Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry but I'm not pulling a Richy on this one (so most of you will need to find service elsewhere in game). But I am guessing someone either is overjoyed or in shock cause I had 44 page views from one country in one day that I normally never get more than 3 page view in a week from that said country. Weird huh?

Btw LOOKIE!!!!! HOMG HOMG HOMG HOMG I'm so addicted to Rift atm (and got Habu addicted to... whoops!)

I love the fact that its the server vs NPC kinda thing. I think WOW has the same thing from what I remember seeing my friend playing. Tons of fun. I also got my Ash Strider hatched. I learned my mistake last time, so this time, I'm playing as Cleric.

So I'm finally sick from overwork and sleep deprivation. I was expecting that. Ahahahaha, I'll beat life with a candle stick! D:< I'll show you who's boss, life!

And of course what's more exciting in life than having 3 Essays and a presentation project due in 36hours from now (includes no sleep and minus my 10hour shift at the office tomorrow)?! I'm so fucking dead. *headdesk* I already spent all of today preparing the presentation and I'm only half way done. *double headdesk*

At least with iron will and lack of motivation, common sense and why-the-fuck-am-I-still-alive?, I has landed myself on a THIRD JOB (contracted). I'M NOT EVEN DONE SCHOOL, WTH GOD?! All I hear are people who are graduated and could not find work. Here I am, still finishing my degree and has TOO MUCH WORK. I know I shouldn't be complaining... but, my dream of a "vacation" has just went from 10% to -1% chance. *runs into a wall now*

I have, and will always be a Digimon Fangirl. I have grew up on this series and so many years down the line, here I am still watching it. Digimon Xros Wars II: Time Traveling Boy Hunters (or the Boy Hunters who leapt through time), has got to be my favorite after Tamers. Think Pokemon Catching + Digimon Xros Wars. So much fun to watch. At first I hated Gumdramon (he's so annoying) but he grew on me after episode 2. I love his face in this screenshot. xD

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