Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 = scammers

LMAO my account got banned for no apparent reason. Seems they went on a giant ban war these past couple if days. I guess there must have been some hacker we had on our friends list or something cause that's the only thing I can think of. Haven't done anything against ToS and also paid hundreds of dollars in this game.

Thanks RO2! Great to know you treat your paying customer as CRAP.

FYI, they auto cancelled every support ticket I send in and then sends me a survey about how great they are! LMFAO

One day...

One day I will punch this supervisor in that face and kick his guts. =A=

I work IT, obviously I know what I am doing. Ever since he started working here, he blames other people and doesn't listen to a single word I say. Argues with me all the time and when I'm waiting on another service from another department, he doesn't tell you it's done and goes straight to your boss to make you look bad so he can fire you.

This son of a bitch will be punched in the face soon. I have surpassed my anger for 20 years. I wonder how he would like it when he crosses my patient line and get pummeled to death.

Anger Explosion, here I come!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why can't you see that the fish is DEAD?!

This blog is beautiful. It explains well how depressed people see the world and why normal people could never understand that normal optimistic ways actually hurts us more. Through the last 9 years of my life, everyone always told me "Everything will be ok." "Be strong." "Think positively." And every time I would nod and fakely smile. But every time that happened, it actually hurt me more; like have a knife stabbing you numerously.

I also have to agree with the post, the world is warped. When your in depression, it is not because you are feeling sad as the name implies, but it is when you no longer feel anything. What is happy? What is sad? What is angry? You adjust your face accordingly as how you think it should look like. When the world is warped, it is much like watching an old movie, you watch everyday just pass by you without a goal or an ending. 

There is also no way to say you need help. You can kick and scream, write it on the giant billboard, or just plain cry your eyes out for no apparent reason, everyone else around you won't help. They think you are a drama queen. They don't recognize that you are in danger (even with friends who were studying this field). That was something I suffered with for 6 years. Telling my (so called) friends everything I felt, cried on the phone and even mentioning that I might be crazy, yet not a single one of them would do anything. As long as you spend "fun" times with them that is all that matter as that is what they call "friends". And when I can no longer be "that" friend, they were the first to dump you like yesterday trash. I've always felt alone whenever we were out, everyone had been throwing all these positive emotions about and in your face. I was forced to say so many lies to not ruin their mood or to try to fit in and be invisible amongst the crowd. That fact alone you realize that no one BUT yourself can save you, no matter how much you shouted that you need help, and that fact alone made me even more depressed. 

And these fishes, yea... gotta agree with it too. No one sees the dead fishies.... 

Depression isn't a joke. It is a serious matter.
Too bad majority of the popular don't think like that. 
And the worst is when your family and friends don't take it seriously either...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Xseed Acquires Atlus Online, Becomes Marvelous USA | Siliconera

Xseed Acquires Atlus Online, Becomes Marvelous USA | Siliconera

I'm 50:50 on this. Sad though, Atlus and AO should be independent  Seeing them merge is like seeing SMT series merge with Pokemon...