Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My throat is dying DX It's been sore on and off these last week and a half due to me arguing with stupid customers (at least 7 people the last time I counted) who are irresponsible and expects ME to go through hundreds to a thousand receipts to find their effing receipt (as if the line up behind them is invisible). If the store was dead, it's not a problem, I'd do it out of the kindness. Of course, only if you remember when you bought it (time frame) or don't be lazy and go home and check your statement AND stop screaming at me the entire time. DX I wanted to personally throw the dude who wanted a gift card refunded out my store's window. We don't do gift card refund, its in the policy. DX <-- got called a liar and that I was wrong and disrespectful as a human being while I was being yelled at about this. orz

What is happening to mankind?! D: <--- never had such problems before in a short time span.

So yea I ish on Halls and hasn't been on Skype because of it. I'm sorry guys. kewkew...

On Megaten news, Sera is at 70pt with Minerology LOL 30 pt more til I get c0 r1! 8D

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