Monday, February 14, 2011

V for Vendetta

Epic movie, so don't have it to watch it. But today is Valentines day, and I got my net back after almost an hour of the tech guy grunting in my house cause my jacks are being an emo. I can't wait to talk to Habu, he'll be "whodafisdisstalker" :D The loving. *hearts*

Internet is epic. Even if their is a shitty "Bandwidth Limit" but what I'm paying for is really the damn speed so I can't complain. Beats 5Mps.

So, I thought about going online to Megaten, looked at the site (I like the layout, it's spiffy now), read Guild Thread (poor Destiny D: ) and closed it. You know what I did with my time (that's probably ineffective as well)? I finished THREE console games - Dragon Age (whoops, went gay elf), Final Fantasy 13 (bloody yet I still don't get the plot) and Golden Sun (= childhood god). Now I'm on my way to finish Tales of Vesperia, Resonance of Fate and Magna Carta because I'm just that back tracked. Dragon Age 2 in less then a month, need to play Awakening before it's out. x.x All this beats me sitting in Babel and getting angry at everyone who wants my 5mil item for 1 mil while I did pay real money for it and most of the others didn't.

I'm leaving it at that, now that internet is back, the first thing is order - my homework. QQ

Also I can't play Aion. Need to buy a time card. Grrr... my Asmo boob chick is waiting to Ascend. D:

PS: I heart Sonny from iRobots xD

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