Thursday, December 16, 2010

[Aion] the greener grass

As grammatically incorrect as my title is, you get the point.

Been playing Aion with Haburi these last two weeks. We're pretty impressed (I will refuse to play with WoW people as I've seen the douchebags that buy them at my work seems to outweights the nice people so it's quite a turnoff for me even if it is better mmo but that's just my experience in the game store I work at). When you get mobbed people help you. Enhancers actually enhances for you even though your complete strangers. People know how to share a field (no fear of being KSed). If anything, I feel like I'm the one who's a complete jackass when I'm around these people now. Must absorb their aura of niceness!

BUT! Megaten market is much more steady. Everyone seems to be able to agree on prices of an item worth. If you people think MT is OVERPRICED, then you guys totally need to check another MMOs. Aion's meaning of OP is... pretty OP, like an item can go for 400 kinah to 240K kinah. So stop QQing and just play nice. D:

And being a loser that I am, I bought the Aion: Assult on Balaurea thinking it was an expansion pack (already has the first CE ver. of the game) only to realize it was the full game + the FREE update. So in short I paid $40 for 2 pets + 1 month. Even my manager didn't know that. Aren't we just so awesome like that? *sarcasm* So now you all know. New Aion = full game + new content. Don't be a N00b like me!

And... Screenshot time!

Whoops, Extazy was moved. Richy and dope are much cuter now.

Evil Balaur snake man thing D:

Me and Pandy :3

Pandy-punch! @ Haburi

Pretty flying scenery stuff

My Wings are bigger then yours >:3

I play my trap card!
The customization is amazing in Aion. I love spending time making and then deleting the character the next day xD hehe...

And only in Aion can you dress like a Frog. LOL

Much luffles to Leynar from MT who's helped us lots in Aion. Because we are complete N00bs in this game though the wiki is awesome.

I've been trying to finish Persona 3 Portable (need to finish at least one game this year...), 999 on DS and the most epic iphone game, INFINITY BLADE!!!! It's for the iphone/itouch and it uses the Unreal Engine (the same engine for Unreal Tournament if you didn't know) and it totally looks like a PS3 game then a iphone game. It's AWESOME!

And to end off the post I give you all fun synthing fact:
It seems inorder to get 100% SS on level difficulty 5 demons on non-FM you would need a fully decked out Artemis, 6.2 synth, 300 int and close to 200 luck. I think 200+ int & 150+ luck with mentioned of the above should still give you 100% on Beiji Wengs on Full Moon but that's hypothetically speaking, will need to try it later to find where the borderline is. *all ready does 100% SS on FM for quite some time now >_>*

1 Synth Booster + 1 Motley user (YES THERE IS A DIFFERENT TYVM >_>) no Syringes and its NEW MOON.

Anki`/Haburi my partner in crime. :3

Theoretically, Habu + int syringe would = my 300+ int.
Result: HIT MY FIRST GOAL! BOOYAH! 300int + without full party booster.
Improvements: 300+int without any help :3 I'm an INT hoarder if you haven't noticed. >_>

Still improving Synther, just without the "being first to get it" habit and spending AP. I'm just going to focus on my Synther and Mage for now. Need to stop spending on this game. 5K ap = 2.5 months WORTH of Aion. You know when your freaking addicted when you start thinking about all monetary values in ap terms.

I won't be on Megaten as often as I started to dislike the community I once loved. I'm mostly on Aion so pm me in game if you start playing it. Server: Vaizel & IGN: Cekai (n00b ranger)She's my only main atm. I'll play my MAN-Sin when Habu's not around xD <3

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