Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Extazy, Darling

This is why you don't feed TV into Ayu's life. Dx

When I first saw him on stage with all Top 10 finalist, I was like "who in the world is that wacko back there?!" So I watched the Final for the battle of Top 4 (w00t youtuube! /ish back home now) and just... o.o WOW. Forget Fighting Gravity, Forget Jackie Evancho, forget everything I just saw. This guy was Amazing. Great Performance. Powerful Voice. I LOVE HIS PERSONALITY. I really hope he wins. Btw, Top 4 ended up being most of my favorites: Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity and Micheal Grimm.

^ Yea I thought exactly that too judges o.o Exactly that...

He really is a completely different person in costume.

Back to Realty- err.. I mean Megaten:
My Mage is BACK ON DD W00000000000000000t More suicide runs for me :D <--- serious enjoys dying for no reason. Doesn't help that I've currently made a retal rush DD... guess which skill I'll be spamming?!?! :DDDDDDDDD ThunderBolt, RagleFragle and I are going to have a giant Deep Ichi orgy this week. :D I get to kill MORE ASSASSIN!! I'm like retardedly excited about it.

Clan Extaxy. Seriously stays true to the name. Friggin Addicting. I remember coming into this clan thinking I'll only know Dope, then I found out Richy and Mallard was in it, so I joined. I didn't feel "right" with most clans I was in after Engaged broke apart and I didn't expect it from Extazy either. But after joining, and with my limited amounts of time that I am actually online. These guys rock. They put up with my Yaoi jokes/fantasies and we support one another all the time (thanks for putting up with my N00b SI and CD questions Kyou <3). I've learned a lot from them about the game and I hope I can continue to do so. :3 Extazy <3333

And cause I found this randomly while cleaning up my screenshot folder:

Seriously, you guys keep fueling my Yaoi fantasies when I don't even intend it to! xD <3

I'm getting a new internet line that is coming into this area in October 8D Cause I lag like a beast.

Not that kind of beast D:< I know your thinking it HabuHabu! /hunts down <3

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