Monday, December 5, 2011

Devil Prison + Rift

Your almost here!!!!! So both Habu and I can buy then quit again ahahahaa We're so ridiculous like that. But it is sexy you cannot deny it! I'm definitely buying a male and female set (female for vanity cause we all know Ayu doesn't play with female characters).

When Anura gets to 50 in RIFT, I'm making a bloody male mage and a rogue (prob male too lol) NC SOFT is the only time I'll play female mwhahahahaa! o-o But its okay, this trap dates a trap. LMAO Yes Habu I'm talking about you. No Lesbotime for you! xD <3

So we all know Ayu doesn't PvP. No she doesn't. Until she met Rift. D:

Unfortunately I still suck at PVP LOL Working on it D: I'm almost done Apoth... watever its called/Potion mastery! 30 pts left to go! Need to get to 50 and get that 110% mount D: I want to run faster! I'm also massively obsessed with Library of the Runemaster and Black Garden Maps. God, so much fun when your team mates aren't retarded. I also found out I can out DPS most builds, even mages. Scary D:

RICHY GET ON RIFT!! <3 *peer pressures*

Mirror of Extinction: One more page to do and then I'll be leaving it alone for a while. No motivation to work on it anymore and Megaten's community seriously killed it for me. It won't be done probably til Summer 2012 since it's a massive page and I have no time to code it. Dx

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yes, Yes I do. But with love. xD
Had to redownload SMT cause I had to hunt Uni down.
Good to know that the market went up into hell then down. o-o Glad I got money to burn so I can stop getting hounded for quitted with lots of macca on my account. D:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almost home free!

School's almost over. The last projects of each of my classes were bloody hell. A magazine analysis + replicating a magazine due in one week, who's idea was this again? Probably the worst final project I've ever got. But that's all history now! Wheee~

So ever since I quitted MT, my wallet has been pretty happy. Can't believe it's been six week (so fast) since quitted/break and I look back at the promos from time to time and couldn't believe I spend that much money every week - 7K ap promo or 10K+ ap promo - homg! No wonder I have no money for console/pc gaming. Nowadays, I had used that money to buy Battlefield BC2 (since I was getting Battlefield 3 from a friend), Starcraft 2, Legend of Zelda 3DS, Random crap off of Steam's Black Friday sale, spent $200 on computer stuff in one go, preorders, a cute Disney pea plushy (wtf ayu), LOTS OF FOOD, etc. Debating whether to pick up Skyrim or Assassin's creed Revelation. D: Decisions, decisions.

Started to save up for February, the month that I will be BLOODY BROKE. Why? Because the PSP Vita is coming out the same day as Hakuoki PSP, Tales of the Abyss 3DS & Devil Survivor 2 DS. I KNOW I'll be drowning myself in Hakuoki (loves dating sim D: ) butbutbutbut with everything coming out on the bloody same day, I need to buy new pairs of eyes and hands for each game otherwise I won't be done any of them til next year. D: B> body parts.

End of story.
Fucking love the Achievement system, Artifact and Crafting system. It's more forgiven than Aion. In Aion you need to be PRO starting level 1 TAT Habu's already on his second level 50 character. D: Must stop getting side tracked!

I also can't believe how fast one year has been. <333 I still can't believe how lucky I am to be with such an awesome guy that sometimes I think I must be dreaming. o////o Thank you for putting up with me and my craziness. <3333333 you always!

So apparently I'm a man trap in a woman's body. o-o But I can't be a real man, until I beat everyone of you guys in a FPS. Which will never happen cause I suck. D:

"Digimon, Digital Monster. Digimon are the Chamions!" :D :D :D :D :D (though I quitted the MMO lol)

I heard a Richy last night. o-o
I missed him D: Mofo got a job and we hadn't heard from him in a while!

I can't remember why I wanted to blog. o-o;;;; /fail

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear School

Dear School,
I'm sure you get this a lot, but I just hate you to bits. It's good to know that everything I've ever been trained for the last three years of my life has not (in any way) been used in my final years of university. Also good to know that everything I've done up to this point, has less than 10% USE for me in my final year. I'm so unlucky when it comes to education, seriously considering to buying the lottery since I've been lucky in everything but education related. FML.

I've also started to have problems every corner in my life (except my love life if you minus long distance sitbacks) and I. am. completely. overwelmed. Finance is seriously on the lower part of my "to deal with" list. Oh yea *sarcasm*. Well as they say "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". I just wish half of these issues were actually MY issues and not someone elses that I have to deal with. >___>

On another news, holidays are coming up. Boxing day is coming up. And transit strike isn't bloody over. I have no issue for strikes or anything of the such. I DO have an issue when you decide to stop FOUR TOWNS (or one major city) just because you aren't being paid enough. Hey people, guess what? Doesn't make it right for you to stop people from working or going to school just because of "missing your own benefit". There's a lot of us to deem public transit as essential service, and a lot of us who are ALSO barely making enough to get by on a day-by-day basis. So go ahead and strike, just don't walk off the job that could affect thousands of people. Most of us are SICK of taking the taxi 4-7 times a week spending $50+ on a round trip a day JUST to make it back to break even on the trip (or in students cases, only to loose MORE money). Worst of all, NO REFUNDS on passes when people haven't been able to use the system for two whole weeks. WTF?! According to the news this is predicted to go on for a two months. All of this is so messed up.

I also don't think that my burnt out is curable. :< No matter how much help I seek, nothing is working.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RIP PawnChessmon White

Why Ayu? WHY? Why are you such an idiot?! ;w;
Why did you not press the "Hatch" button?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I thought it was unbreakable so I was trying to get a 4/5 but then, it broke. It. Broke. My rare Loot Boxed Digimon. ;w; This game is too cruel, this is worst than Megaten's crafting and modding system! It's nice to know that the promo items they give you are NOT 100% hatchable unlike its Silked counter-part. *continues crying in emo corner*

The only complaint I have with this game is that it is very OVERSEAS UNFORGIVING. Why is Credit card NOT an option for Premium Silk? And who's bright idea is it to make the two silks different (tradable vs. untradable)? SERIOUSLY?! *rages

Yes, I am a LOSER. I'm addicted to the new Digimon Masters Online. Only God can save me now! D: *goes smashes things with Keramon until she feels better*

What's with me and total regret this last two weeks?! Dx I've done too many stupid things... just too many... 2%^%&^#@#^@&&@&@^$&$!!!!!!!

On the bright side, at least it wasn't a Salamon otherwise I'd seriously go rocking back-and-forth in my emo corner. D:

EDIT: I think they auto-cancelled one of my questions regarding their event. I hope not, but my question is no longer in my QnA file (it was there before I went to sleep). Service wise, Joymax is definitely the worst one so far out of most MMOs I play. :( I give myself til the end of Novemeber before I quit this too. xD God, Rift is the only good MMO so far.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry but I'm not pulling a Richy on this one (so most of you will need to find service elsewhere in game). But I am guessing someone either is overjoyed or in shock cause I had 44 page views from one country in one day that I normally never get more than 3 page view in a week from that said country. Weird huh?

Btw LOOKIE!!!!! HOMG HOMG HOMG HOMG I'm so addicted to Rift atm (and got Habu addicted to... whoops!)

I love the fact that its the server vs NPC kinda thing. I think WOW has the same thing from what I remember seeing my friend playing. Tons of fun. I also got my Ash Strider hatched. I learned my mistake last time, so this time, I'm playing as Cleric.

So I'm finally sick from overwork and sleep deprivation. I was expecting that. Ahahahaha, I'll beat life with a candle stick! D:< I'll show you who's boss, life!

And of course what's more exciting in life than having 3 Essays and a presentation project due in 36hours from now (includes no sleep and minus my 10hour shift at the office tomorrow)?! I'm so fucking dead. *headdesk* I already spent all of today preparing the presentation and I'm only half way done. *double headdesk*

At least with iron will and lack of motivation, common sense and why-the-fuck-am-I-still-alive?, I has landed myself on a THIRD JOB (contracted). I'M NOT EVEN DONE SCHOOL, WTH GOD?! All I hear are people who are graduated and could not find work. Here I am, still finishing my degree and has TOO MUCH WORK. I know I shouldn't be complaining... but, my dream of a "vacation" has just went from 10% to -1% chance. *runs into a wall now*

I have, and will always be a Digimon Fangirl. I have grew up on this series and so many years down the line, here I am still watching it. Digimon Xros Wars II: Time Traveling Boy Hunters (or the Boy Hunters who leapt through time), has got to be my favorite after Tamers. Think Pokemon Catching + Digimon Xros Wars. So much fun to watch. At first I hated Gumdramon (he's so annoying) but he grew on me after episode 2. I love his face in this screenshot. xD

Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's play a game!

You get a cookie if you can.

You can make up whatever bullshit story you like, indulge me with your fantasies. :3

And for bored Trolls who uses Facebook: FILL OUT A SURVEY FOR MY SCHOOL PROJECT!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blade & Soul


Started Rift. I'm so nub in it. xD
Aion still has my heart though. Mainly because of all the stupid things I did, like plummeting to my death (because I just suck at Kiting) *facepalms* I hope B&S will have the same character creation as Aion, so far I have yet to see an MMO as diverse as Aion in character creation.

Because it not important (therefore this section is tiny)...
And for those who QQ about my Solid Arts, EAT IT D:< If you haven't notice, I got it for SYNTHING, not for melee, or vanity (cause apparently blue is ugly) or for any other class. It's for S-Y-N-T-H-I-N-G. I could care less about other classes. Sorry. :<
BUT Sera now hits 300 INT 180 LCK without boosters or incs. Currently at 95-96%100%* on SS rank 5 difficulty all by himself. 8D Once he's incs/syringes he can SS 100% on difficulty 5 demons. *proud* *+ego* Too bad I don't public synth so no one will ever know D:

* I lied, I forgot to use MIST. It seems I can hit 100% on my own. Yay!

Btw, is it me or is the Hack Chip Alpha : Essence of Yetzirah ratio pretty nonsensical? I mean 1:1 trade means the person who is trading for Essence to HCA profit from the massive XP from the run while the HCA person gets nothing (but be lazy to not run the dungeon). I'm confused how that happened. D:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

dot dot dot

Ayu's having one of her episodes again D: Going into bitchy mode and snapping people's necks off. Stress is building due to overwork + no time. I cant believe I've done 38hours on top of full time school this week plus a few dozen errands I have to do this week... No wonder I'm having an episodes. o-o

And best of all, I haven't even had time to even start working on my thesis project. *facepalms* And I'm already pulling all-nighters so where am I going to find time to do homework?

I'm also having some issues with someone at work :< Stop hiding from the customers and leaving me by myself in the store for 3 bloody hours in one of the busiest malls in Ontario. /hates

Such a hateful bitchy post :<

Monday, September 5, 2011

100% Rosary






All this is done with 4 synth booster (one of them not being chaos), 2 syringes on synther only and Revitalization. Females synthers should hit 400+ int without syringes. So... Goal is done, what's next?

That's right, FORMULATE A FORMULA FOR ROSARIES MWHAHAHAHAHAHA~ I seriously need a new hobby. >__> Demon friendship is seriously a pain in the ARSE to test. *faints*

Also been busying making a Rush Melee because its the only class I am missing before I can say I have done every class I can possibly think of that's not Medical Science and Gunners. Only 3 of them just need maxing expertise + lvl 90 but it can still function as a basic class (ex: regal DD, shield melee, etc). Ayu bored much? :'D

PS: I love how the stats bar are so epic that it falls right off the graph. xD

Thank you, Habu, Yang, Uni and Sai for all the help. <3 If it weren't for you guys, I'd be still dreaming all of this.

Except I have one problem with this party: Where are we going to squeeze the synthee? D:

School starts tomorrow QQ

/Ends Shameless Self Bragging xD

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Impossible anymore!

Got curious about my % and then with a few friends coming to help me boost decided to try it out. Above is full party with incs + Revitalize, taroting (I think its like +9% for SS but I didn't get a chance to check it out since one of the boosters left).

With 1.5 synthbooster which also gives my a low of 8% tarot on rosaries. I really should of checked it with soul stoning but habits do kick in (SS then T). I would assume 10%+ if it was SS since my synther is more INT based.

We're going to try a test this weekend with full synth boosters (since the full party was with 2 full synth booster and 2 motley people), I think we should be able to get 70-80% on SS for rosaries and 100% on fire, thunder, wind rosaries I would assume. And should get 400+ INT as well. :D WHEEEEEE~!!!!!

So yea, the 5% is breakable. I'm pretty sure all the good synths out there already tried it. xD *ish a slow poke*

YAY~ So can I quit this game now? xD
*achievement unlocked*

And going to Buffalo this weekend before school starts. YAY! :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

B> a Summer Vacation

I've been working 55+hrs a week for the past few weeks. I did it last summer with no problems, but this time, I can barely put up with it. I think my mind is telling me I need to go on a loooooooooong vacation. Preferably to Disneyland! :D <--- only reason is so she can bother Habu more [insert evil SFX] The last long vacation (stress-free) I ever had was when I was in elementary school. Yup, even I can't believe it. o-o Since then it's only been stressful little trips.

Megaten. The only reason I play is for vanity. Also, Auto-cancelers piss me off (unless you take the post down, which is understandable) but seriously, a simple "nty" or "no thank you" or "my c/o is xxx amount" is apparently asking too much. People DO pay more then what you've asked for just for replying. People DO tell you that it's out of their budget and not buy. People DO ask to bargain with you (whether in items or in macca). Whether you sell it or not, it IS up to you but please do so politely. So I don't understand the sales ethnic here for auto-cancelling. Last time I checked, we're a BARTER/TRADE system, not a SALES TAG system like Aion. People have feelings too.

Speaking of bitching, why, oh, why do you melees join Vishnu/Shiva runs with un-SIed, no tarot/soulstone geared and gear unmodded weaponed? Do you have no shame what-so ever? You're little 900-1500 damage is the same as NOT having you around (and more xp for party). Be a sponsor (but you're probably being a cheapo and making someone else pay with their REAL money for Yantras). If it wasn't for the fact that my friends are being nice (though we are bitching about you via Skype) and haven't kicked you (even though I keep telling them too because you were being a leecher), I would of honestly kicked you (fear the wrath of party leader). I don't go into public parties until my characters are 90% complete. I don't expect that from everyone, but I DO expect a halfway finished build/gear with tarot/SS and some SI/mods done. Doesn't have to be max, but at least you tried and is a decent melee.

B> REAL MT players

And Enhancer... your job is to keep ironclad/pulse and sa up at all times. It's not difficult. No seriously, it's not difficult >__> *always brings heals unless its a trust worthy enhancer*

I'm also a QQer of why the HELL is one of the best tarots and soul stone being one of the easiest to get (aka. 1mil each >__>) WTF................. Broken much? Especially how Pazuzu's are harder to get then Vishnu/Shiva crystal, that's when you know something is NOT right with this game. OH SHIT I just realized how much hell it would be to make Nyars... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF *has full Nyar taroted mage that will be a pain to make when switching to new gear*

Yay, now that's out of my system.

Been following the second half of Digmon Cross Wars (YEA YOU HEARD ME!! D:< ) And god, non-cold hearted Kiriha makes a very GAY Kiriha Dx Damn Taiki, keep your gayness to yourself! I loved Kiriha when he was a cold hearted bastard. Now he's all "I believe in you Taiki! Always! <3" (Okay not exactly like that but you know what I mean). GAHHH$!%$%^$^$ Gravimon has an unhealthy obsession with Kiriha, just saying. o-o Digimon forever yay! <----childhood cartoon

FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hakouki coming to North America! Saitou <3 Okita <3 YAY YAY YAY! *ish a loser* So excited for this, it better happen!!

EDIT- Play Catherine. It's epic. Alcohol snippets is lawlz.

Thursday, July 28, 2011



My hard work of caring Valkyrie everyday for the last 6 months on 6 characters has finally paid off. Let me go love it's vanity glory. At times like these, I appreciate playing this game.

And I woke people up from my excitement... whoops.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Extinction of Mirrors

My project for the last month and a half. It's 90% complete, just missing some unimportant pages. A synthesis site (because seriously, that's all I have in my head). It's also been four years since I last made anything remotely close to a website and enjoyed it. Now go work on that dead domain Ayu! D:

Now back to playing Alice. :P

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My Lap. I claimz it.

And speaking of Lap, I got a new Latop: ASUS G74SX-BBK7 - contains the newest mobile graphic card GTX560M and I've been playing non-stop PC game. Everything runs so ridiculously smooth. Alice: Madness Returns is my favorite atm, totally recommend if your looking for a new 1 player game.

Next post will be an exciting post.

Edit - fixed typo.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Homg, hectic week. Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and Socom all came out in the same day. Totally worn out from that. Taichou is also leaving us for a better place (congratz on the 2b-promotion!) so it's been tough as he was the best manager I've ever had. We also got a new system at work that now makes our lives 50x more easier on certain areas and 50x more difficult on paper work ;w; Been in a PMS mood 24/7 lately due to much stress found just about every minute of my life. But hey, what doesn't kill you only make you stronger. So no complaints.

Megaten is umm... So what's the incentive to play again? Rarity is dead. Spamming AP on a box/FC is pointless as they get spammed in 3 months (dropping from 15mil to 2-3mil in the time frame). Friendly players are close to non-existent. Skilled players or players that know how to play the game right are rare. Social Dramas (since I don't pvp). I think the longest I was logged on was 6 minutes before I got real bored and logged off. Sera & Arty are still my baby <3 and uhhh... Pokemon anyone? :D

I'm waiting to get Emolga. He's sooooooooooooo cute! I so want a plush of him *-*
Also been playing Hexyz Force. Almost. Done. x.x <--- known to not finish games.

I'm evil. Hear me Rawr! owo
And pointless post. I noez. I didn't feel like doing anything. xD *bums on chair*

NinajaEdit - Wow, I must of been really tired, I used "here" instead of "hear" owo

And HOMGWUT?! D: I thought P2 would do better than P1 remake. Ref here. This game better come out in North America cause it's the only one of the two SMT games I haven't been able to get my hands on. T-T Must finish collecting! (and I'll eventually start/finish them... one day... :'D). Yum... Egg Sandwich! 8D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tokyopop: Shutting down US Division


Tokyopop was a big part of my childhood. I'm sad to see them go. T^T

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NJF Forever



Good bye to being one of the original winners from this event and hello spammed NJF on server. I had my fun, since it's been two years since the event. But I thought they weren't giving it out anymore because if was majorly bugged and unfixable. o_O So wtf. Well there goes the last thing I have that's rare that I can be proud of. LOL -unmotivated to play since rarity no longer exist in this game-
I should learn to stop listening to Aeria's "it'll never be re-released in the future" lies. Just a ploy to make money. :/ *waves good bye to hundreds of dollars spent on those events*

Also, big news! Ayu is moving due to family problems. Let's hope this is a sign for a brighter future now that I am pretty much parentless. o-o (no, their not dead if you're thinking that! D: )

Friday, April 8, 2011

Change is scary.
The unknown of anything is frightening.

Sometimes you just want to run away.
But in the end, I am so grateful to have friends like these to be there.

I guess, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. ;w;

PS: There goes my goal to get my mage to 97 for the leveling contest. D:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why, oh, Why do I play?

I don't know. Why do I bother? Probably because I still have friends in Megaten. Especially since I luff them all <3

Being nice in this game doesn't pay off at all. You end up getting used and stepped on like dirt to people who aren't your "close friends". And you wonder why everyone is an asshole? I don't blame them one bit. Yet, I like to believe that out there some where in Megaten, there may be a trade where things will go well and we can be friends. You know, LIKE HOW I MET 90% OF MY FRIENDS prior to community mean-ness increase.

Nice Ayu has gotta go in Megaten. I'm sick of being taken advantage/used of. I'm sick of giving people free stuff to help them only for them to never talk to me or doesn't reply to my tell (though there are a few who I still talk to, <3 them). I'm sick of hearing sad stories and find out later that people did it to discount the item. And I'm sick of strangers making promises to me (especially to hold an item) then changing their mind during transaction or after transaction and only to have the item's value drop because I held it for you. I already stopped lending things and I already stopped supplying things.

I don't want to be mean. I don't want to not trust anyone. But the last few weeks, I think it's time mean-Ayu has to come out when simply being on MT. Cause I want to stop complaining and I want to stop caring.

And FYI: You can't hate someone for buying something cheap because YOU priced it that way and find out they made profit from it. You DO realize who the idiot here is to begin with, and hint: It's not the buyer cause all they say is "I'll buy it" and "tyvm". There is a difference when someone requested to lowball your desired price vs.when you put up a desired price that is lower than the common market price.

btw, yaoi fangirls are fun people. xD And our skype calls now consist of 5-7 people. Fun times.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear god...

Bell sucks balls.
No Srsly.

Not only was I promised this "dedicated" line via optical fiber where LAG won't happen, and top speed service AND best service. Well it was a total L-I-E. My modem looses Signal (and its hard wired) at least a dozen times a week (and people in this house spam me often on my cell about it being down because it's on my computer) AND I LAG. I can't do runs with high cotw spam while normal ichi clears with cotw/enhancer is okay but I just did assassin and my dynes kept getting "stuck" while clearing nightmare rooms I'm fine. This isn't Aion. This isn't WOW. This isn't Rift. So it shouldn't lag like a bitch with such LOW quality gaming.

I used to us Rogers Portable Modem which was cheaper and DID have lag but it didn't DC as frequently and there were certain peaks I know when it'll lag (otherwise its okay). But with this bell one, its too random. :/ No Lag my ass.

Best part, 310-BELL is an automatic disconnect when I dial. WTF?! So I can't even call customer service to find out what's going on since I can't get through to a ring tone at all. orz

I'm also going to be very busy for summer, 2 jobs + school :'D My emotional and fatigue levels will be off the roof again. I'm going to be even more angry this summer than before. Angry customers will get a face full of Rage Yelling this summer, w00t. Soccer Moms are 90% of the time assholes :< a=" I" style="font-style: italic;">ABOUT THE COMPANY, yelling at me then telling me "its not me specifically" doesn't exactly make me feel better about the situation, stupid women. It doesn't change the fact that YOU. ARE. YELLING. AT. ME. Seriously. If you disagree about it, talk to someone who actually have the power to do something about it (aka. head office or the REAL customer services who have more power than the ones behind the counters) or ask who to be directed to in a CIVILIZED MANNER (we are civilized right?). Don't just yell. Next thing I know, you'll start yelling at that pole over there for having a plant being hung in the wrong side of the pole. =___= People, y u no think?!

On the good news, I'm in love with .Hack//Quantum and Infinite Stratos. <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I has peanuts!

Dear Enhancers in Megaten,


If you have no int giving gear (let alone SI) and NO SS or Tarots, then you DO NOT HAVE 140 INT alone. You can't even have pass 109int (99 + 10 from syringe for 1 hr) at all. The only way is if all the party member is wearing motley or you have an uber synther(s) or synth booster(s) in your party to give the remaining (min. of) 31 int difference (and have pr0 friends who can clear fast and well to replace the sacrificed room), then you cannot have 140 int (especially if all your wearing is a salon set white).

I know how much I do when I'm on enhance with 140 int. If my damage is anything less than around that, then it's obvious you don't have 140 as you claim in shout. >_> It's true we cannot prove whether you have 140+ int prior to entering party (at least without analyzing every player's gear and adding it up o-o) but it's obvious when you start buffing.

I made two enhancers just to vent out frustration. I officially have an enhancer of every possibility (though most are still in the making). Again, just to vent out frustration and allow me to procrastinate in homework.

Btw, it took 30 episodes for Shoutmon to finally digivolve. It was gay. :( Kiriha (I think that blonde guy name was) looks much better now in the preview of episode 30. Ahahahaha. YES I AM A LOSER :< <--- also playing Pokemon Black ontop of that.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inb4 I do something right.

After taking a year off for personal reasons, I came back to school only to find that every piece of initiative I've took this year to be a "good student" is morally wrong or backfires. Not one project (and I wish I was being sarcastic) that I've done early was done right. Professors or the group organizers would tell us something vital to the project (that's not in the project sheet) about a or two week before its due which causes me to have to re-do it from scratch and resulting to more time and effort wasted (also the fact that no one else in class has finished it earlier). And every single time I finished a project, it was actually me thinking the project is due when it's not. Go me.

I'm also experiencing a group problem where one person rarely replies to emails while the other has put off all my emails about starting early until the last minute then proceeds to pin the blame on the fail project on me because APPARENTLY (without my knowledge) I was suppose to supply an analysis of our topic. I wasn't even aware that the others weren't gathering information. I wasn't aware that we even had a TOPIC CHOSEN until last minute. I wasn't even AWARE that each person had a role. And why wasn't I aware. Because all the emails I've gotten were one sentences telling me off about the issue. Same person who is blaming me, have had their email being bounced back every time I sent her my information for that week. I'm not saying I'm completely innocent. Yes, I should of kept my first assumption that NO ONE was going to do the work and finish off all the information and just putted it together. I should of analyzed it and just did it instead of HOPING that my group members would do a GROUP project. I should of kept my mouth shut. But I didn't because I DID NOT MORALLY FEEL RIGHT ABOUT PASSING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK. I'm in school to learn. Not to ride on people to my degree.

I find it befitting that the year I plan to graduate is 2012, the same year for "the end of the world" stuff.

Made two guides for synthing for SSSU that I'm contemplating on putting one of them up onto Aeria's forum (regarding presets of Demon Difficulty via Synthing in the game). Inb4 I get banned for helping Aeria (like everyone else LOL).

Yes, I have synthing in my head again. orz *needs to find a new hobby*

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I die alot. It's a fact.

So Habu and I were playing Aion the other day, and he decided it would be fun to attack Andras (a field boss) and then run away.

Here's us preparing to attack Andras. I'm just going to watch and laugh when he gets killed :P

And the chase begins.

It was funny watching this frog thing waggle. I started to follow behind and watch the fun. Of course, with no apparent reason, Andras just TURNED AROUND AND CHOMPED ME. No I didn't aggro it. No I didn't attack him. He isn't Pre-emp. So yea. I was dead on the floor going "WTF ANDRAS?!" While it was happily chasing after Habu through the Camp (while the NPC/Guardians did absolutely NOTHING LOL) and into another area to loose Andras.

So we've concluded: I die because things just loves me. Even if I did NOTHING to them or they happen to be across the map and just comes and attacks me D: We also concluded that NPC/Guardians, don't fight field boss. Because they are smart and don't pick a fight with the big boys.

Anki in Fire temple. Love her new sexy look. Habu and I play dress up on our girls too much in Broker. xD

The free Chocobo the server gave us. It's great, you can feed it and it poops up stuff. Except... mines hungry *too lazy to feed it*

And I pulled another Richy and came back to Megaten. :'D Don't expect me to do anything cause I'm most likely finishing up my Enhancer or helping my friends fuse. Usually AFKing cause that's all I'm good for.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This deserves a post

Habu showed me this the other day:


enough said. xD
<3 guide.
read it or garms will eat you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear me

Dear me,
Why do u failz so much? orz|||

Apparently I've been on a re-occurring payment on Xbox Live this entire time and I never noticed. Ahahahahha... *headdesk* Now I'm going to check all my accounts just in case this happens again...

On another hand, I'm VERY VERY close to level 30 in Aion on my Ranger. Soooooooo close to running FT with Habu. *waits for Repose before handing in quests* I look like a giant Grape in Aion xD (too lazy to upload photo... sryz)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Programming does not compute to Ayu's brain.
I used to take all the available classes on computers (programming, web, graphics, animation, etc.) when I was in High school and prior. Now I remember why programming was the only course I dropped. Yet, it comes back haunting my in one of my courses. Worst of all, we're doing it in a new open-source program called Processing which in the end it's just jibberish to me despite the hours I've spent doing tutorials and trying to understand its works. Uberfailme.

I has Aion time card! *holds it all Zelda style* Too bad I can't play it til the Weekend since my Mid-Term projects are due this week.

Let's add to my fail. A file our teacher put up was originally made in InDesign CS4, I have CS3 so google being epic these were the following methods I tried:
  • inx file format for backwards compatibility - failed
  • download and installed cs4 on pc - failed
  • download and installed cs5 on pc - fail
  • opening in other Adobe files - fail
  • asked a friend to screen-shot it for reconstructing but it's just too complicated to reproduce - failed
I'm not meant to succeed this week. orz

Just these two courses alone I feel like I just took one year's worth of courses in a semester. I don't think education was meant to be this frustrating and difficult. And before anyone says anything, my school is "self-proclaimed prestige" so they don't care about their students, if you have troubles that's "your problem" or if you have technical difficult, your better off shooting yourself in the head because this is a Design school, no one knows how to troubleshoot about computers. Also if you work "differently" (learning style or being too "pr0" that your teacher can't mark you like everyone else who isn't) your pretty much guarantee a fail.

Actually, I can't remember why I choose this school. Yay failme.

Retired on Megaten, I'll pop on once in a while if I feel like playing dress up or if Habu asks me on. I'm quite disgusted at the community and all the unnecessary children drama that's been happening. All the Veterans who have quitted, good for you. I'm sure there is a better game out there with less QQ'ers about how "impossible" it is to one-hit Deformed Kirins at level 50 with our current over-powered gear or how hard it is to HEAL a party member. I'm also debating whether or not to withdraw from the SSSU, I have the event written up prior to my loss of internet I just need to finalize and post it.

Damn Habu, he's already at level 38. Must catch up and get more Gold Armor! D: Especially now that the drop rate have increased. :3

Next week is Reading week and here are my goals for games that needs to be finished:
  • Hexyz Force PSP
  • Tales of Vesperia (need to finish it!)
  • Dragon Age: Awakening (Must finish before DA2 is out!)
  • Nier or Splinter Cell: Convinction
My backlog is dwindling! and back to stressing about homework...

Monday, February 14, 2011

V for Vendetta

Epic movie, so don't have it to watch it. But today is Valentines day, and I got my net back after almost an hour of the tech guy grunting in my house cause my jacks are being an emo. I can't wait to talk to Habu, he'll be "whodafisdisstalker" :D The loving. *hearts*

Internet is epic. Even if their is a shitty "Bandwidth Limit" but what I'm paying for is really the damn speed so I can't complain. Beats 5Mps.

So, I thought about going online to Megaten, looked at the site (I like the layout, it's spiffy now), read Guild Thread (poor Destiny D: ) and closed it. You know what I did with my time (that's probably ineffective as well)? I finished THREE console games - Dragon Age (whoops, went gay elf), Final Fantasy 13 (bloody yet I still don't get the plot) and Golden Sun (= childhood god). Now I'm on my way to finish Tales of Vesperia, Resonance of Fate and Magna Carta because I'm just that back tracked. Dragon Age 2 in less then a month, need to play Awakening before it's out. x.x All this beats me sitting in Babel and getting angry at everyone who wants my 5mil item for 1 mil while I did pay real money for it and most of the others didn't.

I'm leaving it at that, now that internet is back, the first thing is order - my homework. QQ

Also I can't play Aion. Need to buy a time card. Grrr... my Asmo boob chick is waiting to Ascend. D:

PS: I heart Sonny from iRobots xD

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help save Canadian internet!

Stop Canadian ISPs from thinking they can fucking rape our wallets whether because their technology cannot support the amount of access or they're greedy. Please sign the petition: HERE! Everywhere else it's unlimited so what's with this bullcrap?

I'm not going to get Internet until I find a unlimited bandwidth because blowing 200Gb a month for bandwidth is like eating a cake for me >.> <= downloads and streams inplace of 6yrs of no tv. Sucks that I finally got the ok to get Internet like a normal person and this stuff happens. And it took 4 years worth of argument at home to get a REAL Internet D: damn you Bell!!!

/edit - blogspot is horrible to edit on a iPhone. Regarding the Internet bandwidth it seems most providers don't go above 100gb without additional purchases. Anddddddd upload rate don't exceed 1mbs. Seriously, this makes me want to move to US alone >.> what's the point in sharing files if its going to take me 3 weeks to get one subtitled movie. Let alone an episode >.> glad I'm into gaming otherwise I'd be going nuts right now D: /end edit
Ayu won't be on megaten, Aion or Live. :(

On the other note: ALLEEEENNN!!! <3 I don't know who the bad guys are in D.Gray-man but I'm sooooo happy that the Noahs are helping Allen. I always liked the Noahs more, their much more cooler lol

Also been torturing myself in FF13. That game is NOT meant to be finished... God I hate bartendaluswatshismanyfaceassiscalled. Seriously... How much longer is this game I'm already pass the 50 hrs on the main story plot and I haven't even touched the damn side quests. And Golden Sun is GOD to me ATM. My childhood game still the same. Though it's a tad too easy compared to the GBA version. Too much dumb instructions unlike the older one ( we don't need a sign post five steps from the last sign post saying the exact same thing!). Are new generation of gamers getting stupider?! Recently the new games are ... Easier then I remember. Ah well... Going to finish some of my games and hope the tragic Internet ISP will either boost bandwidth usage or hope for unlimited. I'm good with leeching Internet from people. Might have to cancel my netflix account though. :(

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Yoshi and Zetor

Oh good, at least writing in blogspot works for the iPhone. I want to apologize to Yoshi's NM group. I dced right before NM because my bloody Internet service got cut at 2:00pm Est without my dad telling me (again again). As Habu knows, this on going battle for the Internet has been driving me insane for MONTHS. Doesn't help that I'm recovering from food poisoning on Monday night. And I got into an argument with my dad first thing this morning. =A= Sorry zetor, I won't be able to make your rosary anytime soon.

At least the good news is I now have loads of time to watch the movies and finish my games. Since I absolutely REFUSE to travel 2hrs+ to get to school to use the Internet. I'd rather wake up early morning and bullshit it before class. >.> *cannot afford to go to school everyday using two damn overpriced bus systems*

Worst part is that I won't be able to hear Habu or Richy for a while ;w; that makes me QQ the most.

Grumpy old lady signing off - see you all whenever I get Internet back. >.> *seriously hoping it's not going to be 6 months again*

Sucks I just started a Asmodian character last night. So wanted to get her to ascension at least :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sony you have failed me.

I've grew up on Sony all my life until I met MR. XBOX 360. This issue with trying to get the PS3 to WORK on a monitor has driven me up the wall for the past year and wasting my money. I tried the only two solutions available (after much google research): VGA converter and PS3 specific VGA cable. Both has failed me and both of them have the sound working but not the video. I don't get it. XBox VGA works perfectly fine (and is 60% CHEAPER than PS3 VGA cable) but PS3 has this specific driver that doesn't allow a converter to work. OK. FINE. I go get a PS3 specific VGA cable. The screen goes stripey on one of my monitor and the other monitor doesn't support the video (I'm guess it's too old?). But. It's. A. PS3. Specific. VGA. Cable. WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING?! The Xbox ones works fine on my OLD Monitor.

I just want to play my Sengoku Basara not on a 7" portable TV so I can READ the item mixing screen. I don't want to fork up $300+ for a new TV/HDMI Monitor just to play THREE GAMES. But.... APPARENTLY THAT'S ALSO TOO MUCH TO ASK IN LIFE!! Eff you Sony. Why can't you be more "user friendly" like freaking Microsoft?!

Makes matter worse, while trying to forcefully remove the VGA plug since it got stuck (what crap quality), I accidentally hit and spilled my tea on my homework, PSP AND IPHONE (though they are fine luckily but same can't be said for my homework -___-;; ). Because of this ongoing PS3 VGA Battle I've had it! I'm just going to officially say: Sony, YOU FAIL.

I'm going on a Sony ban =A=

/enters rage mode
/goes recommend XBOX > Sony at work now

Friday, January 21, 2011

[Megaten] Synthing obsessed


Win. o.o without syringe, without FM, without booster (I made Sai strip :D) So close to 300 int ;w; come to daddy~ I'm missing like 9int from possible max int on server but I has to be a girlly for that to happen T-T

Now for next project - Attempting to break 5% on Rosaries via Machetes.

Let see how this will go. o.o

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Megaten] Happy New Years everyone!

I haven't been on much for the last few weeks but I'm pretty haitus now. Megaten bores me and there's too much drama going around. Plus the fact that almost all the nice people (that I know) have quit. I might log once in a blue moon to perfect synthing out of nostalgia and for the SSSU to help out those who still play (just because my experience of the game is ruined doesn't mean that I shouldn't help out others who still enjoy the game), but aside from that please don't expect me to be on as much. Most of you have my contact so I hope we get to stay in touch regardless! ^-^

Clan Extazy - Thank you for the invite dope. Loved the clan a lot, and had too much fun here than I ever had in Megaten. I got to learn a lot about the game and how to play it, features of the game and meeting new friends. It was a clan that was self-sufficient, you got helped when needed, friendly advise, silly but the independent of each player had was amazing. There was little to no begging by new players and all the new players were willing to learn and listen. It was definitely a unique clan to be in and a home for me and many others. Thanks for creating Extazy dope, Ahrisu and DeathAngel.

Synth/Smither/Sier Union (SSSU) - Thank you for the invite, Orphy. I hope I can live up to most of your expectations! I really hope all works out for smithers and synthers. I had great memories of synthing and I hope all the new upcoming synthers and smithers will as well and hopefully rid any bullying and rude behaviors towards our communities friendly helpers!

Haburi/Anki - My baby *hearts* Now that I think about, you were my in game duo-partner/letmeleechonn00b/stalker/molester/lawn gnome throughout most of my last half of the year (so much occupations you havdar), who would of thought you'd become the most important part of my life. You were always there to support me (and I hope I have and will be able to support you too) and puts up with my insanity (I am crazeh seeeeeeee?! D: ). I'll always be bothering you with love *hearts* *hearts* Let's be an epic Lawn Gnome together from now on. XD Go Go Cotton Swab Ranger! I love Pandy that you gave me :3 I'm going to teach him how to sing and dance :D *Pandy whimpers for help in the background* I'll also try to stop texting you in real life (so costly Dx) as much as I want to talk to you 24/7

Richy - Definitely the most interesting person I've met. We met back in Rambo and we re-united in Extazy. Soon you became one of my best friends and dear god, I want to play Xbox Live with you!!!! D: Damn Ostriche. You were also the type of person who brings laughter to any conversation. Thanks for everything. Good luck with your new place.

Yang - Welcome back to Megaten lil'bro! It's been over a year since we met and I've officially became your Santa murderer. You who own probably the most santa crystals on the entire server and possibly a giant chunk of mags as well. xD The daiso runs were also fun, thanks for introducing me to them. It was always fun hanging out with you even back in Rambo days and finally, finally we got you to stop trolling and talk on skype :D Yay~ I still remember the tour of your 'castle' xD

dope - It's been over a year since we met. We had our good and bad times but I'm glad in the end we are still friends and put the past behind us. It's been fun times and I think you were my main demon tri-fusion buddy too? So many innocent demons we've destroyed. Poor things. btw, Sera's belly button beams is epic :D *beams you*

boredfarmer/Kyo - I totally forgot your main's name *fails* But thank you for teaching me so much about the mathematically aspects of this game. Honestly if it wasn't for you I think I would be n00b about the game. D: Thanks for your guidance and your patient.

Ahrisu/Sakurah - Need moarz RP D: Sera wants his Saku and Shohei to play with~ We should draw a whole comic for them. And how grandpa Yang became a cripple and how Seta has a brother complex. Also want to thank you and Ken for helping me out in earlier times on the new characters I've made. If it wasn't for you two, I would have a whole bunch of noobs alts doing nothing. XD

Tofufa - I've learned a lot about this game from you and the information we shared. I'm sad to see you've retired (according to your friend's status), you were a great, err.. at everything xD Synthing, melee, rapid, enhancer, etc. but I hope one day we can have lunch together. I'll forever be watching my back whenever I am at 'that' intersection. xD

XxSniperwolfxX - We both have too much synthing in our minds xD But I'm glad I have someone to talk to about synthing and how we can improve ourselves. I'm sorry to hear all those unfortunate synth incident that you've encountered but with SSSU here, hopefully we can lessen the incidents of negative incidents on future synthers! I look forward to working with you.

Loch - Always been fun talking to you even though its once in a while~ I learned a lot from you and it's also nice to see another Abyss Set/Dark Warrior set lover out there~ I'll never forget that good old days in how much people were willing to pay for that set and how we wouldn't give it up. I'm also glad to see you got that Raiju DCM in the end. That Vetala was annoying to farm Dx You are forever the Pokemon Master. :3

JenelleLeggot - JenJen~~ one of most inspired and determine synther I know around. I still remember when you first started out and your hundreds of alts. I'm sure you'll do a good job on everything you do, so keep at it. Don't let anyone stop you from your goal. I also look forward working with you in the SSSU and in the future.

And thank you all for the great 2010 I've had. We have had our ups and downs, friendship made and some broken, conversations and arguments, to love and to hate, - but hey, that's life and we learn from it, both in success and failures and learn to move on. And because this list is getting too long here's a bunch of people I gotta thank for the great passing year and friends that I need to thank: TifaValentine (I'm sorry it took me a while to remember you Dx I'm a horrible person but girl power all the way!), Leynar, Emi, lil`Beni (your topics of convo were always fun to read in clan chats xD), Death Angel, Shohei, Zetor, Rukai (the crazy continuous NM we did), Shockwave, Kyjik (Seriously, my memory is burned with cheese because of you... Dx ), Mallard, impactiko, Ayaki, Shampoo, MizuNatsuki, Zetsuie, Joony, BlazingJounetsu, Planta (you always said hi to me no matter what and I always admire your enthusiastic and outgoing personality), Raglefragle, ThunderBolt, LuckyOrpheus, and anyone else I'm forgetting... cause I'm a forgetful person. I know I'm forgetting most people in the early of 2010, sry in advance TwT

And thank you Aeria for spamming promos in desperation, events filled with community drama and banning so many people for whatever reasons (who in the end are most of the nice people, funny enough). Without these actions of yours, I could have never thought about leaving and stop spending ap to support this game. Thanks to you, my wallet is getting happier and I am saving up to see my precious baby in real life. GG Aeria.

I hope in the future we'll all cross paths again. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! I'll go troll on deviantart now and perfect my lame kiting and jumpshots skills on Aion. Taichou is peer pressuring me to play Rift so let see if my computer will hold up. I still need to try out Vindictus (that Nexon game D: ) and finish playing my gabbilion games that I have yet to finish. Though I finish 999 on DS before the New Year. GAWD, it was so good. Bought the real version only to leave it wrapped on the shelf for years to come. Yea I'm one of "those" collectors. D:

Silver Diamond and my Yaoi mangas got shipped from Amazon, Oh ph33333r Habu xD Hope to see you all soon and have a wonderful new year!

Now onto to Aion and beat up those Asmo punks! D:< How dare they attack me while I'm fighting a mob of monsters! *goes on a rampage in Asmodae*