Monday, March 22, 2010

Megaten woe

I'm going to have to admit, these last two weeks, I am not having fun on Megaten. There are too many "wars" going on that's going to result to drama later on; too many people who aren't getting along; too many people lacking general manners; and too much attitude and rudeness. If someone is taking their precious time to help answer your question or help you out, please show them respect and a bit of gratitude. Even a thank you would do! And yes I'm complaining about this because not only had it happened too many times for me to tolerate but it is my biggest pet peeve when people don't have manners. D:

So Sera's at Class 6 Synth now. To be honest, I'm actually not happy at all with him. If it wasn't the fact that there is one synther I want to outbeat for stupid personal grudge reasons (which my guts were right about them), I would of prefer the painful grinding tarot way. I really don't feel like I've grasped Synthing at all or put much work into it. I was really happy and accomplished when I grinded weapon knowledge from class 4 to class 9 and most of class 1 to 4 Synthesis on Seta. I'm thinking of making a 3rd synth, just to grind him, to feel that I really did put hard work into my characters. I just don't feel right using textbooks anymore, there is nothing fulfilling when using it. There is one thing I do want to test out that would be impossible to grind at a pace without going insane. But yea, 3rd Synther, here I come! People who don't grind expertise or put hard work into their characters but want to be as good as the experienced players are also peeving me too... lol Now I'm just being an arse...

Clan's also changed. We now have Recruitment, Clan Events but we've rarely been doing runs (due to the lack of ready characters and/or experience players). To be honest, this is becoming more stressful then it's really worth. It was great that we gathered together for the event but there isn't any "together-ness" that we once had in the clan. With so much that has happened these last two weeks, I feel like logging on is stressing me out. There are people I enjoy talking to, things I still have to do, help people with synthing so they can get stronger, but aside from that, I really am feeling the stress from this game. I just want to run other things than Ichi Gold speed (and don't get me started on clears, I effing hate them DX).

Our Anime Convention plans are being screwed over quite badly this year. The hotel we were staying at, decided to suddenly increase their prices without notification. Now, we're paying 70% more then we were before + we had people drop out on us. There is a HIGH chance we have to pause all our cosplay plans because of it since people now have to scrap up extra cash for it. I think I'm going to call a quits on cons soon.

Started Digimon MMO because of Shin. Tbh, there isn't anything that's addicting in it nor is the system that great :S I think I'm done with that, maybe hop on once in a while but yea, it's a so-so mmo. I got my Gabumon so I'm fulfilled!

Playing FF13 while I synthed on ch1 (thus my late responses). So far I'm enjoying it. Nothing extraordinary to note besides wanting to punch Hope in the face so being so negative. His mom is so pretty, though. Yea, I'll try to start Resonance of Fate tomorrow before I work the next day.

I think I need to find a new addiction... and to get out of this depression...

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  1. There ARE a lot of dramas doing on=P. If a certain person you thought was a "friend" than all of a sudden started to act like they don't know you, than it's their problem. Sometimes people lie just to look good in front of their peers~. Those types of people, it's best if you don't associate yourself with. Just my 2 cents setanorita:3