Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Impossible anymore!

Got curious about my % and then with a few friends coming to help me boost decided to try it out. Above is full party with incs + Revitalize, taroting (I think its like +9% for SS but I didn't get a chance to check it out since one of the boosters left).

With 1.5 synthbooster which also gives my a low of 8% tarot on rosaries. I really should of checked it with soul stoning but habits do kick in (SS then T). I would assume 10%+ if it was SS since my synther is more INT based.

We're going to try a test this weekend with full synth boosters (since the full party was with 2 full synth booster and 2 motley people), I think we should be able to get 70-80% on SS for rosaries and 100% on fire, thunder, wind rosaries I would assume. And should get 400+ INT as well. :D WHEEEEEE~!!!!!

So yea, the 5% is breakable. I'm pretty sure all the good synths out there already tried it. xD *ish a slow poke*

YAY~ So can I quit this game now? xD
*achievement unlocked*

And going to Buffalo this weekend before school starts. YAY! :D


  1. xD we can both quit after you help me make death rosaries Dx

  2. LOL and then pull a richy.
    And I haven't seen u on. PM me on skype when you want that rosary done :3