Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I should not be watching a movie...

Guess who came and joined Rambo? It was Akuhei~~~ <333 My old Abyss Clanmate. We ended up doing a clan run at ichi gold and Aku being in her 30's learned to lure. On her third try, she learned to lure cleanly. XD I'm sooo proud of you~~ <3333333 You know, that means I'll kidnap you more right? O:

The 30day incense (1.2x from bad acts lol) wore off so I totally did not make my goal at all. I was hoping to get Seta to 93 before it wore off but I can't seem to find a steady s4king party. I need to know more melee~~~ We will see what happens. Only 50% more to go~ and then I can make my Beiji Weng crystal and my Flying Monkey demon~~ <33 I've been asking Shampoo to do duo runs with me so I can get more exp but with 10x inc and 9 runs per 30 minutes, I only get around 2% XD I get more with kings and my demon levels faster too :3 I can't wait til Arty is done. 3 more ranks with Sowilo and then she can move on~

I also got to spend my wonderful Valentine's day with my sweetheart Dopey <3 It was amusing since we went Oni-hunting. XD I'm like addicted too it, especially when they spawned right beside me and scared the bejeezes out of me. I froze in panic hoping that all of them didn't aggro us. Dopey saved me a couple of times ^^;; (<-- I ish useless)

During maintenance today I got to watch 10,000 BC. It was epic. I didn't know Caveman/Primitive Man can make armies, sale boats and that, on the other side of a mountain there was a desert! *sarcasm* Chocobo Raptor thing was cute and the Sabre Tooth Tiger, HOMG I laughed so hard; "Don't eat me if I free you, you got that?! Don't eat me." XD ahahahahahaha~ Silly main character (who's name I don't know XD)... I was talking to shampoo while I was watching this:

Ayumi: <-- watching 10000 bc o.o its pretty
Shampoo: nice nice o.o"
Ayumi: w00t dinos o.o
Shampoo: use agidyne D= go caveman go D=
Ayumi: AHAHAHA XD HOMG they're ostriches XD CHOCOBOS!!!
Shampoo: o.o"
Ayumi: HOMG AHAHAHAHA this is too funny XD
Shampoo: ? o.o
Ayumi: he set a sabre tooth tiger free and he's like "DONT EAT ME IF I SET YOU FREE" XD
Shampoo: lol
Ayumi: and thus. the caveman discovered. AGRICULTURE o.o
Shampoo: o.o" movie sounds intense D=
Ayumi: its hilarious XD but very well directed :3 caveman army o.o wtf shampoo I'm scared of cavemans now DX
Shampoo: they're not real
Ayumi: ........... but what about the sabre tooth tiger QQ
Shampoo: we killed those off long ago D=
Ayumi: butbutbut he made friends with the main character O: to appear for 5 second and was never seen again o.o
Ayumi: I think they should of given him more scene time o.o he had long teeth
Shampoo: watch hes getting his own spin off D=
Ayumi: lol XD

I just called them caveman, cause it was easier that way. Primitive Humans is really what they were. But it was a good movie, I liked it cause it was funny. Then again... my sense of humor doesn't make sense to anyone... >.>;; Actually I think shampoo might be the only one who can keep up with my doesn't-make-sense-randomness.... o.o <--- just re-read her post and is going "wtf I must of been on baileys again!" D:

And the next week and a half I won't be on too often and if I am, I'm sacrificing sleep again to play. Birthday plans and work are going to be hectic! I hope I'm not working on my bday again >.< I'm gong to be out of town this time D: *change of plans*

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