May 31, 2010

RE Cloak = no Treasto love

Just wanted to say: "LOLOLOLOL"
Never have I laughed and facepalmed so many times in my life.
Now I don't regret my decision anymore.

And... moving on with life.
and only two people will know what I'm talking about lol

Winidia set is sooooo cute D: It's such a vanity item for me but its too cute to sell x.x

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I failzzzzzz

About half way through, I just realized my design was placed too high on the jacket. x____________________________________X /headdesk

So I've now entered uber panic mode. Not only did I run out of time because of crazy man that came/stalked to our house, school, work, and job interview; I just finished pinning half my designs in the back jacket of the abyss coat. I ran into an uber problem. It's been placed too high and about half of it is already hand sewed in so redo-ing it is pretty much out of the question due to the lack of time (I have a test on my books on Tuesday DDDDDDDDDDDD: ) So I'm just typing out this pointless post for panic reasons. o.o I can't believe I misjudge by that much. X____X ARGGGG!!! I might have to bs the rest of the patterns for aesthetics reason and fix it after Anime North. GOD, GTFO ME!! D: This is what I get for only sewing once a year now x.x

In about 7 hours from now, I also have work. Tomorrow is Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the wii (release day). So like, no sleep + crazy work day = FML I'm so not living tomorrow. x_____X Then all of monday I gotta FINISH all my readings and then study. And the best part is, out of the entire week I've only procrastinated 3 hours. It's like Time just fell out of my pocket this week. When I start my new job in June, I might as well just get trampled on by squirrels. /clones self


Yay to pointless post o.o so like if I'm not online til after May D: You now know why?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Essays are hard...

... when you have too much to write about.

So I've started summer school and I must admit: It's been a while since I had an awesome prof. He knows how not to bore the class and throws in jokes that we all can understand. So I spent a good chunk of after school to present, reading and currently writing my essay. I mean sure, essays can be hard if you have no idea where to go for information. But for me, the essay is most difficult to write is when you have to write about something with large amounts of important information within 500 words. T-T I rather write about boring 10+ pages of Art History now...

As for Megaten, I haz finished Arty. :DDDDDDD She does avg of 800-900 heals (I don't think anyone exceeds 500 hp in PvE in this game... >.>) And can pretty much T/SS with high percentage. The only thing I need to do is get more int and luck for Sera, just cause. :D I don't even synth that often anymore, LOL. But I'll be away from MT for a while though T-T I has two books to finish by next week and after today, possibly a schedule for the second job and I still need to find time to do my cosplay... and somehow fit in 3 weeks worth of homework and reading so I can be ahead of my class. D: Yea, I don't think I can fit in sleep in there... lol I don't even think I'll be outside of the hotel during Anime North. I'll probably be typing away at my homework in the hotel. T-T buuu there goes my so called vacation.

I'll post screenshots of stats when I get the time. I just didn't do it cause I made a stupid rebirth mistake and kewkewed for a week or two. So you'll get to see the stats of a level 90 Arty in Sowilo and Ingwaz comparison (same rebirths tho).

And on another news: I haz not one, but two cookiez o.o f33334444rrrr me clannies! D:

PS: To make this not a pointless post (which it has now become one <--- breaking) I've been working on a few builds that just needs to be grind. Two of which are Pvp purposes (god I'll be murdered in pvp). I have a third and fourth character, but I haven't decided which to expertise chain I want to try out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stress Level: Level up!


For those who are wondering, last prior weekend we had du-ra-ma-su and we're now lvl 9 again and a huge shrunk in clan size (and we're still 9 LOL) as much as I miss the green label on my head, its a hell lot easier to interact with people now I find. Yang is leaving for a trip in a week and we're all going to miss him greatly. No more old man jokes nuuuuuzz!! D: I have a lot of re-thinking to do about this game cause I don't think I can treat this game the same as before :/ I also don't think I can trust people anymore (I already have trust issues to begin with...) after that incident especially. NM Dais are the only thing I do now cause their so much fun and... most importantly, I can SEW between the camping. Yes, that means I can play and do homework and fun stuff like that.

Gained experience in Stress Level.

I also haven't had a chance to sew due to retarded family problems. Durrrrrr... So I have 1 week exactly to finish 3 costumes. GOD WISH ME LUCK. D: I'm about to abort the abyss set for AN and use it for private shoots and go with Sera's Nocturne set (with paddle). I WUV MY PADDLE! *paddles* But Sushi would kill me if I did that >.>

Gained experience in Stress Level.

I do have good news and bad news at the same time. Remember my last post where I applied for the web & graphic design job? Well, I pretty much got it. :D I'm just waiting for my employer to get back to me on the details and for me to go in and do the paper works. Ontop of it, if I finish my University this year, I can get a full time position over there after graduating. It's awesome news! With one slight minor problem: Working at 2 part time jobs (in two cities) + full time school = Even Deader Ayu x.x

But but D: I need the experience and moneys~~~~ So I don't plan to quit either of them. I'm just going to shut up and deal with it and use every ounce of will power I got left in me to pull this off (for a year). That just means you may never see me on Megaten starting September..................................... nuuuuuu!!! D:

Gained experience in Stress Level.
Stress Level: Level up!