Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just found this on my LJ's friends page. And I'm disgusted at how Ohayocon treats their staff and fellow cosplayers and I don't even go to that con. I'm happy for my friends who are pulling out of the 2011 show because honestly, they deserve better and their great talents are better use else where.

MT: It's time to say Farewell by ~AyumiNemoto on deviantART

Ahahahahhaa like my 60% abyss set. SIXTY. I did 30% at the hotel. It was still in piece until late Saturday night of AN10. But once school starts, I can finally work on this more. I just need to find a jeweler to commission for all the metalic parts :x btw the Abyss coat is SMEXY.

/brings out old photo.
Smexy with a capital 'S' D:<

K now I got back to beating Persona 3 Portable and Miles Edgeworth. I'll never get around to Red Dead Redemption at this rate. D:

Also got to spend time with my cousin's the past Saturday. Korean BBQ was the best. *___* I think I ate a good 5 plates of sausage and 3 plates of beef, which isn't very much. Grilling your own food is so much fun! :D

btw, Sera now kicks ass! For a synther who I barely use :'D I doubt there is another synther who can go on par with Sera... yea you heard me D:< +goes elitest mode for randomness.


So any synther's want to go Korean BBQ now? D: I has a Nandi that can provide us tons of beef! T^T /bribes... for randomness

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Burn my Dread

So my current Games to play before September Ends are the following:
  • Persona 3 Portable PSP (SEXY!!)
  • Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 (Fake Bunnehs must Die!)
  • Mini Ninjas PS3 (the cuteness from the demo got me on this D: )
  • Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth DS (Almost... done....)
  • Monster Rander DS (My childhood *___*)
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DS
  • Final Fantasy XIII (I. will. finish. you!!!!)
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep JPN ver.
FML o.o And Y's Seven and Birth by Sleep US ver for PSP are coming out next month along with my Final Fantasy 14. Dear god, I've already given up 2-3 hours of sleep per night to play the above list + AFK on Megeten but to add 3 more games to my life, I might as well just pay someone to give me another pair of hands and eyes. Dx And there is another 30+ more games on my shelf waiting to be played almost all of which are JRPG meaning 40+ hrs per game. D:!

I also took a short break from Megaten. Came back and realized its NOT worth spending AP and selling stuff for macca as it used to be. D: People are asking less of what you paid in AP (which makes no sense whatsoever imo...) So I've just resorted to selling AP funcards now to make ingame money (cause I don't have time to farm for macca) and totally skip the dreadful "selling" aspect. I must admit, unless its an outfit I want from promo or Item Mall, I need to forget about FC/Raffle/Mystery Box. I've gotten along quite well with this method. :D S> Ap funcards pm me!

Also on another note: I got my iphone. I'm going to unlock it tomorrow so this will be exciting. The first thing I'm going to do is get myself the 1 day pass for data plan and download shit. Apps here I come!

Also I got the Microsoft points in the mail today. They were a free gift for attending a Microsoft Event a while ago (+ points to working at a game store) but I swear I got these like a month ago. I swear I did. D: But I can't seem to find proof of getting one previously. Am I going crazy now?

Now I go back to passing out in bed. Finally a day off Saturday. I'm so excited! I'm going to an all you can eat Korean BBQ to stress relieve. LOL /grills the hateful beef-shaped customers. sizzzzzzzllleeee!

I think I got weirder these last 6 weeks. T-T