Thursday, December 16, 2010

[Aion] the greener grass

As grammatically incorrect as my title is, you get the point.

Been playing Aion with Haburi these last two weeks. We're pretty impressed (I will refuse to play with WoW people as I've seen the douchebags that buy them at my work seems to outweights the nice people so it's quite a turnoff for me even if it is better mmo but that's just my experience in the game store I work at). When you get mobbed people help you. Enhancers actually enhances for you even though your complete strangers. People know how to share a field (no fear of being KSed). If anything, I feel like I'm the one who's a complete jackass when I'm around these people now. Must absorb their aura of niceness!

BUT! Megaten market is much more steady. Everyone seems to be able to agree on prices of an item worth. If you people think MT is OVERPRICED, then you guys totally need to check another MMOs. Aion's meaning of OP is... pretty OP, like an item can go for 400 kinah to 240K kinah. So stop QQing and just play nice. D:

And being a loser that I am, I bought the Aion: Assult on Balaurea thinking it was an expansion pack (already has the first CE ver. of the game) only to realize it was the full game + the FREE update. So in short I paid $40 for 2 pets + 1 month. Even my manager didn't know that. Aren't we just so awesome like that? *sarcasm* So now you all know. New Aion = full game + new content. Don't be a N00b like me!

And... Screenshot time!

Whoops, Extazy was moved. Richy and dope are much cuter now.

Evil Balaur snake man thing D:

Me and Pandy :3

Pandy-punch! @ Haburi

Pretty flying scenery stuff

My Wings are bigger then yours >:3

I play my trap card!
The customization is amazing in Aion. I love spending time making and then deleting the character the next day xD hehe...

And only in Aion can you dress like a Frog. LOL

Much luffles to Leynar from MT who's helped us lots in Aion. Because we are complete N00bs in this game though the wiki is awesome.

I've been trying to finish Persona 3 Portable (need to finish at least one game this year...), 999 on DS and the most epic iphone game, INFINITY BLADE!!!! It's for the iphone/itouch and it uses the Unreal Engine (the same engine for Unreal Tournament if you didn't know) and it totally looks like a PS3 game then a iphone game. It's AWESOME!

And to end off the post I give you all fun synthing fact:
It seems inorder to get 100% SS on level difficulty 5 demons on non-FM you would need a fully decked out Artemis, 6.2 synth, 300 int and close to 200 luck. I think 200+ int & 150+ luck with mentioned of the above should still give you 100% on Beiji Wengs on Full Moon but that's hypothetically speaking, will need to try it later to find where the borderline is. *all ready does 100% SS on FM for quite some time now >_>*

1 Synth Booster + 1 Motley user (YES THERE IS A DIFFERENT TYVM >_>) no Syringes and its NEW MOON.

Anki`/Haburi my partner in crime. :3

Theoretically, Habu + int syringe would = my 300+ int.
Result: HIT MY FIRST GOAL! BOOYAH! 300int + without full party booster.
Improvements: 300+int without any help :3 I'm an INT hoarder if you haven't noticed. >_>

Still improving Synther, just without the "being first to get it" habit and spending AP. I'm just going to focus on my Synther and Mage for now. Need to stop spending on this game. 5K ap = 2.5 months WORTH of Aion. You know when your freaking addicted when you start thinking about all monetary values in ap terms.

I won't be on Megaten as often as I started to dislike the community I once loved. I'm mostly on Aion so pm me in game if you start playing it. Server: Vaizel & IGN: Cekai (n00b ranger)She's my only main atm. I'll play my MAN-Sin when Habu's not around xD <3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

[Megaten] Thing you might want to know.

Enhancers are support class. Enhancers who don't heal and/or don't buff - clearly shows that you should be in ANOTHER class.

Ichi Golds - designated parts of the room for damage dealers (front, back & middle) to make faster room clear. No one likes a stray Koppa and wasting time. At least be able to one hit Deformed Kirins before you advertise yourself as a damage dealer (or a Uber one). It just helps the party.... a lot.

Fun fact: Erosion Hex has a LOW chance of muddling Spectres. Stop trying and just Megi them or have null SSes so you can run away un-harm.

If you ask for help from someone, please don't afk on them while they're doing it for you. It's rude and disrespectful. ...And it also makes me hate you personally.

Most importantly, if you are selling something with a desired price and you got a buyer, HONOR IT. Sell the item for the price you have priced. If you change your mind because you want to keep it or want to sell it at a higher profit, then you my friend, are the biggest douche bag of a human being. The buyer is completely innocent and abiding to YOUR desired price so don't get mad if they rage because they have the right to as a consumer.

Drama happens. That's life. But to dread on it for months and months and continuously harass the parties that knows the players who are involved for info or just to make their life miserably presume, is immature. Grow up please and play the game.

Jiko is weak against FIRE. For all those idiots who uses ice on him, please ask party or check the wiki before hand. It makes you look like an idiot when you get reflected in the face. No, srsly.

Synthers - and any one who rebirths demons - Learn to READ THIS CHART! Because rebirthing your Artemis as Sowilo last will not get you the best possible stats on her. Re-birthing your Spin demon in Fehu chain last and then telling me your demon is done, makes me want to shoot you.

So this community has destroyed the last centimeter of my patient, kindness, and respect. So I'm off to Haitus from it and hopefully just quit all together. Because the amount of dedication I've put into this game seems to be for naught. And as we all know, veteran of this game will be an extinct race and people actually knowing about mechanically or how to play this game will slowly disappear. So... Imma go play Call of Duty: Black Ops with Haburi and Richy (when I get my bloody free copy in the mail... arggg....), my precious 999 DS (1/6 endings GETTO!) and dedicated my life back to deviant art like I should be. Thanks for everyone who I've met, be friends with and all the fun times we spent. I'll make a player dedicated post later. (exhausted atm...)

See you all in 2011!
Have a safe and happy Holidays everyone! ^-^

PS: Extazy's belly button rainbow beam cannot be stopped! Mwhahahahahaha~ Extazy <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

RIP Rasho

Because I am an idiot. I pressed the button too fast even though I realized that my mat seq II didn't attach to the menu while modding my Rasho on slot1 - CLSR 10 with a Flamehorn SIed to it. And now it became 3 pieces of Hihi Iro material.

Weirdly, I ain't mad or pissed off or what not. :/ Just shrugged and cursed at how Rasho is not 3 pieces of Hihi D: and now I'm buying another Flamehorn and another Rasho. Mehhh... just wanted to post, my first long rasho, it was fun having you (die on my retired melee for months). RIP <3

On another note... 999 on DS is soooo gooooood D: I wish Habu was here to hold my hand T-T *got scared at the guy who exploded* I'm very weak to horror okay?! D:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

[Megaten] It's Extazy. It shoots Rainbows.

You people keep fueling my retarded-ness. I love my Clannies. We may be small and seem inactive, but we are stealing your ponies and shooting rainbows where you least expect it. o-o

MIA: Richy
Last seen: Being mauled by a Zombie is COD.
Reward (Dead or Alive): Sending Richy to a trip to DisneyLand.

I want to hear him scream in CoD! D: /just got Halo Reach for the Ostrich

Stayed from open to close at work yesterday due to the over amount of work we had. x.x We're almost caught up but god, soon I'm going to start seeing the store's inventory in my dreams again. xD

And I keep falling asleep on Haburi on skype. orz Sorry hun.

[EDIT] Depending on how I negotiate with these household idiots. This may be my last NM weekend, last post and last time you may see me online until I figure out another way to obtain internet at home. We'll see what happens, at least I can still update this blog via iphone.

Monday, November 8, 2010

[School] It's a Love-Hate relationship

My group members for my presentation tomorrow are driving me up the wall. One of them tells me to ask for days off the whole effing week just to work on our presentation. Of course we ended up arguing (School is more important. But you do know, so is paying the bills -___-). Now she's making all these "meet up" that don't even last because no one did their work (one of them was too lazy to) due to school, family, extracurricular, work, etc. And now, one of the members can't make it and the whole group doesn't want to meet up now. Tomorrow is the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops so I would of been staying extra late tonight setting up but because of tomorrow's meeting I need to leave early because she made a HUGE deal about me working. Not my fault that no one wanted to meet on weekends, early mornings or late at nights. Why am I the one being screamed at when I am okay with that but when everyone else has a day off, and I work, I get yelled at.

God. I hate human.

And go to the effing meeting boy. -____-

On the other hand, Marching set on Sera watching Gus train expertise while doing the Monkey dance is win.

Sera: Ohaider!
Gusoku: D:

I don't know if you guys ever noticed. But Marching Set has your belly button showing. ISN'T IT EPIC?! My clannies know I'm a Yaoi fan and being one of the few girls active in clan, everyone one knows that "if it's gay, Sera MUST have." :D Don't you just love my principles?

And the cosplay contest has been announce! Artful won! YAAAAAAAAY~ I was really hoping she did because her entry was very well done. :3 I told you guys my crappy entry wouldn't even make it. Not with my garbage execution and uncompleted set (would of been sad if I won T-T). I still need to find a jeweler in my school for it (scared to venture to the Art department as its creepy there ;A; ) but I only entered for the cross regenerator I (didn't want to pay 11$ bucks for it LOL) for my RE: Maki Necklace. xD

Also got to see Bunbun's Tao Tie close up. She has killed him the last time I saw him T-T Poor Tao tie...


And again for market QQ-ers, your desired price =/= to common market price. TYVM. If everyone is selling black weapon DT for 4-5mil, and you tell me that its market price is 2mil, you can GTFO. Buying List is starting to be BS to me, buyers are buying half the price of what sellers are selling it for. QQ about how they can't get an item cause its "overpriced" but mainly the issue is that your buying it too "underpriced". I cater to people who are looking for items that are 500K off (for cheaper prices) and 1-3mil off for more expensive items. That's customer service. Not 2 mil for an item that's 5mil. If you ask nicely too, I wouldn't mind, unless the item is high in demand (like marching headsets) since it's only fair to those who REALLY wants it and willing to pay for it (that's determination and shows how much a person wants it imo). But that's just how I feel about the market.

I have been playing Kitsu. FINALLY LEVEL 30 :D Though I'm having a dilenma with one of my characters name. I deleted him to make him into a medium build but I didn't realized there was a time gap wait for re-claiming a name (I don't get the point of this but ok....) and now I'm fretting whether I get the name or not (It's TYPOGRAPHICALLY correct therefore it bugs me if I use an altered name of it). I'm such a loser. *headdesk*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You know...

A simple "NTY" or "No thank you" or SOMETHING won't KILL YOU when you decline offers. Being CIVILIZED or having MANNERS won't KILL YOU either.

BAHHHHH!!! I'm asking too much out of humans. I think it's more effective teach a cat how to do tricks.

[EDIT] - Project HAS been changed (again). THANKFULLY I can stop programming this game as now its conceptual. TYVM. I hasn't slept since Sunday. Finally, Finally I can sleep tonight. Oh glorious sleep.

TYVM to clan who put up with my bitch PMSing mood. I love you guys <3

We also has a kitty Mascot and a Frostie in clan. :D Now I will has more time to Stalk them, WHeeeeeee~

I also got Rasho for no reason. Let's mod this to something that I will never use, as always <3 and Trying to get Marching set cause male has BELLY BUTTON SHOWING. AHAHAHAHAHHAAHA So gay, So getting it. XD

Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Megaten] A note for you.

Dear Megaten Market QQ-ers,

If one more person requests/pms me about how I am "destroying the market" for offering over 15mil on Book Voucher (Academic). I swear I will beat you up to a bloody pulp via PvP (And I will start PvPing just for you). If you HAVEN'T noticed, Book Voucher (Academic) is not only the HARDEST to obtain from ap FC/events/boxes, but also the HIGHEST in demand. It's not rare for me to be offering over 20mil+ for this voucher in the past year. So unless someone decides to sell it to me so that I can stop SPENDING ap ($300 from Tuesday FC release til Friday night and counting...) I will not stop my increament. And if you QQ about it, then tell those people who already have it (whether they are using it and especially those who are not) to sell it. I am NOT destroying your precious market when something CANNOT even BE obtained to begin with. If you do the math (and pretend they are evenly divided), its 3.33% to OBTAIN the fucking voucher. So with $300 I have 10% technically speaking. So where is it? HRMMMMM?!

Exactly. STFU. -___-

Your dedicated synther who have now spent hundreds of dollars and over 200mil on Sera. Because I am dedicated, want to extinct mirrors for YOUR wallet and be useful for YOUR MEGATEN SAKE.

PS: PLEASE R-E-A-D. I know some of you are trying to rip me off. Book Voucher Academic (aka: Academic Voucher) is spelt:



Meaning, stop trying to trade me a 2-3K ap item from item mall so you can have my 15mil+ and think I would NEVER noticed. Use your head. I clearly wrote it down so its not a mispelled word. I'vebeen scammed too many times in the bast 4 months where I NOW have to TRIPLE check all my trades and offer. We were never liked this Megaten.

AND people wonder why I don't synth on channel 1 anymore. I don't mind being used but I would like to be respected as a human being (and not a dog like all those ch1 synth seekers like to joke around) and to be able to BE dedicated and allow to BUY at a price I want. I'm not even going to start on the main reason why I left ch1 synthing. I'll only go back when I have patients with you people.

I have lost sleep over this since Tuesday, getting my anxiety back (due to addiction/dedication watever the reason is), and bitching. I don't like to bitch in public at all. It's unsightly. But seriously. This flaming has GOT TO STOP.

Back to Hunting down that voucher.

PS: IF you haven't noticed, yea I'm fucking pissed and annoyed. TYVM. -___- <-- never been this mad in months.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

[Megaten] This is sad

It's is sad when a c5 Enhancer c3 Hex AND a pure c6.2 Synther can clear ichi golds in 5 minutes (with 0 deaths) faster than a full ichi party of today; you know something is wrong with the quality of players.



Finishing Stance: Go Go Cotton Swab Ranger!


If an enhancer and a synther who both have only decently rebirthed demons and can still do this while parties who have better gears than rebirth demons, with the crazy damage boost gears we have, can't even finish a single clear within 10 minutes is pathetic. Clears that do 3-4minutes should be AVERAGE by now. Yet... there is a large amount of level 75+ who seem to NOT be able to one hit Kirins, clear rooms PROPERLY (strays are a no-no and teamwork is important), HEAL, and/or enhance properly. Which is 80-90% of the people on the server atm. Before, quality for good players were like 60%+ so... what happened? Why does all the new player suck like shit? Why aren't people trying to improve instead of making excuses? It makes no sense. Critism isn't a bad thing, not all of them are "offensive".


Make 100x no sense to me when my level 46 can ONE HIT KIRINS on Electric Rush NO SS OR TAROT, half obtained gears (got mainly palais set, tails, extra, neck, weapon and that's it). Just nice clean gear with a c5 Enhancer with 140+ int. If my N00b can one hit Kirins, SO CAN YOU. But as Habu said, you're asking to much in life with the current community. Yea, I think I am. Which is why next time, we're going to get a sponsor and have them run with and my level 46 nubcake just for lulz.

Haburi, Richy and I promised to not return to this game after we started Kitsu Saga. But that epically failed. I wonder why we still haven't quitted. xD I know I'm having a hard time leaving due to the hundreds of dollars I've spent on this game. Same with Habu. But god, Megaten really has nothing else to offer though. There IS no goal here except to make more money for no reason. I've gotten so bored that I wasted 4K ap on Loot Forge because I had nothing to do (and auto-grinding on Kitsu is love <3) and Kitsu won't have a bloody ap promotion so I've been reserving myself from spending ap. Then again, I've been having GREAT luck on Mystery Boxes, Raffles and Loot Wheel/Forge that its kinda hard for me to quit. It's rare that I win things, especially within a few tries. Usually it takes me forever to get something decent. Damn you Megaten. D:

I have about 3 posts of rant about the economy of MT. But I decided not to post them as their actually pretty bashful, hateful, disrespectful, calling out on names, and wat-not type of rants (especially after I re-read them). Let's just say, for all those who are trying to buy things dirt cheap, do give into the consideration that the people who are selling "rare ap items" or $100+ ap items from promo, should be allowed to price shit for 10mil+ As Ap Spenders are NOT HERE for YOUR convenience. They have the right to make some money too and more than the 1:1 ratio. If you want it cheap or are bitching about how a new set is 15mil+ then please, by all means, GET A JOB and BUY YOUR OWN AP. Not a hard thing to do imo if you worked for it. And I'm sure the countless hours you've all put into it could land you a decent job with minimum wages after all. If you happen to buy something for below common market price, Congratz! (Notice how I put "common market price" >.> I have this whole rant about the terminology as well and "overpriced" items idea/term). Also the sellers do need to give into consideration about the budget people have, leniency is also a good customer service skill. If anyone saw my Trade List post for "40mil for Young Soul Blue, Data Ticket" it was an inside Extazy joke about overpriced items. I left it up there for lulz. Next time I'm definitely writing "T> only for Extazy clan members + 40mil ???? (hugs)" because we all know how messed up the economy is right now. And the Consumable Exchange Event + the Kingdom Kaboodle Mystery Box, just made the Exchange Event pointless. I'm sure 50% of the players were going after the Symbol Data Ticket which is now pointless as its being spammed.

I'm also quite sadden at the fact that most public synthers aren't what they used to be. Even though there are textbooks spammed out there. A non-properly taroted or SS set bugs the crap out of me and a rank 1 Sowilo and rank 1 Ingwaz rebirth Artemis (and arty not being above level 50) really wants to make me cry for the poor demon. If your trying to rebirth the demon, please do it properly. From what I've seen, Jenn from GS Cat is the only other person I know who isn't an ap spender who can do this. So can everyone else. Most of the earlier synthers didn't even have Dais to rebirth their artemis and their all pretty decent/epic. So no excuses D: Please research about synthing (or ask)! Btw, it should 90% almost always be SS first, then Tarot for cost effective. The only time you would do a tarot first is if you don't know if the item will work for special fusion or not and relic fusion. When my clannies shows me a special fusion item and I would have to tell them to redo the demon for tarot because of cost efficiency after a synther told them to tarot it first, it really makes me QQ.

Alright enough ranting from me. A downhill community usually stays downhill for a long time. No use crying over spilled milk. Until then I'll continue afking on the lawn to sell stuff while playing Kitsu Saga AND Sengoku Basara. Because my attention span no longer exist anymore.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitsu Saga of CB epicness

I'm really depressed about FF14. The lag there is just so bad that I keep crashing now after the game officially released. -___- Either I should get a better internet or a whole new computer. I was going to get a better internet this month but some family problems came up so that's haulted. =3=

So now I've spent the last weekend playing Kitsu Saga with HabuHabu and Richy. :D We saw/heard a few people from SMT on there too so this will be fun. :) We're looking for a patch of grass without any aggro monster or a clan spot for us. I hope we find one :D KS is currently in closed beta but the wings *_* I got my character to level 26 and can't wait til CB is over to play with them. xD I have completely ignored MT for this game and will probably continue doing so. Bug wise, I haven't see anything significant. Just spelling error and name errors (aka. #Err: Too long) on monsters and titles. XD It's pretty amusing but it doesn't hinder game player so w/e.

Here's some spam galore. Ofc, I'm the little jailbait boy :D Richy is the big man and the sexy beast is Haburi. We make quite an interesting Guild xD Too bad Richy, Haburi will always be my Papa even if he is playing as a women D:

KS Red Dead Redemption :D

Cutie Kitsu <3

If Seta was a girl, he'd made an epic one!

Seta <3

We found a patch of grass in the middle of Aggro Venom Snake :D It's not exactly meant for afking though...

Seta being lectured by his Kitsu D:

Haburi says that Kitsus are like the tweet in twitter. It's so true XD They talk alot but it's amusing. And so much random crap they say too.

So far, I like the community. It's alot like MT when it first started out. We have yet encountered any assholes like we do daily in Megaten. People have manners there and are friendly. :) btw 1 Gold = "ZOMG SO MUCH MONEY" xD Oh.. the good old days.

Speaking of MT: Did the 100% Rebate Loot wheel. Got Jackpot :DDDDD BOOYAH!! (for free too lol) But all that money will not go towards Kitsu Saga <3 I also got called on being inc in KS xD I was trying to solo a lvl21 mission on my lvl 26. I still got murdered even though I was on a crap loads of inc. D: Tis was evil!

The game is mostly spamming of AoE skills but it's because of it that its fun. And ofc, Aeria loves their mages. Dx So freaking overpowered. Btw, Flamewind > Iron Claw. D:< I played both factions, I find the beginning of Flamewind much more smoother put together than Iron Claw was. I also felt bad though, I was a male character in the middle of nothing but female Mist Song NPCs D: MALES CAN DO FEMALES THINGS OKAY?! /hides dead Iraya behind a barrel in manly shame.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Fantasy 14.. thus so far...

FF14 is pure lag fest for me atm. I've had quite a few software difficulty in order to get this game to run. And when it finally did ran, I fell in love with it immediately. Of course with each event/scene and instance starts up, it takes roughly 5-15 minutes to load. My movement and combat lag got worse and worse. To the point where I had to shut my client down, restart computer and try again. Sometimes I think it makes Megaten look like genius at this point. TBH I think its my internet cause we know how bad mine is. But at the same time, many people seem to have the same issue, so I don't know anymore. Aion still runs decently on my computer. The only thing that gets to me is that the requirements for FF14 is ridiculously high, either that, or I'm just really out of touch for pc gaming.

The payment really got me confuse. One of the options won't let me register saying that my address does not exist *rejected* and the other options is just too confusing. :S

And I ish sick *sniffles*

Overall, aside from my 9 hours of getting this game to work and 3 hours of LAG fest to really play about 30 minutes of it, I do enjoy the battle system. The character creation is garbage compared to Aion, but non-auto-attack is quite a change but you really do need a no-lag situation. The naming was smart, you know get to choose first and last names so the people don't have to fight with names. I'm going to try again later when peak hour is dead. But I might not be on MT for long periods of time for the week (or two) cause I'll be playing this! xD

Now to figure out how to register for a second character... *wants cat girl*

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Extazy, Darling

This is why you don't feed TV into Ayu's life. Dx

When I first saw him on stage with all Top 10 finalist, I was like "who in the world is that wacko back there?!" So I watched the Final for the battle of Top 4 (w00t youtuube! /ish back home now) and just... o.o WOW. Forget Fighting Gravity, Forget Jackie Evancho, forget everything I just saw. This guy was Amazing. Great Performance. Powerful Voice. I LOVE HIS PERSONALITY. I really hope he wins. Btw, Top 4 ended up being most of my favorites: Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity and Micheal Grimm.

^ Yea I thought exactly that too judges o.o Exactly that...

He really is a completely different person in costume.

Back to Realty- err.. I mean Megaten:
My Mage is BACK ON DD W00000000000000000t More suicide runs for me :D <--- serious enjoys dying for no reason. Doesn't help that I've currently made a retal rush DD... guess which skill I'll be spamming?!?! :DDDDDDDDD ThunderBolt, RagleFragle and I are going to have a giant Deep Ichi orgy this week. :D I get to kill MORE ASSASSIN!! I'm like retardedly excited about it.

Clan Extaxy. Seriously stays true to the name. Friggin Addicting. I remember coming into this clan thinking I'll only know Dope, then I found out Richy and Mallard was in it, so I joined. I didn't feel "right" with most clans I was in after Engaged broke apart and I didn't expect it from Extazy either. But after joining, and with my limited amounts of time that I am actually online. These guys rock. They put up with my Yaoi jokes/fantasies and we support one another all the time (thanks for putting up with my N00b SI and CD questions Kyou <3). I've learned a lot from them about the game and I hope I can continue to do so. :3 Extazy <3333

And cause I found this randomly while cleaning up my screenshot folder:

Seriously, you guys keep fueling my Yaoi fantasies when I don't even intend it to! xD <3

I'm getting a new internet line that is coming into this area in October 8D Cause I lag like a beast.

Not that kind of beast D:< I know your thinking it HabuHabu! /hunts down <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Opera! Glow in the Dark! Metro QQs!

So life's been pretty exciting given that I'm no longer in front of the computer 24/7 like I was two months ago. No more sleeping between NMs (aka. waking up every 6 hours only for runs for days on end). I went to my mommy's house this week cause I'm too cheap to pay for bus to go to work so I'm just bumming a ride from my mommy :D *poor university student* And I got to watch this thing called TV. I haven't seen stared at this talking box for years D: *lives with no TV/cable* And I watched this really cool show called America's got Talent.

Jackie Evancho. She was like "wow... damn o.o". I wish I could go watch that live. D:

Fighting Gravity. I really like their style. While I watched this last night I was like "I want these guys for my next Birthday Party!" I'm so weird T-T *likes shiny things*

There was an amazing Piano player, a guy who performed despite his injuries on his bike, the magician that made his assistance dissappear and replaced the magician and the couple that dance and hung in the sky where the girl picked up the guy and there was NO safety harness. I was so fearful for their life. D: Boy, I miss TV. Too bad I've been giving all my attention to my iphone. AHAHHAHAHHAAHA /fails life.

TAICHOU IM GOING TO EAT YOUR BRAINS LIKE PLANTS VS ZOMBIE!! I want to be that Elvis Presley Zombie, he's too funny. XD

Tuesday I got my school confirmed. Guess who's back in school next year :D I might be able to make it through and get my stupid degree only to go learn IT stuff later. So it was a fast process except the fact that the TTC made this new Post Secondary pass program for College and University with one problem. The line was so lone I couldn't even see the back of it and that pass a block :'D So my new friend and I... we gave up and left. LOL Yea we weren't ready to stand in line and burn in 30+C degree weather for a pass. D: I'll go back another day.

I finally achieved insta-cast in MT. LOL Took me long enough. Effing Sera is still in the middle of SIing to achieve maxmium results for synthing (yet I'm not public synthing LOL) and I've spent over 80mil worth of macca and ap for his upgrade and I'm still not done. orz|||

Uhhh... I'm getting distracted. *stares at TV* Sushi tomorrow treated by Office boss and BBQ on Friday by the company. So much fun on my last days of my contract. Definitely going to miss it.

Before I go, ITS 21 DAYS TIL FF14 CE RELEASE!!!!! I'm going to be waiting in front of the door just for you Taichou :D So u better sell me my copy! <3

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just found this on my LJ's friends page. And I'm disgusted at how Ohayocon treats their staff and fellow cosplayers and I don't even go to that con. I'm happy for my friends who are pulling out of the 2011 show because honestly, they deserve better and their great talents are better use else where.

MT: It's time to say Farewell by ~AyumiNemoto on deviantART

Ahahahahhaa like my 60% abyss set. SIXTY. I did 30% at the hotel. It was still in piece until late Saturday night of AN10. But once school starts, I can finally work on this more. I just need to find a jeweler to commission for all the metalic parts :x btw the Abyss coat is SMEXY.

/brings out old photo.
Smexy with a capital 'S' D:<

K now I got back to beating Persona 3 Portable and Miles Edgeworth. I'll never get around to Red Dead Redemption at this rate. D:

Also got to spend time with my cousin's the past Saturday. Korean BBQ was the best. *___* I think I ate a good 5 plates of sausage and 3 plates of beef, which isn't very much. Grilling your own food is so much fun! :D

btw, Sera now kicks ass! For a synther who I barely use :'D I doubt there is another synther who can go on par with Sera... yea you heard me D:< +goes elitest mode for randomness.


So any synther's want to go Korean BBQ now? D: I has a Nandi that can provide us tons of beef! T^T /bribes... for randomness

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Burn my Dread

So my current Games to play before September Ends are the following:
  • Persona 3 Portable PSP (SEXY!!)
  • Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 (Fake Bunnehs must Die!)
  • Mini Ninjas PS3 (the cuteness from the demo got me on this D: )
  • Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth DS (Almost... done....)
  • Monster Rander DS (My childhood *___*)
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DS
  • Final Fantasy XIII (I. will. finish. you!!!!)
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep JPN ver.
FML o.o And Y's Seven and Birth by Sleep US ver for PSP are coming out next month along with my Final Fantasy 14. Dear god, I've already given up 2-3 hours of sleep per night to play the above list + AFK on Megeten but to add 3 more games to my life, I might as well just pay someone to give me another pair of hands and eyes. Dx And there is another 30+ more games on my shelf waiting to be played almost all of which are JRPG meaning 40+ hrs per game. D:!

I also took a short break from Megaten. Came back and realized its NOT worth spending AP and selling stuff for macca as it used to be. D: People are asking less of what you paid in AP (which makes no sense whatsoever imo...) So I've just resorted to selling AP funcards now to make ingame money (cause I don't have time to farm for macca) and totally skip the dreadful "selling" aspect. I must admit, unless its an outfit I want from promo or Item Mall, I need to forget about FC/Raffle/Mystery Box. I've gotten along quite well with this method. :D S> Ap funcards pm me!

Also on another note: I got my iphone. I'm going to unlock it tomorrow so this will be exciting. The first thing I'm going to do is get myself the 1 day pass for data plan and download shit. Apps here I come!

Also I got the Microsoft points in the mail today. They were a free gift for attending a Microsoft Event a while ago (+ points to working at a game store) but I swear I got these like a month ago. I swear I did. D: But I can't seem to find proof of getting one previously. Am I going crazy now?

Now I go back to passing out in bed. Finally a day off Saturday. I'm so excited! I'm going to an all you can eat Korean BBQ to stress relieve. LOL /grills the hateful beef-shaped customers. sizzzzzzzllleeee!

I think I got weirder these last 6 weeks. T-T

Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Borrow...

... is to never see it back again.

No seriously. o.o Lent my friend in real life moneys and items and now I'm chasing them down for it because they said they were going to give it back to me MONTHS ago pass when they needed it. >_____> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...

Well I learned my lesson. You people in real life are asking for me to become a jackass. :<>

(because I suck at naming like that, k? D: )

It's cute xD I just spammed the ap costume boxes for lolz since I had ap left over. Though they are limited time, it'll be fun running around like an aristocrat for lulz. yay to the power of the one dollar! xD

Grand Fantasia is Digimon without the GAY D:

TWO MONTHS TIL FF14 o.o w00000t~ And starcraft 2 came out on Tuesday, our store SOLD OUT on release day. IN YOUR FACE YOU NON-PREORDERS. <3 Can't wait to say "I told you so." to all those people who dissed up preordering ^-^

Also got my self a dress... for the first time in my life. Though its more for clubbing then really a real dress. Now I know there is something from with me D: Ayu doesn't wear dresses!


Im getting a new iphone :D Though it's Taichous but its a heck lot cheaper than getting one without a contract or buying the Nokia Xpress Music for $100 more and have it do less stuff. D: I'm also noticing that rain seems to like this area... too much. I'm having huge internet problems because of it. I use wireless signals so bad weather = bad connection. Especially since I dced and lagged and died in 24 kings. That was bad. But I learned what it would sound like if it had rained Squirrels. D:

Also need to get off of fast food. It's going to kill me one day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


AVENGE ME by ~Cats-Eye-93 on deviantART
Wanted to share, lol.

My first day off since second job. :'D I'm surviving but I've been trying to cut back on online time and do some more useful stuff like... finish this 35+ stacks of video games that have accumulated for the last 2 years (and draw...). Okay... maybe useful is not the right word for it. I was also watching a few clips of FF14 and a few FF11 since it looks like its just a basic upgrade of the previous engine. Male Miqo'te please (ororor Moogles for lulz)! Otherwise it looks like Aion, but less shinier xD

And another note: (it's all your fault Taichou D: )
HAHAHA! They're buying it. Fake Animals.

Okay screw it D: Let's go finish that Persona 4 like I was suppose to along time ago lol.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Message to Taichou~

/jealous <--- can't play Persona 3 Portable but manager can.

Oh yea, well Taichou, I umm... at least I haz cookies D:

/goes emo in corner


Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 1

My first week is almost over. :D Now only 7 more weeks (minimum) to go before I see this thing called "day off". I started my second new job this week and its been busy, busy, busy. Even after work when I get home, I'm still doing work related things, in this case the little pile of small printed papers we got to read on company rules, health and safety and employee agreement. 8D;; I feel like my eyes are about to fry. *Ish on a semi break atm* On top of it, I've been trying hard to catch up on the world of Gaming for my first job because of my lack of knowledge on upcoming games, my Presell section is down in the dump. Must work harder. D: /6 months out of date

And thus, I may tend to AFK a shitloads on Meageten because I'm reading =A= I've tried to grind and read this pile of papers thingy, but its failing. I need to sell more shitz which is why I leave the game on. Now that I think about it, I don't know why I bother. Macca is hard to get nowadays... buying Ap seems more efficient for the same time I use to farm macca. :x

I'm also depressed that I can't play my Persona 3 Portable due to not having the newest update, its also the only series I buy real regardless of system (LOL). If it's SMT I buy it and play it. I need to find my friend to get the update from him, instead of nub me bricking my psp. /haxpspluv So until then, I stare at the shiny box and QQ when my manager plays it in front of my face.

Also, going to port my ass over to FF14 when it comes out this Fall. My goal is still the same, trying to quit Megaten and find a better addiction for various reasons. Let's hope FF14 will work. :D I just pre-ordered the Special Edition for PC so I can have a week early access. I want the name Riku D: /has it on Aion hehehehehe....

AND YES I WILL PLAY AS A BOY. That's such a given. >___>
k back to work :S

Friday, July 2, 2010

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Aren't we Sexeh?


Risu has learned a horrible truth of why I spaz over male outfits. Ahahahahha XD I can't help it if I like gay things (both homo-ly and stupid-ly). Also been working on a SI character. Grinding Weapon Knowledge and watching movies as the best! Though, Enchanted just went King Kong with reverse gender role half way through. Narnia was good, and so was Kung Fu Panda. Now I need to buy more movies so I can continue grinding LOL.

So second job starts this Monday. :'D Imma going to die. /2 hours trip to get there and back.

I just got re-addicted to Megaten because of Extazy (damn you guys are such drugs xD) and especially to Risu~ You awesome Girl! I want more Megaten noaz. D: Yay to Spazzy post. I just felt like posting this picture that's all. /walks away in spamming shame.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Transformer Owl

Something to share with you all, I couldn't stop laughing. xD Originally found on DA: [link]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vocaloid + Extazy with a pinch of Aion

Pwhahahahahhaa~ I'm effing addicted to Gakupo Kamui (aka. Gackt's voice). And then I go on youtube to see some of GUMI's songs too to find out about SCL Project. I can't stop watching it, it's so good.

Watch it~~

And if you all haven't realized, I changed clans a few time. Each clan does have their own atmosphere and a core group of people, that would never change I think. But I found one that I can call home :D Clan Extaxy, Richy and Mallard are in it which was the main reason why I said yes to the invite to join (Thanks for the invite dope!). I freaking love you two, we just need to drag old man Yang with us! Risu, Death, Coty, Lez, Palmira and co. are all fun guys, knowledgeable in the game as well and can pretty random. Thanks for nickname btw Risu xD I'm going to make a Panda suit for Sera just for you now! Though all I do in game is be a cement gnome.

/start rant
I'm also getting sick of dealing with the 'market police' and some rude people. If someone doesn't reply to your request, it might be because the person is AFK for a bit or they might be busy. So chilll guys, there's no need to pm a person 5 minutes after you request and cuss them out. I've had people get back to me an hour later to do the trade but they were nice people and apologized. I also find it funny how there is no middle grounds or negotiations for a lot of things now. It's either the seller wants 15mil for one item while the buyer wants to buy it at 5mil. Kinda funny imo. Which is mainly why I went back to ap spending, I so do not want to deal with stuff like that since I'm now a market idiot without outdated pricing (and I don't log onto the game as much and stopped watching the Tradelist); have had people talk me down with their sad little stories and seeing them resell the same item for 2x price they just bought it for within 5 minutes. LOL Sorry for being nice and trusting, geezes... /not even exaggerating on the time.

Also, when you decline and offer, please say "no thank you" or "nty" or something along those lines. I'm also sick of getting really rude replies like, "(Hell) NO! /cancels" or "WTF /cancels" or "I'm not a nub. /cancels". First off, some us don't even know what "standard market price" are for certain items so please enlighten us with your desired price so we can negotiate. You don't have to be rude about it. If you ask offer, we offer what we thought "might be the price". That's what offer means after all. >__>
/end rant

So aside being a Cement Gnome and hating the Market, I've been busy working on my Aion character. I hate walking in that game Dx They seriously need a mount. I've learned that I really, really suck at Pvp in Aion since I get ambushed while I'm fighting a monster like 99% of the time. And since I'm a squishy SpiritMaster, with no pvp experience, I get killed easily :D;;;



It's pretty non-the-less though I suck at taking SS in Aion. And P2P IS SO MUCH CHEAPER. So I need to convert. I'm also waiting for Blade & Soul to come out. It looks good plus its NCSoft! You can't go wrong with NCSoft (I think). I think a lot of MT players will be moving there (well, for many reason lol) so I know I won't be alone, hehe.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Scribbly Layout

I love this chaotic layout childish layout, even though no one can read my post without squinting now. =3=

So finally I got the relic needed to make Muramasa from caring my demons everyday. For once I'm glad to have a lot of alts *Care Abuse*. Which by evening turned into Muramasa:

I just wanted to make one :D I have absolute no use for them, just wanted to synth stuff + it's SHINY!!! WHY NOT?! <3>.> I'll post some Aion pictures for fun later. /lazy atm

Since SI got implemented this patch: Happy SI-ing everyone!

EDIT - I just realized that this post took me 6 days to write LOL I'm so full of fail. So that's corrected but its really on the 17th that this is posted. And to add onto my fail, Why didn't I take that 25mil offer on Muramasa yesterday?! Oh right, because no one has a bloody clue on how much this thing is worth and I was worried that I might be lowballed like umm.. always. >.> /sells it for half the price now. And silly people, why would I sell it to you for the same price or less than the Relic worth. Really now... sometimes I think I'm one of the few people who offers properly (maybe 1-2 mil off "selling prices" depending on my priority) but I'm still negotiable. There's been a lot of rude buyers/sellers and "market police" lately that is killing the fun out of the market for me. You set a price: everyone hates you (unless its massively under the other selling prices). You ask for offer: Everyone lowballs you badly. Maybe my luck is just bad. LOL /goes be a Cement Gnome.

I'm also getting lazier to synth these days...
I'm also lazy to even bother working on my alts...
/continues being a Cement Gnome.

EDITx2 - awesome copy and paste post move is missing 2 paragraphs. orz Going to rewrite those later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beware: Picture Dump

So like I went on a fashion spree and impulse bought Casper, Winidia and Summer Gothic. LOL Tho I do need Summer Gothic for my enhancer when I change his build. So here's some picture dump :D

Winidia Set, its sooo cute *___*

Casper Set - I think Casper looks better on my mage

Sera: "I... um... err...." /steals your cookies and runs

Sera is soooo adorable in this get up. It's suppose to be for my Enhancer but when I put him in this outfit, he looked like an grown man in a little kids clothes :( So for now, until I get the crystals done, Sera's going to borrow Big-Bro Seta's clothes. <3

We love you Arbi and your sexy pose <3

I love taking SS while in Kuchi caves. There's something about it that makes it intriguing and beautiful. Or... I could just be weird like that... >.>

Sowilo chain - Rank 8 Sowilo + Rank 8 Ingwaz + Rank 8 Eihwaz (which is useless btw since it doesn't raise int, just support magic) + Rank 4 Eihwaz (which I find useless cause it barely bumps the stats on the rebirth)

Same Rebirths as mentioned but Rebirthed into the Ingwaz Chain. As you can see, there is an extra 45 pts all together. which is useful for synthing boost from Arty. So for those who doesn't know, rebirths for synther's arty should be Ingwaz last for best result. There's no need to rebirth is into another chain which I found out when talking to Palmira, who's arty has the same stats as mine but less work done. XD;;;

I've finally started on my two alts and I gotta say, I like playing male characters better :/ Idk y, there's just something about them I feel more attached to. And Seta should be able to make a come back this summer. :D You may see him around soon! I'm going to be lethe-ing (with painful memories of times without 5x incs and exp boost and textbooks) the Synthesis chain on him and making him into a C5 Hexer (like Yang!) so I can use him for caves and 4king runs. I decided to go against the Regal Enhancer idea since I think I'm ok in 4Kings relying on SA instead of LOA.

On another news: I got addicted to Project Diva (Vocaloid) on the psp. D: It's really fun and challenging but I do like DJ Max Portable more though. Mainly because the background is less distracting. But I still need to finish Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Dx Terraaaaa, you idiot!

Monday, May 31, 2010

RE Cloak = no Treasto love

Just wanted to say: "LOLOLOLOL"
Never have I laughed and facepalmed so many times in my life.
Now I don't regret my decision anymore.

And... moving on with life.
and only two people will know what I'm talking about lol

Winidia set is sooooo cute D: It's such a vanity item for me but its too cute to sell x.x

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I failzzzzzz

About half way through, I just realized my design was placed too high on the jacket. x____________________________________X /headdesk

So I've now entered uber panic mode. Not only did I run out of time because of crazy man that came/stalked to our house, school, work, and job interview; I just finished pinning half my designs in the back jacket of the abyss coat. I ran into an uber problem. It's been placed too high and about half of it is already hand sewed in so redo-ing it is pretty much out of the question due to the lack of time (I have a test on my books on Tuesday DDDDDDDDDDDD: ) So I'm just typing out this pointless post for panic reasons. o.o I can't believe I misjudge by that much. X____X ARGGGG!!! I might have to bs the rest of the patterns for aesthetics reason and fix it after Anime North. GOD, GTFO ME!! D: This is what I get for only sewing once a year now x.x

In about 7 hours from now, I also have work. Tomorrow is Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the wii (release day). So like, no sleep + crazy work day = FML I'm so not living tomorrow. x_____X Then all of monday I gotta FINISH all my readings and then study. And the best part is, out of the entire week I've only procrastinated 3 hours. It's like Time just fell out of my pocket this week. When I start my new job in June, I might as well just get trampled on by squirrels. /clones self


Yay to pointless post o.o so like if I'm not online til after May D: You now know why?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Essays are hard...

... when you have too much to write about.

So I've started summer school and I must admit: It's been a while since I had an awesome prof. He knows how not to bore the class and throws in jokes that we all can understand. So I spent a good chunk of after school to present, reading and currently writing my essay. I mean sure, essays can be hard if you have no idea where to go for information. But for me, the essay is most difficult to write is when you have to write about something with large amounts of important information within 500 words. T-T I rather write about boring 10+ pages of Art History now...

As for Megaten, I haz finished Arty. :DDDDDDD She does avg of 800-900 heals (I don't think anyone exceeds 500 hp in PvE in this game... >.>) And can pretty much T/SS with high percentage. The only thing I need to do is get more int and luck for Sera, just cause. :D I don't even synth that often anymore, LOL. But I'll be away from MT for a while though T-T I has two books to finish by next week and after today, possibly a schedule for the second job and I still need to find time to do my cosplay... and somehow fit in 3 weeks worth of homework and reading so I can be ahead of my class. D: Yea, I don't think I can fit in sleep in there... lol I don't even think I'll be outside of the hotel during Anime North. I'll probably be typing away at my homework in the hotel. T-T buuu there goes my so called vacation.

I'll post screenshots of stats when I get the time. I just didn't do it cause I made a stupid rebirth mistake and kewkewed for a week or two. So you'll get to see the stats of a level 90 Arty in Sowilo and Ingwaz comparison (same rebirths tho).

And on another news: I haz not one, but two cookiez o.o f33334444rrrr me clannies! D:

PS: To make this not a pointless post (which it has now become one <--- breaking) I've been working on a few builds that just needs to be grind. Two of which are Pvp purposes (god I'll be murdered in pvp). I have a third and fourth character, but I haven't decided which to expertise chain I want to try out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stress Level: Level up!


For those who are wondering, last prior weekend we had du-ra-ma-su and we're now lvl 9 again and a huge shrunk in clan size (and we're still 9 LOL) as much as I miss the green label on my head, its a hell lot easier to interact with people now I find. Yang is leaving for a trip in a week and we're all going to miss him greatly. No more old man jokes nuuuuuzz!! D: I have a lot of re-thinking to do about this game cause I don't think I can treat this game the same as before :/ I also don't think I can trust people anymore (I already have trust issues to begin with...) after that incident especially. NM Dais are the only thing I do now cause their so much fun and... most importantly, I can SEW between the camping. Yes, that means I can play and do homework and fun stuff like that.

Gained experience in Stress Level.

I also haven't had a chance to sew due to retarded family problems. Durrrrrr... So I have 1 week exactly to finish 3 costumes. GOD WISH ME LUCK. D: I'm about to abort the abyss set for AN and use it for private shoots and go with Sera's Nocturne set (with paddle). I WUV MY PADDLE! *paddles* But Sushi would kill me if I did that >.>

Gained experience in Stress Level.

I do have good news and bad news at the same time. Remember my last post where I applied for the web & graphic design job? Well, I pretty much got it. :D I'm just waiting for my employer to get back to me on the details and for me to go in and do the paper works. Ontop of it, if I finish my University this year, I can get a full time position over there after graduating. It's awesome news! With one slight minor problem: Working at 2 part time jobs (in two cities) + full time school = Even Deader Ayu x.x

But but D: I need the experience and moneys~~~~ So I don't plan to quit either of them. I'm just going to shut up and deal with it and use every ounce of will power I got left in me to pull this off (for a year). That just means you may never see me on Megaten starting September..................................... nuuuuuu!!! D:

Gained experience in Stress Level.
Stress Level: Level up!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I haz an Abyss Cloak

Pffffffttttttttt... who needs to pay $60 for a virtual Abyss Set, when you can pay 4x more AND kill yourself with sweat, tears and blood to make yourself a real one (we're working on the floating technology, it'll be ready in 3010). So besides the fact that I'm completely tired out, mentally strained and physically in pain from hunching over so much, I think the efforts are going to pay off (minus the fact that about half way through, I found out I can no longer sew straight FAILME). Here's some images below:

Making the pants belt. Measuring is so much fun. -failz math-

I was going to fix those failmathme ness but I got lazy D:

Yea... sushi will kill me for posting this up.... >.> *hides picture*
She's totally slouching cause she doesn't know I took this picture...
shhh.... o.o

Officially... Anti Demon set is now complete. Mwhahahahhaa~ (Ribbon is missing cause it's still being hand sewn together).

Some details (Painting is funz!)

So pretty much on Day 1, I totally forgot the power cord to my sewing machine 2 hours after arriving at my friend's house in another city. Guess who had to travel home that night for 2 hours to get the power cord? So there was one day wasted.

Day 2: Consisted of us going to the heart of Toronto to fabric shop because I only got enough for Anti demon and half of Abyss. There was also a Baskin Robin that served a soft ice sundae for $3 *____* boy was I in heaven XD I also bumped into an old friend of mine from the BJDdoll community. Her Volke girl was sooooo adorable *___*

Day 3-6: Sew, kill back, sew and repeat. I was fairly distracted most of the time. Til my friend started to threaten to unplug my computer/internet. D: She's scarier than my Mom! I also discovered that my friend can't cook. orz So I spent another good chunk of those days preparing lunch and sometimes dinner for them. No wonder I didn't have much done.

I haz an Abyss Cloak! (half of it D: the armor part is still in the workz)
fyi, I've never made armor before... dun dun duuunnnn.... o.o
Also ignore the fact that one is a square and one is a rectangle.
I obviously fail at eye-hand coordination. D:

Basic layer for Abyss Set Male.
Secretly it's Matrix all over again!

On another news, Arty is Stage 3 cleared. :) Onto stage four then five and I'll be completely done ^^ Its only 2 times more til 90 DDDDD: *dies* I'll honestly miss my 900+ heals but she'll be able to have 200+ int after I'm done with her. I'm also working on two new alts for the heck of it. Let's see where that takes me.

Yang and I also made a Golden Sun on Tuesday, possibly the second one on the server? I know Ax3l made the first one. o.o But yea, its sooo epic. I can't wait to *cough*abuse*cough* borrow Yang for more synth boosting XD

I also got an opportunity by reference where I may be able to work for a company to take over their website. I just hope they got my portfolio and resume so wish me luck that I get another job :D You'd think I would of learnt my lesson from being burnt-out from last year.... oh well... o.o Let Ayu die once more! x.x Now I go pass out and begin slave work again tomorrow morning :D;;;;;; Why am I being woken up earlier and earlier in the morning D: *friends are really slave drivers* I miss Rambo and most of my friends on MT. I wuv you guys!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stage 2 Complete!

So last weekend my mom thought it was a great idea to go to a Buddha Temple just to eat authentic vegetarian dishes. Does anyone else see something wrong with the picture here? DX Maybe it's just me...

So Arty just went back to rebirth-rehab mode - meaning I won't be synthing for the next little while. Why? Because Arty has completed Stage 2 of Project masochist Rebirth:

Is it not the sexiest thing you'll ever see?!
Yes, I need a life D:

Soooooo close to 200 int DX SO EFFING CLOSE. So, I decided to go for a fourth rebirth chain for Lawls. I'm tempted to just rebirth Arty with all Rebirths @ Rank 8 out of sheer boredom.

I haven't quite decided whether I should be really proud of Arty or REALLY EFFING scared. I'm already QQ-ing at the fact that Arty out-heals my Enhancer. orz A few more Rebirths and she'll be done, but bwahahahaha... 3/4 done now. My life is almost over.

Sexiest shot before Daisoujou Spawn.

God I should sleep DX Ran on 3 hours of sleep during work today because I wanted to get Arty up to level 90 last night so I could rebirth her. x.x I'm leaving on Sunday to go to a friend's house where all the Project Megaten Cosplayers will be attending, sewing (aka. Ayumi does everything again) and feeding me D: So far only 4/5 costumes have been finalized, Black Medic (MASSIVELY NEED FIXING) acting as backup.

The Confirmed Cosplay List atm for Anime North 2010 is Male Abyss Set (sooo why haven't I started on this?), Holy Anti Demon Set Female, Black Rebel Female set with Umbrella COMP and Destruction Avatar Female set. No sleep for 7 days HARHARHAR!!! It should be fine though, since there will be 3-4 of use working on it at all times and their not difficult at all. Just time consuming. Depending on progress, I may or may not stay longer. So I may be online to talk but I definitely won't be able to do anything in game since I'll be on my shitty mac playing. LOL Lag fest....

When I first read "Cant transfer promo awards between accounts" under rules in all the recent new promotions, the first thought that came to my head was: "Trading is against the rules?! D:" LOL Best. Rule. Ever. /sarcasm.
The new gender-changer promo was LAWLZ. I. ish. amuzed. naoz. *goes back to grinding*