Saturday, September 24, 2011

dot dot dot

Ayu's having one of her episodes again D: Going into bitchy mode and snapping people's necks off. Stress is building due to overwork + no time. I cant believe I've done 38hours on top of full time school this week plus a few dozen errands I have to do this week... No wonder I'm having an episodes. o-o

And best of all, I haven't even had time to even start working on my thesis project. *facepalms* And I'm already pulling all-nighters so where am I going to find time to do homework?

I'm also having some issues with someone at work :< Stop hiding from the customers and leaving me by myself in the store for 3 bloody hours in one of the busiest malls in Ontario. /hates

Such a hateful bitchy post :<

Monday, September 5, 2011

100% Rosary






All this is done with 4 synth booster (one of them not being chaos), 2 syringes on synther only and Revitalization. Females synthers should hit 400+ int without syringes. So... Goal is done, what's next?

That's right, FORMULATE A FORMULA FOR ROSARIES MWHAHAHAHAHAHA~ I seriously need a new hobby. >__> Demon friendship is seriously a pain in the ARSE to test. *faints*

Also been busying making a Rush Melee because its the only class I am missing before I can say I have done every class I can possibly think of that's not Medical Science and Gunners. Only 3 of them just need maxing expertise + lvl 90 but it can still function as a basic class (ex: regal DD, shield melee, etc). Ayu bored much? :'D

PS: I love how the stats bar are so epic that it falls right off the graph. xD

Thank you, Habu, Yang, Uni and Sai for all the help. <3 If it weren't for you guys, I'd be still dreaming all of this.

Except I have one problem with this party: Where are we going to squeeze the synthee? D:

School starts tomorrow QQ

/Ends Shameless Self Bragging xD

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Impossible anymore!

Got curious about my % and then with a few friends coming to help me boost decided to try it out. Above is full party with incs + Revitalize, taroting (I think its like +9% for SS but I didn't get a chance to check it out since one of the boosters left).

With 1.5 synthbooster which also gives my a low of 8% tarot on rosaries. I really should of checked it with soul stoning but habits do kick in (SS then T). I would assume 10%+ if it was SS since my synther is more INT based.

We're going to try a test this weekend with full synth boosters (since the full party was with 2 full synth booster and 2 motley people), I think we should be able to get 70-80% on SS for rosaries and 100% on fire, thunder, wind rosaries I would assume. And should get 400+ INT as well. :D WHEEEEEE~!!!!!

So yea, the 5% is breakable. I'm pretty sure all the good synths out there already tried it. xD *ish a slow poke*

YAY~ So can I quit this game now? xD
*achievement unlocked*

And going to Buffalo this weekend before school starts. YAY! :D