Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Essays are hard...

... when you have too much to write about.

So I've started summer school and I must admit: It's been a while since I had an awesome prof. He knows how not to bore the class and throws in jokes that we all can understand. So I spent a good chunk of after school to present, reading and currently writing my essay. I mean sure, essays can be hard if you have no idea where to go for information. But for me, the essay is most difficult to write is when you have to write about something with large amounts of important information within 500 words. T-T I rather write about boring 10+ pages of Art History now...

As for Megaten, I haz finished Arty. :DDDDDDD She does avg of 800-900 heals (I don't think anyone exceeds 500 hp in PvE in this game... >.>) And can pretty much T/SS with high percentage. The only thing I need to do is get more int and luck for Sera, just cause. :D I don't even synth that often anymore, LOL. But I'll be away from MT for a while though T-T I has two books to finish by next week and after today, possibly a schedule for the second job and I still need to find time to do my cosplay... and somehow fit in 3 weeks worth of homework and reading so I can be ahead of my class. D: Yea, I don't think I can fit in sleep in there... lol I don't even think I'll be outside of the hotel during Anime North. I'll probably be typing away at my homework in the hotel. T-T buuu there goes my so called vacation.

I'll post screenshots of stats when I get the time. I just didn't do it cause I made a stupid rebirth mistake and kewkewed for a week or two. So you'll get to see the stats of a level 90 Arty in Sowilo and Ingwaz comparison (same rebirths tho).

And on another news: I haz not one, but two cookiez o.o f33334444rrrr me clannies! D:

PS: To make this not a pointless post (which it has now become one <--- breaking) I've been working on a few builds that just needs to be grind. Two of which are Pvp purposes (god I'll be murdered in pvp). I have a third and fourth character, but I haven't decided which to expertise chain I want to try out.


  1. awww gl and try not to stress too much ayu D:

    and anon cause i dont know how to use these forums XD

  2. <3 its kinda hard but I'll try not to