Monday, March 15, 2010

Synther Party Yah!

Seriously, I have Synthing in my head all the time now. I'm addicted to killing demons, I admit it. I murdered Christmas!! (though they were Yang's #xxxx Santa Frosts) As much as I hated the grind, It gave me something to do. So now, here is my half-finished Sera :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Only left is Minerology grind. Shoooottttt meeeee DX I'll never get to class 6 Synthesis. Also last night was interesting. Taa and himself came by and we had like a Synther convention for a while (Synther talk ftw!) XD It was fun, I hope to see you guys around sometimes. ^___^

Meet the Rambo booster (of semi-finished Kaiwan gears XD). Sera's still behind on Stats compared to Seta but his higher Synthesis class makes up for it. :3 and please don't ask why I didn't put my points into Int when I should of... LOL I went nub and shoved it into Luck for the heck of it. I ish a nub D: Now I just need to hire a duo to run Sera til he's 90...

So, tomorrow is God of War 3 release day for those who's been waiting so eagerly for it. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver was Sunday so I'm excited to pick up my copy when I get to work tomorrow. Ofc, If doesn't help that I barely started FFXIII, Digital Devil Saga 1 & Magna Carta 2, have Dragon Age: Origin, Tales of Vesperia & Ragnarok DS to finish, and have to start on Heavy Rain, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, and about 10-15 other old games I bought in the last year... And now I'm getting Resonance of Fate this week and Pokemon SoulSilver tomorrow. With Megaten sucking up my life, I don't think I'll ever finish these games LOL ............. orz Oh and I bought ap today. LOL There goes my no-ap resolution that lasted for about 2 week. Why was there a BOGO on Incense of Experience 3x when I needed it most?! orz

On another news: I got my VGA Adapter for my Ps3 to only find out that it doesn't work. CURSEEEES!!! There goes playing my White Knight Chronicles and Heavy Rain... Someone should get me a TV or TV/Monitor for Christmas o.o *hint**hint**nudge**nudge*

And Snippets of the week:
  • I got to help dopey make his Survivor series :D They're so colorful~~
  • Rira, Ayaki and Yang helped me the Qing-Long plug-in today. I can't wait to make him :3
  • I has Walnuts!!!
  • <33333333333333>
  • Lagfest on and off. Though Mar suggested I should crystallize it. o.o Lag Synthing is sure interesting at how many times I can fail at clicking.
  • Anura can rambo Jiko without incs~ as long as I has reflects DX
  • Clan Rambo has started recruiting :D Due to a lot of our older players quitting. (T-T) Leave an application in the thread if you want to join. We're currently under going changes, we'll be having monthly clan events (runs, spawns, strip dice!!) and also remove a lot of the alts. Going to look forward to some exciting changes.
  • Bought The Tipping Point: How Little Things can make a Big Difference from Amazon. I can't wait til it gets here :D I need to start prepping to go back to school so I hope I can finish this soon.
  • Since I've maxed out Weapon Knowledge after spending god-knows-how-many-hours in the Oberon room, I'm happy to announce that I'll never have to see that cursive (sp? lol) room ever again!!! DX ARGGGG!!!!
  • I need an Academy set. o.o or something that gives Int. B-b-but... Bless is too sexy tho DX;;;
  • My Cosplay Group may be postponed due to... MT eating up my life. LOL Why isn't there another seamstress in my group?!?!?! orz Maybe we can actually take our photoshoot at the Japanese park two cities away. XD
Alright my next resolution is to Synth all day while playing FF13. I wonder if that's even possible. XD See!!! I has synthing in my head 90% of the time. I think I'm an addict now... I'm also thinking of making a new alt... I just don't know what class or what I want to try out yet. We will see...

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