Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Yoshi and Zetor

Oh good, at least writing in blogspot works for the iPhone. I want to apologize to Yoshi's NM group. I dced right before NM because my bloody Internet service got cut at 2:00pm Est without my dad telling me (again again). As Habu knows, this on going battle for the Internet has been driving me insane for MONTHS. Doesn't help that I'm recovering from food poisoning on Monday night. And I got into an argument with my dad first thing this morning. =A= Sorry zetor, I won't be able to make your rosary anytime soon.

At least the good news is I now have loads of time to watch the movies and finish my games. Since I absolutely REFUSE to travel 2hrs+ to get to school to use the Internet. I'd rather wake up early morning and bullshit it before class. >.> *cannot afford to go to school everyday using two damn overpriced bus systems*

Worst part is that I won't be able to hear Habu or Richy for a while ;w; that makes me QQ the most.

Grumpy old lady signing off - see you all whenever I get Internet back. >.> *seriously hoping it's not going to be 6 months again*

Sucks I just started a Asmodian character last night. So wanted to get her to ascension at least :(

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