Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almost home free!

School's almost over. The last projects of each of my classes were bloody hell. A magazine analysis + replicating a magazine due in one week, who's idea was this again? Probably the worst final project I've ever got. But that's all history now! Wheee~

So ever since I quitted MT, my wallet has been pretty happy. Can't believe it's been six week (so fast) since quitted/break and I look back at the promos from time to time and couldn't believe I spend that much money every week - 7K ap promo or 10K+ ap promo - homg! No wonder I have no money for console/pc gaming. Nowadays, I had used that money to buy Battlefield BC2 (since I was getting Battlefield 3 from a friend), Starcraft 2, Legend of Zelda 3DS, Random crap off of Steam's Black Friday sale, spent $200 on computer stuff in one go, preorders, a cute Disney pea plushy (wtf ayu), LOTS OF FOOD, etc. Debating whether to pick up Skyrim or Assassin's creed Revelation. D: Decisions, decisions.

Started to save up for February, the month that I will be BLOODY BROKE. Why? Because the PSP Vita is coming out the same day as Hakuoki PSP, Tales of the Abyss 3DS & Devil Survivor 2 DS. I KNOW I'll be drowning myself in Hakuoki (loves dating sim D: ) butbutbutbut with everything coming out on the bloody same day, I need to buy new pairs of eyes and hands for each game otherwise I won't be done any of them til next year. D: B> body parts.

End of story.
Fucking love the Achievement system, Artifact and Crafting system. It's more forgiven than Aion. In Aion you need to be PRO starting level 1 TAT Habu's already on his second level 50 character. D: Must stop getting side tracked!

I also can't believe how fast one year has been. <333 I still can't believe how lucky I am to be with such an awesome guy that sometimes I think I must be dreaming. o////o Thank you for putting up with me and my craziness. <3333333 you always!

So apparently I'm a man trap in a woman's body. o-o But I can't be a real man, until I beat everyone of you guys in a FPS. Which will never happen cause I suck. D:

"Digimon, Digital Monster. Digimon are the Chamions!" :D :D :D :D :D (though I quitted the MMO lol)

I heard a Richy last night. o-o
I missed him D: Mofo got a job and we hadn't heard from him in a while!

I can't remember why I wanted to blog. o-o;;;; /fail

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