Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New FC

New Fc does not seem to like me at all. My luck must be running sideways instead of up or down. Apparently I got every special voucher but my Re: Law Suit Data Ticket. Failz. It was interesting though, my fc play pattern was: voucher, inc, voucher, inc, voucher, inc, voucher, inc. Never seen that happen before. o.O

... So Mr. Fc. Where is my Re: Law Suit?! D:

And yes. I'm failing at my resolution of no-ap. DX I lasted about 3 weeks. I don't think I can make a month without ap. D: W00t to sleeping at 7am when I have work the next day of :DDDDDDD -diez-

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


And who said it was set 5%?! This is during non-FM with 1 Kaiwan finished Booster + my ready-to-be-rebirthed Artemis. Yes Yang, I LIED D: It was obviously not 5%. After another semi-done supporter entered, we got 10% I just for to SS before pressing ok. >.>

We also got 10 runs in 30minutes just me as the Shot Mage and 04Yang a the sponsor. :D Hurrrrrrrrrr~ Yang completed my Runestone search today and made me sooooooooo happy :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Artemis is half way doonnnneeee~~

This is what happens when I go AFK for even a minute. DX Huy tried to rape me D:

Sexy Seta at the back of Ichi Camp Boss Room. :D I had about less then 5 seconds to take this before I got Gaki Raped. Shampoo was already dead on the floor from Ramboing Jiko so I ran away to the back (and left him dead <3). T'was such a fun deathy run XD

btw, I refuse to write depressing things on this blog D: Maybe complain a bit here and there but no one will read depressing entries from moiiiiii~ Unless you murdered my Arty. Then I'll kewkew in Vi's/Writhe's emo corner. T-T

Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Eyes will Bleed!

Win. o.o

Titled quoted from Ayaki who also sent me this vid. XD

Megaten woe

I'm going to have to admit, these last two weeks, I am not having fun on Megaten. There are too many "wars" going on that's going to result to drama later on; too many people who aren't getting along; too many people lacking general manners; and too much attitude and rudeness. If someone is taking their precious time to help answer your question or help you out, please show them respect and a bit of gratitude. Even a thank you would do! And yes I'm complaining about this because not only had it happened too many times for me to tolerate but it is my biggest pet peeve when people don't have manners. D:

So Sera's at Class 6 Synth now. To be honest, I'm actually not happy at all with him. If it wasn't the fact that there is one synther I want to outbeat for stupid personal grudge reasons (which my guts were right about them), I would of prefer the painful grinding tarot way. I really don't feel like I've grasped Synthing at all or put much work into it. I was really happy and accomplished when I grinded weapon knowledge from class 4 to class 9 and most of class 1 to 4 Synthesis on Seta. I'm thinking of making a 3rd synth, just to grind him, to feel that I really did put hard work into my characters. I just don't feel right using textbooks anymore, there is nothing fulfilling when using it. There is one thing I do want to test out that would be impossible to grind at a pace without going insane. But yea, 3rd Synther, here I come! People who don't grind expertise or put hard work into their characters but want to be as good as the experienced players are also peeving me too... lol Now I'm just being an arse...

Clan's also changed. We now have Recruitment, Clan Events but we've rarely been doing runs (due to the lack of ready characters and/or experience players). To be honest, this is becoming more stressful then it's really worth. It was great that we gathered together for the event but there isn't any "together-ness" that we once had in the clan. With so much that has happened these last two weeks, I feel like logging on is stressing me out. There are people I enjoy talking to, things I still have to do, help people with synthing so they can get stronger, but aside from that, I really am feeling the stress from this game. I just want to run other things than Ichi Gold speed (and don't get me started on clears, I effing hate them DX).

Our Anime Convention plans are being screwed over quite badly this year. The hotel we were staying at, decided to suddenly increase their prices without notification. Now, we're paying 70% more then we were before + we had people drop out on us. There is a HIGH chance we have to pause all our cosplay plans because of it since people now have to scrap up extra cash for it. I think I'm going to call a quits on cons soon.

Started Digimon MMO because of Shin. Tbh, there isn't anything that's addicting in it nor is the system that great :S I think I'm done with that, maybe hop on once in a while but yea, it's a so-so mmo. I got my Gabumon so I'm fulfilled!

Playing FF13 while I synthed on ch1 (thus my late responses). So far I'm enjoying it. Nothing extraordinary to note besides wanting to punch Hope in the face so being so negative. His mom is so pretty, though. Yea, I'll try to start Resonance of Fate tomorrow before I work the next day.

I think I need to find a new addiction... and to get out of this depression...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Synther Party Yah!

Seriously, I have Synthing in my head all the time now. I'm addicted to killing demons, I admit it. I murdered Christmas!! (though they were Yang's #xxxx Santa Frosts) As much as I hated the grind, It gave me something to do. So now, here is my half-finished Sera :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Only left is Minerology grind. Shoooottttt meeeee DX I'll never get to class 6 Synthesis. Also last night was interesting. Taa and himself came by and we had like a Synther convention for a while (Synther talk ftw!) XD It was fun, I hope to see you guys around sometimes. ^___^

Meet the Rambo booster (of semi-finished Kaiwan gears XD). Sera's still behind on Stats compared to Seta but his higher Synthesis class makes up for it. :3 and please don't ask why I didn't put my points into Int when I should of... LOL I went nub and shoved it into Luck for the heck of it. I ish a nub D: Now I just need to hire a duo to run Sera til he's 90...

So, tomorrow is God of War 3 release day for those who's been waiting so eagerly for it. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver was Sunday so I'm excited to pick up my copy when I get to work tomorrow. Ofc, If doesn't help that I barely started FFXIII, Digital Devil Saga 1 & Magna Carta 2, have Dragon Age: Origin, Tales of Vesperia & Ragnarok DS to finish, and have to start on Heavy Rain, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, and about 10-15 other old games I bought in the last year... And now I'm getting Resonance of Fate this week and Pokemon SoulSilver tomorrow. With Megaten sucking up my life, I don't think I'll ever finish these games LOL ............. orz Oh and I bought ap today. LOL There goes my no-ap resolution that lasted for about 2 week. Why was there a BOGO on Incense of Experience 3x when I needed it most?! orz

On another news: I got my VGA Adapter for my Ps3 to only find out that it doesn't work. CURSEEEES!!! There goes playing my White Knight Chronicles and Heavy Rain... Someone should get me a TV or TV/Monitor for Christmas o.o *hint**hint**nudge**nudge*

And Snippets of the week:
  • I got to help dopey make his Survivor series :D They're so colorful~~
  • Rira, Ayaki and Yang helped me the Qing-Long plug-in today. I can't wait to make him :3
  • I has Walnuts!!!
  • <33333333333333>
  • Lagfest on and off. Though Mar suggested I should crystallize it. o.o Lag Synthing is sure interesting at how many times I can fail at clicking.
  • Anura can rambo Jiko without incs~ as long as I has reflects DX
  • Clan Rambo has started recruiting :D Due to a lot of our older players quitting. (T-T) Leave an application in the thread if you want to join. We're currently under going changes, we'll be having monthly clan events (runs, spawns, strip dice!!) and also remove a lot of the alts. Going to look forward to some exciting changes.
  • Bought The Tipping Point: How Little Things can make a Big Difference from Amazon. I can't wait til it gets here :D I need to start prepping to go back to school so I hope I can finish this soon.
  • Since I've maxed out Weapon Knowledge after spending god-knows-how-many-hours in the Oberon room, I'm happy to announce that I'll never have to see that cursive (sp? lol) room ever again!!! DX ARGGGG!!!!
  • I need an Academy set. o.o or something that gives Int. B-b-but... Bless is too sexy tho DX;;;
  • My Cosplay Group may be postponed due to... MT eating up my life. LOL Why isn't there another seamstress in my group?!?!?! orz Maybe we can actually take our photoshoot at the Japanese park two cities away. XD
Alright my next resolution is to Synth all day while playing FF13. I wonder if that's even possible. XD See!!! I has synthing in my head 90% of the time. I think I'm an addict now... I'm also thinking of making a new alt... I just don't know what class or what I want to try out yet. We will see...

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Sera Day

It's kinda weird to be grinding and playing Final Fantasy XIII (Japanese version) for 7 hours (about 3-4 hours of it was really grinding) on Saturday given my Synther is called Sera and the character I'm suppose to be saving in FF13 is also named Sera(h) (セラ). Weird... D: so I spent a good chunk of my weekend ignoring everyone because my attention keeps going all over the place orz. Sorry gais~

My first impression of FF13: Linear. Very Effing Linear. Lots of cutscenes. The story seems okay, the characters are meh-to-somewhat likeable (though I'm in love with the chocobo who lives in Sazh's hair especially how that I know it's name lol) and Vanilla is a nut case imo. My first impression: Lightning is Cloud; Snow is retarded but lovable; Hope must die or he better mature later; Vanilla is a nut case... oh wait I already said that; Sazh is pathetically funny; and otou-san is pure, pure, pure win. I'm also excited to see Laura Bailey's work as Sera(h). *ish becoming a Laura fan* XD The gameplay is enjoyable, but what makes this game amazing is the stunning visuals and the convenient Optima System (class change system). Otherwise, yea, your everyday Final Fantasy game. I'm hoping it's going to be good (though I rather play Resonance of Fate) but I don't think it'll be anything that will make it stand out, at least that's the feeling I'm getting. I hope I'm wrong. ^^;;

Tomorrow is Final Fantasy XIII release day. I'm going to die at work :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD orz.... Please let there be many bathed otaku gamers coming in... *prays*

I also learned an important lesson today. Taichou can play FF13 without looking at the screen. He played the game behind the counter on the other side of the TV. Should I be scared noaz? and Taichou, I had a very bad synthing day tonight, I know its a sign that your telling me to get off of Megaten and go to sleep. o.o

I'm trying to get un-addicted to Megaten, stop spending ap and use my time to prepare for going back to school. It's so hard DX I'm working as much as I can with photoshop but even then I'm just so unmotivated and mellow. -___- I need to fix that. I should get back to drawing or walling (desktop wallpapers) or even making sites again... B> a life. pm me please.

Once Seras get high enough level (he's a total leecher btw) I can lethe Seta's synth down and add retaliation for LOA and possible cotw (if I have enoug pts) so I can be more flexible in parties and runs. Ichi Gold speeds just isn't cutting out for me. It's getting boring. ^^; I need to try Deep Ichi one day :3 I need something new and a goal to work on improving on Seta. Otherwise I'm just going to minerology grind like a zombie on Sera all day... kewkew...

I'll post up some pictures later. For now... I sleep. :3

PS: because of work... I've been missing my dopey DX *draws circles in the emo corner* T-T Come here faster Wednesday... I miss you sweety!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grinding my life away

Sera's at 5.5 Synth as of two hours from now LOL Weapon Knowledge grind is fairly easy since I get to play my Ragnarok DS while I do it. It's minerology I'm a tad dreading over. Because once I max Weapon knowledge, I have to start on Minerology. da fun. o.o If you have no idea what I'm talking about, what this video: Megaten Synther Skillup I always cringe when I see this video. Makes me remember Seta's synthing days before 5x mastery and textbooks. DX *cringes*

Also, my (non-exsistent) birthday cause PS3 to fail. LOL So most PS3s aren't working or playing games atm because of some clock glitch. Hehe *Xbox 360 person* Best birthday present evar~

So I pretty much spent my birthday eating. Yes my world revolves around food and I'm still skinny as a stick. WTF is wrong with me?! DX Got to go eat Korean BBQ for the first time in my life and since I can't be a Vegetarian anymore due to stupid Iron deficiency (so I don't like to pop vitamins or pills), I got to try this rumored "cook-it-your-self meat". o.o It was fun, I spent more time grilling things I didn't eat then really eating it. It was good I just felt really bad for the animals. T-T Then the next day I ended up going to an all-you-can eat Japanese resturant that was rumored as the best Japanese food in the area. It was good and cheap since we went their for lunch and one hour after they opened, they already had line-ups. Intense. o.o

Yea aside from that, my life's been boring. Actually more like Sera's grinding is taking up all my time. DX Then again, hopefullly I can get to class 6 Synth before FFXIII comes out next week. I doubt it but I will try~ I can't wait to play it and get my VGA adapter/converter thingy in the mail so I can play it on the PS3. I got that bloody things just for this game so it better be a GOOD game or else I QQ that I spent so much money... Speaking of money... Why did I buy Last Rebellion again? D: Oh yea.. the art was pretty and the game play looks cute though I heard the game sucked. *cries*

Goal for the week: Grind Sera some more... D: I will (try to) be a good synther! *goes and draws circles on the floor* >.<||||

PS: I will typo check after I get home ^^;; *runs to work*