Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Yoshi and Zetor

Oh good, at least writing in blogspot works for the iPhone. I want to apologize to Yoshi's NM group. I dced right before NM because my bloody Internet service got cut at 2:00pm Est without my dad telling me (again again). As Habu knows, this on going battle for the Internet has been driving me insane for MONTHS. Doesn't help that I'm recovering from food poisoning on Monday night. And I got into an argument with my dad first thing this morning. =A= Sorry zetor, I won't be able to make your rosary anytime soon.

At least the good news is I now have loads of time to watch the movies and finish my games. Since I absolutely REFUSE to travel 2hrs+ to get to school to use the Internet. I'd rather wake up early morning and bullshit it before class. >.> *cannot afford to go to school everyday using two damn overpriced bus systems*

Worst part is that I won't be able to hear Habu or Richy for a while ;w; that makes me QQ the most.

Grumpy old lady signing off - see you all whenever I get Internet back. >.> *seriously hoping it's not going to be 6 months again*

Sucks I just started a Asmodian character last night. So wanted to get her to ascension at least :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sony you have failed me.

I've grew up on Sony all my life until I met MR. XBOX 360. This issue with trying to get the PS3 to WORK on a monitor has driven me up the wall for the past year and wasting my money. I tried the only two solutions available (after much google research): VGA converter and PS3 specific VGA cable. Both has failed me and both of them have the sound working but not the video. I don't get it. XBox VGA works perfectly fine (and is 60% CHEAPER than PS3 VGA cable) but PS3 has this specific driver that doesn't allow a converter to work. OK. FINE. I go get a PS3 specific VGA cable. The screen goes stripey on one of my monitor and the other monitor doesn't support the video (I'm guess it's too old?). But. It's. A. PS3. Specific. VGA. Cable. WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING?! The Xbox ones works fine on my OLD Monitor.

I just want to play my Sengoku Basara not on a 7" portable TV so I can READ the item mixing screen. I don't want to fork up $300+ for a new TV/HDMI Monitor just to play THREE GAMES. But.... APPARENTLY THAT'S ALSO TOO MUCH TO ASK IN LIFE!! Eff you Sony. Why can't you be more "user friendly" like freaking Microsoft?!

Makes matter worse, while trying to forcefully remove the VGA plug since it got stuck (what crap quality), I accidentally hit and spilled my tea on my homework, PSP AND IPHONE (though they are fine luckily but same can't be said for my homework -___-;; ). Because of this ongoing PS3 VGA Battle I've had it! I'm just going to officially say: Sony, YOU FAIL.

I'm going on a Sony ban =A=

/enters rage mode
/goes recommend XBOX > Sony at work now

Friday, January 21, 2011

[Megaten] Synthing obsessed


Win. o.o without syringe, without FM, without booster (I made Sai strip :D) So close to 300 int ;w; come to daddy~ I'm missing like 9int from possible max int on server but I has to be a girlly for that to happen T-T

Now for next project - Attempting to break 5% on Rosaries via Machetes.

Let see how this will go. o.o

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Megaten] Happy New Years everyone!

I haven't been on much for the last few weeks but I'm pretty haitus now. Megaten bores me and there's too much drama going around. Plus the fact that almost all the nice people (that I know) have quit. I might log once in a blue moon to perfect synthing out of nostalgia and for the SSSU to help out those who still play (just because my experience of the game is ruined doesn't mean that I shouldn't help out others who still enjoy the game), but aside from that please don't expect me to be on as much. Most of you have my contact so I hope we get to stay in touch regardless! ^-^

Clan Extazy - Thank you for the invite dope. Loved the clan a lot, and had too much fun here than I ever had in Megaten. I got to learn a lot about the game and how to play it, features of the game and meeting new friends. It was a clan that was self-sufficient, you got helped when needed, friendly advise, silly but the independent of each player had was amazing. There was little to no begging by new players and all the new players were willing to learn and listen. It was definitely a unique clan to be in and a home for me and many others. Thanks for creating Extazy dope, Ahrisu and DeathAngel.

Synth/Smither/Sier Union (SSSU) - Thank you for the invite, Orphy. I hope I can live up to most of your expectations! I really hope all works out for smithers and synthers. I had great memories of synthing and I hope all the new upcoming synthers and smithers will as well and hopefully rid any bullying and rude behaviors towards our communities friendly helpers!

Haburi/Anki - My baby *hearts* Now that I think about, you were my in game duo-partner/letmeleechonn00b/stalker/molester/lawn gnome throughout most of my last half of the year (so much occupations you havdar), who would of thought you'd become the most important part of my life. You were always there to support me (and I hope I have and will be able to support you too) and puts up with my insanity (I am crazeh seeeeeeee?! D: ). I'll always be bothering you with love *hearts* *hearts* Let's be an epic Lawn Gnome together from now on. XD Go Go Cotton Swab Ranger! I love Pandy that you gave me :3 I'm going to teach him how to sing and dance :D *Pandy whimpers for help in the background* I'll also try to stop texting you in real life (so costly Dx) as much as I want to talk to you 24/7

Richy - Definitely the most interesting person I've met. We met back in Rambo and we re-united in Extazy. Soon you became one of my best friends and dear god, I want to play Xbox Live with you!!!! D: Damn Ostriche. You were also the type of person who brings laughter to any conversation. Thanks for everything. Good luck with your new place.

Yang - Welcome back to Megaten lil'bro! It's been over a year since we met and I've officially became your Santa murderer. You who own probably the most santa crystals on the entire server and possibly a giant chunk of mags as well. xD The daiso runs were also fun, thanks for introducing me to them. It was always fun hanging out with you even back in Rambo days and finally, finally we got you to stop trolling and talk on skype :D Yay~ I still remember the tour of your 'castle' xD

dope - It's been over a year since we met. We had our good and bad times but I'm glad in the end we are still friends and put the past behind us. It's been fun times and I think you were my main demon tri-fusion buddy too? So many innocent demons we've destroyed. Poor things. btw, Sera's belly button beams is epic :D *beams you*

boredfarmer/Kyo - I totally forgot your main's name *fails* But thank you for teaching me so much about the mathematically aspects of this game. Honestly if it wasn't for you I think I would be n00b about the game. D: Thanks for your guidance and your patient.

Ahrisu/Sakurah - Need moarz RP D: Sera wants his Saku and Shohei to play with~ We should draw a whole comic for them. And how grandpa Yang became a cripple and how Seta has a brother complex. Also want to thank you and Ken for helping me out in earlier times on the new characters I've made. If it wasn't for you two, I would have a whole bunch of noobs alts doing nothing. XD

Tofufa - I've learned a lot about this game from you and the information we shared. I'm sad to see you've retired (according to your friend's status), you were a great, err.. at everything xD Synthing, melee, rapid, enhancer, etc. but I hope one day we can have lunch together. I'll forever be watching my back whenever I am at 'that' intersection. xD

XxSniperwolfxX - We both have too much synthing in our minds xD But I'm glad I have someone to talk to about synthing and how we can improve ourselves. I'm sorry to hear all those unfortunate synth incident that you've encountered but with SSSU here, hopefully we can lessen the incidents of negative incidents on future synthers! I look forward to working with you.

Loch - Always been fun talking to you even though its once in a while~ I learned a lot from you and it's also nice to see another Abyss Set/Dark Warrior set lover out there~ I'll never forget that good old days in how much people were willing to pay for that set and how we wouldn't give it up. I'm also glad to see you got that Raiju DCM in the end. That Vetala was annoying to farm Dx You are forever the Pokemon Master. :3

JenelleLeggot - JenJen~~ one of most inspired and determine synther I know around. I still remember when you first started out and your hundreds of alts. I'm sure you'll do a good job on everything you do, so keep at it. Don't let anyone stop you from your goal. I also look forward working with you in the SSSU and in the future.

And thank you all for the great 2010 I've had. We have had our ups and downs, friendship made and some broken, conversations and arguments, to love and to hate, - but hey, that's life and we learn from it, both in success and failures and learn to move on. And because this list is getting too long here's a bunch of people I gotta thank for the great passing year and friends that I need to thank: TifaValentine (I'm sorry it took me a while to remember you Dx I'm a horrible person but girl power all the way!), Leynar, Emi, lil`Beni (your topics of convo were always fun to read in clan chats xD), Death Angel, Shohei, Zetor, Rukai (the crazy continuous NM we did), Shockwave, Kyjik (Seriously, my memory is burned with cheese because of you... Dx ), Mallard, impactiko, Ayaki, Shampoo, MizuNatsuki, Zetsuie, Joony, BlazingJounetsu, Planta (you always said hi to me no matter what and I always admire your enthusiastic and outgoing personality), Raglefragle, ThunderBolt, LuckyOrpheus, and anyone else I'm forgetting... cause I'm a forgetful person. I know I'm forgetting most people in the early of 2010, sry in advance TwT

And thank you Aeria for spamming promos in desperation, events filled with community drama and banning so many people for whatever reasons (who in the end are most of the nice people, funny enough). Without these actions of yours, I could have never thought about leaving and stop spending ap to support this game. Thanks to you, my wallet is getting happier and I am saving up to see my precious baby in real life. GG Aeria.

I hope in the future we'll all cross paths again. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! I'll go troll on deviantart now and perfect my lame kiting and jumpshots skills on Aion. Taichou is peer pressuring me to play Rift so let see if my computer will hold up. I still need to try out Vindictus (that Nexon game D: ) and finish playing my gabbilion games that I have yet to finish. Though I finish 999 on DS before the New Year. GAWD, it was so good. Bought the real version only to leave it wrapped on the shelf for years to come. Yea I'm one of "those" collectors. D:

Silver Diamond and my Yaoi mangas got shipped from Amazon, Oh ph33333r Habu xD Hope to see you all soon and have a wonderful new year!

Now onto to Aion and beat up those Asmo punks! D:< How dare they attack me while I'm fighting a mob of monsters! *goes on a rampage in Asmodae*