Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sony you have failed me.

I've grew up on Sony all my life until I met MR. XBOX 360. This issue with trying to get the PS3 to WORK on a monitor has driven me up the wall for the past year and wasting my money. I tried the only two solutions available (after much google research): VGA converter and PS3 specific VGA cable. Both has failed me and both of them have the sound working but not the video. I don't get it. XBox VGA works perfectly fine (and is 60% CHEAPER than PS3 VGA cable) but PS3 has this specific driver that doesn't allow a converter to work. OK. FINE. I go get a PS3 specific VGA cable. The screen goes stripey on one of my monitor and the other monitor doesn't support the video (I'm guess it's too old?). But. It's. A. PS3. Specific. VGA. Cable. WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING?! The Xbox ones works fine on my OLD Monitor.

I just want to play my Sengoku Basara not on a 7" portable TV so I can READ the item mixing screen. I don't want to fork up $300+ for a new TV/HDMI Monitor just to play THREE GAMES. But.... APPARENTLY THAT'S ALSO TOO MUCH TO ASK IN LIFE!! Eff you Sony. Why can't you be more "user friendly" like freaking Microsoft?!

Makes matter worse, while trying to forcefully remove the VGA plug since it got stuck (what crap quality), I accidentally hit and spilled my tea on my homework, PSP AND IPHONE (though they are fine luckily but same can't be said for my homework -___-;; ). Because of this ongoing PS3 VGA Battle I've had it! I'm just going to officially say: Sony, YOU FAIL.

I'm going on a Sony ban =A=

/enters rage mode
/goes recommend XBOX > Sony at work now

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