Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My throat is dying DX It's been sore on and off these last week and a half due to me arguing with stupid customers (at least 7 people the last time I counted) who are irresponsible and expects ME to go through hundreds to a thousand receipts to find their effing receipt (as if the line up behind them is invisible). If the store was dead, it's not a problem, I'd do it out of the kindness. Of course, only if you remember when you bought it (time frame) or don't be lazy and go home and check your statement AND stop screaming at me the entire time. DX I wanted to personally throw the dude who wanted a gift card refunded out my store's window. We don't do gift card refund, its in the policy. DX <-- got called a liar and that I was wrong and disrespectful as a human being while I was being yelled at about this. orz

What is happening to mankind?! D: <--- never had such problems before in a short time span.

So yea I ish on Halls and hasn't been on Skype because of it. I'm sorry guys. kewkew...

On Megaten news, Sera is at 70pt with Minerology LOL 30 pt more til I get c0 r1! 8D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Lucky Today?

So I asked myself today, "Do I feel lucky today?" "DO I?!?!?!" And played the FC cause yes, I did feel lucky. The matter of fact, nearly getting hit twice while crossing the street (effing drivers and their cellphones) to get home, got to deal with an annoying Weed addict at work (god, I know Uncharted 2 is epic, you don't have to tell me 20 times an hour while I was alone at work DX) and I got Pop eyes Chicken (well popcorn shrimp hohoho). YES in fact, I did feel lucky. So I played the FC. LOL Yes, Ayu, what kind of reasoning is that?! *kicks self* So, look what I got on my second try today.

I'm going to ride it like a gay man >:D *chickened out* >.>;;

SOON, you'll see Seta riding it as I destroy all his man-prideness!! I'm such a yaoi fangirl DX Aya!! what has you done to meh!?!? D: *secretly loves it* And I got Shampoo his belated Birthday Present so I hope he likes it :3 Now I don't have to farm for that scorpion SS.... ^^;;;.... *lazy*

It's 4am.... I should be sleeping orz <-- has work

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I should not be watching a movie...

Guess who came and joined Rambo? It was Akuhei~~~ <333 My old Abyss Clanmate. We ended up doing a clan run at ichi gold and Aku being in her 30's learned to lure. On her third try, she learned to lure cleanly. XD I'm sooo proud of you~~ <3333333 You know, that means I'll kidnap you more right? O:

The 30day incense (1.2x from bad acts lol) wore off so I totally did not make my goal at all. I was hoping to get Seta to 93 before it wore off but I can't seem to find a steady s4king party. I need to know more melee~~~ We will see what happens. Only 50% more to go~ and then I can make my Beiji Weng crystal and my Flying Monkey demon~~ <33 I've been asking Shampoo to do duo runs with me so I can get more exp but with 10x inc and 9 runs per 30 minutes, I only get around 2% XD I get more with kings and my demon levels faster too :3 I can't wait til Arty is done. 3 more ranks with Sowilo and then she can move on~

I also got to spend my wonderful Valentine's day with my sweetheart Dopey <3 It was amusing since we went Oni-hunting. XD I'm like addicted too it, especially when they spawned right beside me and scared the bejeezes out of me. I froze in panic hoping that all of them didn't aggro us. Dopey saved me a couple of times ^^;; (<-- I ish useless)

During maintenance today I got to watch 10,000 BC. It was epic. I didn't know Caveman/Primitive Man can make armies, sale boats and that, on the other side of a mountain there was a desert! *sarcasm* Chocobo Raptor thing was cute and the Sabre Tooth Tiger, HOMG I laughed so hard; "Don't eat me if I free you, you got that?! Don't eat me." XD ahahahahahaha~ Silly main character (who's name I don't know XD)... I was talking to shampoo while I was watching this:

Ayumi: <-- watching 10000 bc o.o its pretty
Shampoo: nice nice o.o"
Ayumi: w00t dinos o.o
Shampoo: use agidyne D= go caveman go D=
Ayumi: AHAHAHA XD HOMG they're ostriches XD CHOCOBOS!!!
Shampoo: o.o"
Ayumi: HOMG AHAHAHAHA this is too funny XD
Shampoo: ? o.o
Ayumi: he set a sabre tooth tiger free and he's like "DONT EAT ME IF I SET YOU FREE" XD
Shampoo: lol
Ayumi: and thus. the caveman discovered. AGRICULTURE o.o
Shampoo: o.o" movie sounds intense D=
Ayumi: its hilarious XD but very well directed :3 caveman army o.o wtf shampoo I'm scared of cavemans now DX
Shampoo: they're not real
Ayumi: ........... but what about the sabre tooth tiger QQ
Shampoo: we killed those off long ago D=
Ayumi: butbutbut he made friends with the main character O: to appear for 5 second and was never seen again o.o
Ayumi: I think they should of given him more scene time o.o he had long teeth
Shampoo: watch hes getting his own spin off D=
Ayumi: lol XD

I just called them caveman, cause it was easier that way. Primitive Humans is really what they were. But it was a good movie, I liked it cause it was funny. Then again... my sense of humor doesn't make sense to anyone... >.>;; Actually I think shampoo might be the only one who can keep up with my doesn't-make-sense-randomness.... o.o <--- just re-read her post and is going "wtf I must of been on baileys again!" D:

And the next week and a half I won't be on too often and if I am, I'm sacrificing sleep again to play. Birthday plans and work are going to be hectic! I hope I'm not working on my bday again >.< I'm gong to be out of town this time D: *change of plans*

Friday, February 12, 2010


Taichou, I know your reading this. D: Don't lie! Stalker~~
I don't see you comment anywhere tho QQ
(Fyi: Taichou = my manager ^^;;)

So tired from work DX Did open-to-close today (10 hours shift +1.5 hour lunch LOL). It was fun so I didn't mind it too much. But I think I learned a lesson - Life throws unexpected things at you; don't sleep late when you have to open the next morning. I can't feel my limbs anymore DX

This post is mainly for Taichou. But umm... on a more Megaten related topic: My Lillith is sexy D: She can almost clear rooms with enhances!

k, now I go pass out in bed. x.x

Edit: I said I would say something random:

I haz yur nose taichou D:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet SeraPanthura

I ish a nub D:

Started my full synther alt. Let see where this takes me. XD He's going to be the "what Seta could never be" alt since I'm obsessed with crystalizing but pissed off at my low percentage. I don't want to Lethe my Class 5 Enhancement *huggles Reflects* DX

I don't think people realized my that this is my alt and not my main... YES I was too lazy to think of another name DX I'm sorry world....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Baby~

Enough Said <333
Now I go run happy circles like the loser that I am.
I wuv you so much dopey~ <333
Thank you for accepting me into your life.

And my game keeps disconnecting. T-T

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looking back - 1 year and 1.5 months ago!

So... I can't believe it. It's been THAT long since I started Megaten, which was back in Closed Beta in December. What's even more amazing is that I'm hooked and haven't lost interest in it yet. That's really a first for me in gaming. So I wanted to make a post to all the people that I gotta thank, who've quit or still playing. These people really changed the world of Megaten and my life for me. And they're in Alphabetical Order for organizational sake.

Abyss Clan - First active Clan I've joined that wasn't dead/inactive. Tbh, I joined cause their clan page was so pretty. XD I've learned so much from these guys cause I was so nub at the time. About ichi golds (heck, I was still grinding at Celu Silvers til mid-40s), modding weapons, tarotings and soulstonings (I had no idea what the heck those were orz), and what a clan should be like (not dead like my old clan that, for some reason I became a sub in there without my knowing o.o *left to join Abyss after becoming sub*). I owe much to you guys~~ I send my luffles to Kurakresh, Reiya, Omnius, Molletman, Hothit, Miles, Milward, dsdude, seversi, Hologram, Akuhei, MissMiyano, and whoever else I'm forgetting =__=;;

Ayaki - One the the most awesome people I've ever met. First met you at strip dice XD I had so much fun taking your clothes off even though I didn't know you at the time, I seriously thought you were a sexy beast (and I still do!). I thought I scared you because you didn't talk so much during the game and I was being truly evil (striping hot guy, why not? D: ). Who would of thought you've become one of my best friends. You always brighten my days and was always there when I needed someone. Our trio time was the funniest times we had. I'm glad we peer pressured you into Skype

Bizi - I didn't know you personally but watching Bizi try to teach another DD on how to clear rooms fast really changed the way I ran ichi golds and how I viewed it. I wasn't just get a random party together and run, it was about teamwork and looking out for each other. I could never forget the run with Bizi and Wrymzael, it was so inspiring.

Dope - Dopeeeyyy~~ The nicest and strongest person I've ever met and such a sweety pie. You've always been there to listen to my rants, problems and gave support ^^ You're probably the hardest working person I know, never gives up and always trying your best (in-game and in real life). Even after hitting 93 (congratz again and thank you for taking me when you hit cap level <3)

Engaged Clan (disbanded) - Everyone who was in Engaged. They truly showed me a new meaning to online community. The closeness, tightness and sharing of happy and sad times. They were like family to me for those months. I learned to do Ichi Golds, had practise, got to study off of other players (I was watching you taa... *stalks* o.o), and learned the wonders of... mass screenshotting. XD I think my screenshot doubled since then. Alot of my growth as an Enhancer came from these guys, who was patient and was willing to teach me alot of things. Even though I got the party killed many times early in the days, I'm glad you guys had faith in me where I totally didn't. Bigs shouts to: Moni/Devastator, Iris/ILLuZiOn, Haska, Llongy, Dmyx, Kilypse, Constantine, Taa/ChalicedeVie`, Aphaia, and bunch of crazy others that I can't remember the names of atm... *fails*

Exedus/Kurumu - Yay~ getting you on skype was the best thing ever. XD You had the best and cutest accent ever! You were so nice and friendly so I hope we can get to talk more often ^^ You'll be able rambo one day just keep working hard.

Hologram - My first love on Megaten. He was the sweetest thing I ever met in my early times of gaming. We pretty much did everything together and spent alot of time with each other. Unfortunately its been months since I've last saw him due to family issues. >.<

Impackto -
your in this impy LOL Taught me how to duo rambo. Scared the bejeezes out of my the first time we went but I'm glad you were patient with me and taught me how to do it. Ever since then, I got addicted to Ramboing. Yes... it was your fault impy <333 style="font-weight: bold;">

- DECA-KITE!!!!! I was so 'Kishy-obsessed' when I first met you. You were such a fun guy and very random too XD I loved talking to you cause everything we talked about is was so funny XD And yes, Shampoo = Patrick <3 style="font-weight: bold;">

Kururo - Kuru~~~ :3 I think I met you in runs, I don't quite remember. lol But its always been fun talking you ^^ I keep randomly bumping into you in babel and I think I always seen you with your Pallas Athena XD

Lain86/SynthLain - I've known you for a while. I wouldn't know how to repay you for all the help you've given me, no matter how small it was, you really went out of your way to help me. I'm so grateful to that. ^^ You help so many others and shared your kindness to both new and old players and I hope you continue doing so. :)

Marilyn - YOU PERRA!!! SHARE YOUR HOES WITH MEEEEEEE!!! D: Your such an awesome person though I rarely talk to you (we need to change that). I'm glad you allowed Rambo to be sister clans with Writhe, its been so much more fun with your guys around and doing shady business behind our clannies back. psssttt... where's my puppy ride?

MizuNatsuki - As much as we pick on you, we seriously love you. You're probably the cutest person and personality I've ever seen. Makes me want to squish you with hugs all day. *__* Actually I have a confession to make to you. T-T When I first met you during Stripe Dice, I honestly thought you were really weird DX But at the end I'm glad we got to know each cause I was so wrong with my first impression.

Nuni - We had an interesting way of meeting I should say through Hologram, but I'm glad we did. Your the biggest Perra I've ever met <3 style="text-align: center;">

Rambo Clan -
Its been two months since Rambo has been made. Still very small. 50 members with majority as alt (heck, we each own about 3 alts so maybe about 15 of us are real people XD) But the time we've spent have always been awesome. It's nice to see the Clan chat being active since we used to just Skype everything or everyone is doing their own thing. So far its been drama-free and it'll probably stay that way in months to come since our clan is invite-only (not open-invite). Now for that clan photos... I'm such a lazy Clan Leader... I'll get to it. =___=;; But just know, that I'm proud of every one of you! As Ayaki once said, Rambo is our home. <3

Regeacy - When you first joined the clan I thought either we scared you off with our craziness or you were naturally a very quiet person. But alas, I was wrong. Whheeeeee!!! Regy is such a fun person, I miss you guys!!

Rira - You're like, the most amazing Jailbait I've ever ran across. Get Yang thrown into jail already okay?

ShampooHomicide - I originally met you through trade list for the PachiPachiou. You were definitely the most shadiest person I have ever met and having to find people confirm it seriously made me wonder in the beginning if you were even sane. o.o Offering candies to poor children like Suzu; running circles around random people who ended up being Rira; you did something to Aimmi... and.. and.. and ... I don't remember what other shady things you've done but it must be alot! I'm glad I peer pressured you to Skype with me and join Engaged. Otherwise we wouldn't have been so close, you're like my best friend. Iris giving you your 5 second of sub-master fame was the best XD (before she took it away from you). But seriously speaking, your probably one of the sweetest person I've ever met and hilarious too. Thank you for being there and cheering me up when I was down. I think I gained so much randomness from being around you but that's okay, my life will never be boring with you around. <333

ShinHitotsura/Elazul` - *glomps you* sooooooo cuuuuttteeeee!! *squishy hugs you* It's always been fun talking to you and I'm sorry I die off in conversations. I'll work harder in upholding a convo next time and I'll try not to get distracted 15 times a minute DX We first met at stripe dice with you and your bro Raid0uKuzunoha :D Oh man, those were fun times ^^

Suzumebachi7 - Actually, I first met you at Kurakresh and Akuhei's wedding. We never talked much so I didn't know that you were such a cool person. Especially when your high and random on skype XD It's never boring when your in the call with us.

Writhe Clan (Sister Clan) - The Perras are everywhere DX Not one day do I go by without seeing one of you guy run around. But its okay, I traded Shampoo for a puppy ride + 3 Perras right? The spawning event was awesome, especially when we all hid Nuni under people and chased Marilyn around the map.

Vishiniac - Friendly, Kind, helpful, and sweet. I believe we met through tradelist and started talking about Enhancements (correct me if my memory has failed me) but with the whole Abyss Set search, I have so much to thank you for. My dreams are fulfilled thanks to you. I have no idea how to repay you so if you ever need anything just ask ^^

- Where did I meet you? I know I started talking to you after you joined Rambo. I've seen you around and maybe gone on runs with you (I think)? But after Skyping with you, not only are a genius Rubriks Cube kid, but your soooooo cute. The type where a granny would pinch their grand kids cheeks til they turn pink! *pinches your cheeks* o.o Though I know we make fun of you, I hope you know we're only joking. Maybe I should squish hug you and Mizu and the same time. I love cute personality types. I hope we can make more memories together!

I know I have a lot of people but seriously this post took me 3 days to write LOL *fails* So big shouts to: Raid0uKuzunoha/Alastor`, Haburi (HabuHabu <3), Tofufa, SukiRe, Shockwave, shuten, Kyjik (cheese...), IchigoMilk, Remu, Wrymzael, Cokbun, AkaiNeko, Elh, darkmagican666 (come back D: ), Ixie`, Eberks, Lizell and whoever I'm probably forgetting. I wuv you all~ <3

So in the end I chose Blogspot as my blogger, mainly because I already have a blog account just about everywhere else but here (scary huh, o.o?), It's much better established (sexier layouts), and I didn't want to log off any of the current accounts just so I can relog in my Megaten-ranter account because I'm lazy. Harhar, I'm such a lazy person DX I was originally ranting about Megaten in Livejournal but I think everyone is sick of it since no one but me plays it. And Blogspot has some sweet features. o.o Like I can run multiple blogs under one account. Why can't Livejournal do that? DX

Alright, It's 3:00 am here, It's time for me to sleep. DX

EDIT - 02/06 - added a few more people hehe...