Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Fantasy 14.. thus so far...

FF14 is pure lag fest for me atm. I've had quite a few software difficulty in order to get this game to run. And when it finally did ran, I fell in love with it immediately. Of course with each event/scene and instance starts up, it takes roughly 5-15 minutes to load. My movement and combat lag got worse and worse. To the point where I had to shut my client down, restart computer and try again. Sometimes I think it makes Megaten look like genius at this point. TBH I think its my internet cause we know how bad mine is. But at the same time, many people seem to have the same issue, so I don't know anymore. Aion still runs decently on my computer. The only thing that gets to me is that the requirements for FF14 is ridiculously high, either that, or I'm just really out of touch for pc gaming.

The payment really got me confuse. One of the options won't let me register saying that my address does not exist *rejected* and the other options is just too confusing. :S

And I ish sick *sniffles*

Overall, aside from my 9 hours of getting this game to work and 3 hours of LAG fest to really play about 30 minutes of it, I do enjoy the battle system. The character creation is garbage compared to Aion, but non-auto-attack is quite a change but you really do need a no-lag situation. The naming was smart, you know get to choose first and last names so the people don't have to fight with names. I'm going to try again later when peak hour is dead. But I might not be on MT for long periods of time for the week (or two) cause I'll be playing this! xD

Now to figure out how to register for a second character... *wants cat girl*

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Extazy, Darling

This is why you don't feed TV into Ayu's life. Dx

When I first saw him on stage with all Top 10 finalist, I was like "who in the world is that wacko back there?!" So I watched the Final for the battle of Top 4 (w00t youtuube! /ish back home now) and just... o.o WOW. Forget Fighting Gravity, Forget Jackie Evancho, forget everything I just saw. This guy was Amazing. Great Performance. Powerful Voice. I LOVE HIS PERSONALITY. I really hope he wins. Btw, Top 4 ended up being most of my favorites: Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity and Micheal Grimm.

^ Yea I thought exactly that too judges o.o Exactly that...

He really is a completely different person in costume.

Back to Realty- err.. I mean Megaten:
My Mage is BACK ON DD W00000000000000000t More suicide runs for me :D <--- serious enjoys dying for no reason. Doesn't help that I've currently made a retal rush DD... guess which skill I'll be spamming?!?! :DDDDDDDDD ThunderBolt, RagleFragle and I are going to have a giant Deep Ichi orgy this week. :D I get to kill MORE ASSASSIN!! I'm like retardedly excited about it.

Clan Extaxy. Seriously stays true to the name. Friggin Addicting. I remember coming into this clan thinking I'll only know Dope, then I found out Richy and Mallard was in it, so I joined. I didn't feel "right" with most clans I was in after Engaged broke apart and I didn't expect it from Extazy either. But after joining, and with my limited amounts of time that I am actually online. These guys rock. They put up with my Yaoi jokes/fantasies and we support one another all the time (thanks for putting up with my N00b SI and CD questions Kyou <3). I've learned a lot from them about the game and I hope I can continue to do so. :3 Extazy <3333

And cause I found this randomly while cleaning up my screenshot folder:

Seriously, you guys keep fueling my Yaoi fantasies when I don't even intend it to! xD <3

I'm getting a new internet line that is coming into this area in October 8D Cause I lag like a beast.

Not that kind of beast D:< I know your thinking it HabuHabu! /hunts down <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Opera! Glow in the Dark! Metro QQs!

So life's been pretty exciting given that I'm no longer in front of the computer 24/7 like I was two months ago. No more sleeping between NMs (aka. waking up every 6 hours only for runs for days on end). I went to my mommy's house this week cause I'm too cheap to pay for bus to go to work so I'm just bumming a ride from my mommy :D *poor university student* And I got to watch this thing called TV. I haven't seen stared at this talking box for years D: *lives with no TV/cable* And I watched this really cool show called America's got Talent.

Jackie Evancho. She was like "wow... damn o.o". I wish I could go watch that live. D:

Fighting Gravity. I really like their style. While I watched this last night I was like "I want these guys for my next Birthday Party!" I'm so weird T-T *likes shiny things*

There was an amazing Piano player, a guy who performed despite his injuries on his bike, the magician that made his assistance dissappear and replaced the magician and the couple that dance and hung in the sky where the girl picked up the guy and there was NO safety harness. I was so fearful for their life. D: Boy, I miss TV. Too bad I've been giving all my attention to my iphone. AHAHHAHAHHAAHA /fails life.

TAICHOU IM GOING TO EAT YOUR BRAINS LIKE PLANTS VS ZOMBIE!! I want to be that Elvis Presley Zombie, he's too funny. XD

Tuesday I got my school confirmed. Guess who's back in school next year :D I might be able to make it through and get my stupid degree only to go learn IT stuff later. So it was a fast process except the fact that the TTC made this new Post Secondary pass program for College and University with one problem. The line was so lone I couldn't even see the back of it and that pass a block :'D So my new friend and I... we gave up and left. LOL Yea we weren't ready to stand in line and burn in 30+C degree weather for a pass. D: I'll go back another day.

I finally achieved insta-cast in MT. LOL Took me long enough. Effing Sera is still in the middle of SIing to achieve maxmium results for synthing (yet I'm not public synthing LOL) and I've spent over 80mil worth of macca and ap for his upgrade and I'm still not done. orz|||

Uhhh... I'm getting distracted. *stares at TV* Sushi tomorrow treated by Office boss and BBQ on Friday by the company. So much fun on my last days of my contract. Definitely going to miss it.

Before I go, ITS 21 DAYS TIL FF14 CE RELEASE!!!!! I'm going to be waiting in front of the door just for you Taichou :D So u better sell me my copy! <3