Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry but I'm not pulling a Richy on this one (so most of you will need to find service elsewhere in game). But I am guessing someone either is overjoyed or in shock cause I had 44 page views from one country in one day that I normally never get more than 3 page view in a week from that said country. Weird huh?

Btw LOOKIE!!!!! HOMG HOMG HOMG HOMG I'm so addicted to Rift atm (and got Habu addicted to... whoops!)

I love the fact that its the server vs NPC kinda thing. I think WOW has the same thing from what I remember seeing my friend playing. Tons of fun. I also got my Ash Strider hatched. I learned my mistake last time, so this time, I'm playing as Cleric.

So I'm finally sick from overwork and sleep deprivation. I was expecting that. Ahahahaha, I'll beat life with a candle stick! D:< I'll show you who's boss, life!

And of course what's more exciting in life than having 3 Essays and a presentation project due in 36hours from now (includes no sleep and minus my 10hour shift at the office tomorrow)?! I'm so fucking dead. *headdesk* I already spent all of today preparing the presentation and I'm only half way done. *double headdesk*

At least with iron will and lack of motivation, common sense and why-the-fuck-am-I-still-alive?, I has landed myself on a THIRD JOB (contracted). I'M NOT EVEN DONE SCHOOL, WTH GOD?! All I hear are people who are graduated and could not find work. Here I am, still finishing my degree and has TOO MUCH WORK. I know I shouldn't be complaining... but, my dream of a "vacation" has just went from 10% to -1% chance. *runs into a wall now*

I have, and will always be a Digimon Fangirl. I have grew up on this series and so many years down the line, here I am still watching it. Digimon Xros Wars II: Time Traveling Boy Hunters (or the Boy Hunters who leapt through time), has got to be my favorite after Tamers. Think Pokemon Catching + Digimon Xros Wars. So much fun to watch. At first I hated Gumdramon (he's so annoying) but he grew on me after episode 2. I love his face in this screenshot. xD

Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's play a game!

You get a cookie if you can.

You can make up whatever bullshit story you like, indulge me with your fantasies. :3

And for bored Trolls who uses Facebook: FILL OUT A SURVEY FOR MY SCHOOL PROJECT!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blade & Soul


Started Rift. I'm so nub in it. xD
Aion still has my heart though. Mainly because of all the stupid things I did, like plummeting to my death (because I just suck at Kiting) *facepalms* I hope B&S will have the same character creation as Aion, so far I have yet to see an MMO as diverse as Aion in character creation.

Because it not important (therefore this section is tiny)...
And for those who QQ about my Solid Arts, EAT IT D:< If you haven't notice, I got it for SYNTHING, not for melee, or vanity (cause apparently blue is ugly) or for any other class. It's for S-Y-N-T-H-I-N-G. I could care less about other classes. Sorry. :<
BUT Sera now hits 300 INT 180 LCK without boosters or incs. Currently at 95-96%100%* on SS rank 5 difficulty all by himself. 8D Once he's incs/syringes he can SS 100% on difficulty 5 demons. *proud* *+ego* Too bad I don't public synth so no one will ever know D:

* I lied, I forgot to use MIST. It seems I can hit 100% on my own. Yay!

Btw, is it me or is the Hack Chip Alpha : Essence of Yetzirah ratio pretty nonsensical? I mean 1:1 trade means the person who is trading for Essence to HCA profit from the massive XP from the run while the HCA person gets nothing (but be lazy to not run the dungeon). I'm confused how that happened. D: