Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear School

Dear School,
I'm sure you get this a lot, but I just hate you to bits. It's good to know that everything I've ever been trained for the last three years of my life has not (in any way) been used in my final years of university. Also good to know that everything I've done up to this point, has less than 10% USE for me in my final year. I'm so unlucky when it comes to education, seriously considering to buying the lottery since I've been lucky in everything but education related. FML.

I've also started to have problems every corner in my life (except my love life if you minus long distance sitbacks) and I. am. completely. overwelmed. Finance is seriously on the lower part of my "to deal with" list. Oh yea *sarcasm*. Well as they say "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". I just wish half of these issues were actually MY issues and not someone elses that I have to deal with. >___>

On another news, holidays are coming up. Boxing day is coming up. And transit strike isn't bloody over. I have no issue for strikes or anything of the such. I DO have an issue when you decide to stop FOUR TOWNS (or one major city) just because you aren't being paid enough. Hey people, guess what? Doesn't make it right for you to stop people from working or going to school just because of "missing your own benefit". There's a lot of us to deem public transit as essential service, and a lot of us who are ALSO barely making enough to get by on a day-by-day basis. So go ahead and strike, just don't walk off the job that could affect thousands of people. Most of us are SICK of taking the taxi 4-7 times a week spending $50+ on a round trip a day JUST to make it back to break even on the trip (or in students cases, only to loose MORE money). Worst of all, NO REFUNDS on passes when people haven't been able to use the system for two whole weeks. WTF?! According to the news this is predicted to go on for a two months. All of this is so messed up.

I also don't think that my burnt out is curable. :< No matter how much help I seek, nothing is working.


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