Sunday, February 27, 2011

This deserves a post

Habu showed me this the other day:


enough said. xD
<3 guide.
read it or garms will eat you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear me

Dear me,
Why do u failz so much? orz|||

Apparently I've been on a re-occurring payment on Xbox Live this entire time and I never noticed. Ahahahahha... *headdesk* Now I'm going to check all my accounts just in case this happens again...

On another hand, I'm VERY VERY close to level 30 in Aion on my Ranger. Soooooooo close to running FT with Habu. *waits for Repose before handing in quests* I look like a giant Grape in Aion xD (too lazy to upload photo... sryz)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Programming does not compute to Ayu's brain.
I used to take all the available classes on computers (programming, web, graphics, animation, etc.) when I was in High school and prior. Now I remember why programming was the only course I dropped. Yet, it comes back haunting my in one of my courses. Worst of all, we're doing it in a new open-source program called Processing which in the end it's just jibberish to me despite the hours I've spent doing tutorials and trying to understand its works. Uberfailme.

I has Aion time card! *holds it all Zelda style* Too bad I can't play it til the Weekend since my Mid-Term projects are due this week.

Let's add to my fail. A file our teacher put up was originally made in InDesign CS4, I have CS3 so google being epic these were the following methods I tried:
  • inx file format for backwards compatibility - failed
  • download and installed cs4 on pc - failed
  • download and installed cs5 on pc - fail
  • opening in other Adobe files - fail
  • asked a friend to screen-shot it for reconstructing but it's just too complicated to reproduce - failed
I'm not meant to succeed this week. orz

Just these two courses alone I feel like I just took one year's worth of courses in a semester. I don't think education was meant to be this frustrating and difficult. And before anyone says anything, my school is "self-proclaimed prestige" so they don't care about their students, if you have troubles that's "your problem" or if you have technical difficult, your better off shooting yourself in the head because this is a Design school, no one knows how to troubleshoot about computers. Also if you work "differently" (learning style or being too "pr0" that your teacher can't mark you like everyone else who isn't) your pretty much guarantee a fail.

Actually, I can't remember why I choose this school. Yay failme.

Retired on Megaten, I'll pop on once in a while if I feel like playing dress up or if Habu asks me on. I'm quite disgusted at the community and all the unnecessary children drama that's been happening. All the Veterans who have quitted, good for you. I'm sure there is a better game out there with less QQ'ers about how "impossible" it is to one-hit Deformed Kirins at level 50 with our current over-powered gear or how hard it is to HEAL a party member. I'm also debating whether or not to withdraw from the SSSU, I have the event written up prior to my loss of internet I just need to finalize and post it.

Damn Habu, he's already at level 38. Must catch up and get more Gold Armor! D: Especially now that the drop rate have increased. :3

Next week is Reading week and here are my goals for games that needs to be finished:
  • Hexyz Force PSP
  • Tales of Vesperia (need to finish it!)
  • Dragon Age: Awakening (Must finish before DA2 is out!)
  • Nier or Splinter Cell: Convinction
My backlog is dwindling! and back to stressing about homework...

Monday, February 14, 2011

V for Vendetta

Epic movie, so don't have it to watch it. But today is Valentines day, and I got my net back after almost an hour of the tech guy grunting in my house cause my jacks are being an emo. I can't wait to talk to Habu, he'll be "whodafisdisstalker" :D The loving. *hearts*

Internet is epic. Even if their is a shitty "Bandwidth Limit" but what I'm paying for is really the damn speed so I can't complain. Beats 5Mps.

So, I thought about going online to Megaten, looked at the site (I like the layout, it's spiffy now), read Guild Thread (poor Destiny D: ) and closed it. You know what I did with my time (that's probably ineffective as well)? I finished THREE console games - Dragon Age (whoops, went gay elf), Final Fantasy 13 (bloody yet I still don't get the plot) and Golden Sun (= childhood god). Now I'm on my way to finish Tales of Vesperia, Resonance of Fate and Magna Carta because I'm just that back tracked. Dragon Age 2 in less then a month, need to play Awakening before it's out. x.x All this beats me sitting in Babel and getting angry at everyone who wants my 5mil item for 1 mil while I did pay real money for it and most of the others didn't.

I'm leaving it at that, now that internet is back, the first thing is order - my homework. QQ

Also I can't play Aion. Need to buy a time card. Grrr... my Asmo boob chick is waiting to Ascend. D:

PS: I heart Sonny from iRobots xD

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help save Canadian internet!

Stop Canadian ISPs from thinking they can fucking rape our wallets whether because their technology cannot support the amount of access or they're greedy. Please sign the petition: HERE! Everywhere else it's unlimited so what's with this bullcrap?

I'm not going to get Internet until I find a unlimited bandwidth because blowing 200Gb a month for bandwidth is like eating a cake for me >.> <= downloads and streams inplace of 6yrs of no tv. Sucks that I finally got the ok to get Internet like a normal person and this stuff happens. And it took 4 years worth of argument at home to get a REAL Internet D: damn you Bell!!!

/edit - blogspot is horrible to edit on a iPhone. Regarding the Internet bandwidth it seems most providers don't go above 100gb without additional purchases. Anddddddd upload rate don't exceed 1mbs. Seriously, this makes me want to move to US alone >.> what's the point in sharing files if its going to take me 3 weeks to get one subtitled movie. Let alone an episode >.> glad I'm into gaming otherwise I'd be going nuts right now D: /end edit
Ayu won't be on megaten, Aion or Live. :(

On the other note: ALLEEEENNN!!! <3 I don't know who the bad guys are in D.Gray-man but I'm sooooo happy that the Noahs are helping Allen. I always liked the Noahs more, their much more cooler lol

Also been torturing myself in FF13. That game is NOT meant to be finished... God I hate bartendaluswatshismanyfaceassiscalled. Seriously... How much longer is this game I'm already pass the 50 hrs on the main story plot and I haven't even touched the damn side quests. And Golden Sun is GOD to me ATM. My childhood game still the same. Though it's a tad too easy compared to the GBA version. Too much dumb instructions unlike the older one ( we don't need a sign post five steps from the last sign post saying the exact same thing!). Are new generation of gamers getting stupider?! Recently the new games are ... Easier then I remember. Ah well... Going to finish some of my games and hope the tragic Internet ISP will either boost bandwidth usage or hope for unlimited. I'm good with leeching Internet from people. Might have to cancel my netflix account though. :(