Thursday, December 27, 2012

Made a new characters for lawlz while I attempt to find the remainder of my shock melee items. DX Lv 25 with a rank 7 Hagalaz Odin was able to solo ichi gold. Minus my 13 death, it was quite a lol moment. Probably won't do that again until I finish my Odin. 

Been playing Reign of Dragons on iphone. Finally got to join the guild I wanted which contains all the best players in the game. Guild vs Guild event next time so I'm looking forward to it. Hope we win top 3.

Lesson of the month: If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it. Words hurt more than being stabbed with a sword. Just how I've been feeling lately about certain people =/ Going to continue staying in the shadows for me and stay silent. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm finally off for the holidays. For once I am not working this holiday yet I feel anything but relax LOL. I think I might quit MMOs for a while, Digimon's grind bored the crap out of me, Guild Wars just got repetitive (And gawd, there are awful players... and I was awful enough!), and also went back to Megaten for the last two weeks. Yea definitely don't miss the QQer's and drama. Once I'm done upgrade my melee I think I'll leave it alone again, was thinking of coming back but blah, community has proved me wrong. Extazy is also very different, I personally feel its for the worse so I rarely stay for long. I really miss the old days like everyone else. Life? Don't got one. D: Been stupidly busy at work and at home. It's like they expect me to help them off hours just because I am IT. Are you kidding me?! You be nice and people take advantage of you. Such a sad world we live. T^T I had decided to buy a DSLR since I've been interested in photography since High School so now that I can afford one, I got one on Black Friday. So many beautiful things in this world waiting to be captured, especially my cat! Ahahahha, just kidding. My Kitten, well she's still adorable as ever but still a brat. I feel like I'm taking care of a 5 years most of the time. xD That hyper thing. But we all love her. I've also updated my synth site after a gruesome one year of no time. Definitely coming back in game to get the Pope set, SI it, check Synth %, kill something and then log off for Sera to never see daylight again. I love synthing, unfortunate;y I dislike the current community so very, very much. Just and update post. :) I'm still alive and kicking. Happy end of the world day 3. Ahahahaha!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue buffalo is better than Iams. Period.

So it's 5am and I've beenup since 3am because my damn body doesn't want to sleep. So I went to and just facepalmed for the last two hours. If you been feeding you cats garbage food all it's life, like Iams, Science Diet, fancy Feast,etc. And switch to a grain-free and by-product free food, the transition will take a while - Like several months to a year. All of those issues, diarrhea and vomiting is caused by bad transition, and your garbage food from the past. Think of it this way, if you've been eat junk food all your life and switching to bland home cooked meal, of course you'll be sick! It takes a year or two+ for humans to get used to the healthier change and so do cats. I've had cats all my life and my mother too, so finally changing to better quality (or I call it 'real food' since cats are naturally carnivorous) shows in Kiki's eyes, coat and activity. So the next time you or someone you know is making the better choice please be educated first! Vets won't tell you this because they make money from the food they sell at the clinic. And no offense, Science Diet isn't even real cat food. So just be weary. And dear god, pet insurance please! They are like people, health issues cannot be 100% healthy and risk-free with living thing.

And speaking of Vet, we finally found one that is more practical and was not after our wallets. He took the time to bond with our kitten and everyone in the clinic owns special and domestic cat breeds so they were highly educated. Laser surgery option for less painful surgery and very very small shelf of crap food plus they offering boarding. The other vets were quite the opposite, large shelf of science diet, no overnight after surgery stay and had their certificates plaster everywhere to cover up their uncaring nature. Luckily Kiki bit him during his rough examination and slow injection.

That's my morning rant, I'm going to be a zombie at work today Dx Frig I better not turn insomniac ;A;

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm Alive!

Err...somewhat alive, considering that I got a full time job the day after I finished school. Fun stuff! *falls over from exhaustion* So besides illness depleting my soul, I have been good. Got addicted to Diablo 3 for two months before all the patches just killed it for me.

So I went back to Digimon Masters and continue to hoard 5/5 digimons xD ahahaha. Guilmon and Dorumon are still my favorite *-* My Betamon (for the Kudamon top 10 contest) is currently 2nd on Leviamon Server for size. As long as I stay top 5 I can get my Kudamon that I have been after *-* And my last post of dream digimon is totally fulfilled. Now my new goal is BM and Kudamon. I heard Dracmon was released in KDMO so I'm looking forward when we get him in EDMO.

I'm officially part of the 99% of good players who have quit Megaten. So sad. I do go on it every blue moon and use it as a 5GB MSN. :/ Just because I have a hard time getting a hold of some people Dx

So everyone knows I'm dating Haburi from Megaten right? We finally got to meet in real life for the first time (After two years) and it was love at first sight all over again. He is the most magnificent person I have ever met and humorous too. I just can't believe we haven't met sooner.

So I'll leave off with cuteness that will kill you all (as I already been killed every second of my life now). Meet Kiki. She is a pure (4 generation of) Scottish Fold. She was given to me by my mom as a graduation present in June. Thanks mom! I love her. She may be cute but don't be fooled! She can be a little runt. xD

She has huge eyes, small nose and mouth. Kinda reminds me of anime characters with their gigantic eyes.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Ryuudamon, Ayu wants you!!! D:
Your not seeing me for a while =A= *farming nerd* February 7th, COME FASTER~~~~

I'm trying to collect all the Dragon Digimon just cause I can. I finally got ultimate forms on my Agumon 4/5 and Patamon 5/5. MagnaAngemon is FUCKING HUGE in Ultimate. Dx I am considering to redo my Agumon (and all my other digis) to 5/5. I LIKE BIG THINGS 8D Still farming for a 5/5 Dracomon (blue) but knowing me, watch me fail and get a Green 5/5 D8

Dream Digimon:
5/5 Dracomon (Blue)
5/5 Ryuudamon
5/5 Agumon
5/5 Gabumon
5/5 Keramon

Salamon's head is big even for a 4/5. owo
K back to Digis and Daispora obsession 8D
First 6.4 Synth Fuck yea!!! <333333333

Monday, January 30, 2012

End of the Internet

Oh yea, I do believe that because not only are we fighting Internationally about ACTA now Canadians are presented with the issue of Bill C-11 (previously Bill C-32).

Take a look at: This This, This, and This.
If you don't know what this is, nor do not care. Well I suggest you to START CARING and start PROTESTING. Because the biggest issue is that everything you know about the internet will literally be altered and wiped off the face of the planet. If you are caught downloading or file sharing a song to a friend, your internet will be cut off and on worst case scenerio you may either find yourself with a fine or worse, be thrown in jail. Oh, sorry you didn't know? You'd think your Prime Minister/President gives a fuck? Nope. Sorry, you're out of luck.

Bill C-11 will not allow you rip music from a CD you bought to be put into your iphone. That will be illegal. You won't be allow to make a digital duplicate of your ebook. That's illegal too. But wait? You'd pay money for them. That's not what C-11 is saying.

I'm already trying to imagine a world without Anime, Manga, Fansite, Images, Music, Sharing, Dropbox (AKA. So where are my group projects to be shared now? =_=?), Inspiration, and anything foreign. No offensive, for one thing, Japan can forget about spreading the Anime/Manga industry here. Tokyopop's gone and so will fansubbers/translators. The American Entertainment Industry will be happy with their 28% increase in profit margins (according to France's censor bill) and Government will be loving the hundreds of fines they will be getting. Everyone wins but consumers. I understand the important of copyright, I understand that it is necessary but to put in a digital lock is possibly one of the DUMBEST idea around. It's like saying "Hey, that hammer killed someone, we need to ban all the hammers in the country!"

There are other solutions, offering a cheap and easy access to things; Crunchy roll, Netflix, Zune, Origin, Steam, etc. are one of the best examples of where digital and copyrights should be going. Cheap, easy to use, safe and hassle-free vs. Illegal, 3 days worth of cracking, possibility of virus and spyware, and free. The PROs outweighs the CONS, yet Entertainment industry QQs just because they can't keep up with the times. And here I thought Megaten had enough QQers.

I will be following this to heart when Q1 starts (Although this is mainly for ACTA):

I will not purchase any video game, movies, music or anything related to the entertainment industry. I will not support the censorship that reduces one's freedom. I will not agree to Hollywood's pressure. I do not support the threat of having my internet cut off or be fine or be thrown in jail just for a 13MB download. I will not support the idea that educational fair use no longer applies. Finally, I do not support the fact that my Anime/Manga will be taken away and, worst, loose it's future in North America. Otherwise, I DO support the ideal that copyright must be protected but in a non-mass public punishment.

Can't do that? No problem. BUY USE. Only the company that is reselling will profit. The company that is making them will not. I suggest trying to avoid big companies like Wal-Mart, Target, Bay, etc. Support the small companies or independent studios so they take minimal damage to this.

Apparently 21/27 countries have agreed to ACTA. Protests are being ignored. This was all done secretly behind our backs. Hackers are working FOR the people (there goes out perception that hackers are bad people LOL). What's next? MUDKIP INVASION?! (Yea Muddy I'm looking at you owo).

OHIP is being changed around. TTC's future plan of extension was changed because our retarded Mayor believes people want subways more than streetcars (maybe you do, but some of us LIKE our street cars). Oh and on top of all that, NONE of these decisions were made to the RIGHT audience. All to business man who are money hungry. It's just like Megaten, the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer.

Remember the protests of 4 BILLION people do not outweigh the 1,000 congress/government workers. Why? Because who ever told you that the government works for the "good of the people" must have made a wrong turn down LIMBO. It's all about the money folks, never about the general public.

Democracy, my ass. :<

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6.3 Synth

Might be the first on server, who knows. Look at my coming-to-be sexiness.

I don't think I'll go for Metatron, I don't even have a 97 character LMAO xD 200 more Masakadus to go! ADD OIL AYU!

As promised: CUTEY DRACOMON >3< I wish he was 5/5 and not 3/5 but once Coredramon is implemented I can farm for a 5/5.

PS: Ayu's no troll, synthing is SRS BUSINESS.

EDIT - Cool, I think I got into the fastest Diaspora run as of today (18minute run). Sweet. Also, it seems I might be the only one on server who has even claimed the reward with Masakadus (let alone the only synther with 6.3+). Sweet, I feel accomplished in this game that I have been AFKing for the last 6 months xD.

EDIT2: Well it's official, I was drunk on something what I wrote this post. D: How embarrassing. *loser*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New end of the world Year!

And my first post will be... me procrastinating on my homework. :'D B>Motivation
... and wishing that the digital world from Digimon was real so I can do work at a pace where in the human world it'll be 3 minutes while it's been like 2 weeks in the Digital World while squeezing and snuggling my/a Dracomon. OH HOW I LOVE TO DREAM! *headdesk*

Normally I would write a Thank you for a great year post but I'm getting too lazy/busy for that. So for a short version;
Thank you guys for a great year! If you're written here that means I hold a happy memory of you even if it's just a chat here or there. I'm just weird like that. Lots for thanks to: Haburi (my looooovvveeee *hearts*), Richy (your bitch-ass that I've know for two years now), Uni (she's MY daughter D:< ), Yang (current status: MIA), Viraxe (Your full of awesome), Loch, Tristia, Onkot, Kouhei (so much lawl), Zetor, Kyou (I seriously need to stalk you more :( ), Kurakresh (homg what an old name xD), Reiya, and uhhh the raging squirrel in the corner over there...? God I don't play MT as much as I used to. I'm just usually spin AFK 99% of the time while playing something else. Lately I went back (I still blame you uni D: ), and went back to AFKing and vanity playing. I don't even do runs anymore cause it's boring. Daispora is a nice change though. Since it's like Rifting in RIFT but with more coorperation. Yay to instances. I look forward to what the end of the world is like the new year will bring! :)

So what have I've been up to? The jist of it:
1. Procrastinating homework by playing: Skyrim, Fable 3, Digimon MMO (DMO), Megaten, and RIFT
2. Work (dying... oh.. the dead bodies Dx) If a cat had 9 lives, I think I have about 100. 1 death for each time I work in that crazy retail located in one of the busiest malls in Ontario.
3. Sleeping/Fatigue - I hate my health. orz||||
4. Secretly hiding out. *puts on ninja mask*

That sums up my life in the last month and a half. :'D OH CRUD, I'm at school typing this *facepalms* NUUUUU I wanted to show you all my ADORABLE DRACOMON. Dx He's the new Arty for me. I love him to death and thinking of commissioning a professional to make a plush of him. I got lucky and got a TON of blue dracomon eggs but I am trying to farm some more so I can get a 5/5 Dracomon (blue) *-* Weirdly enough, I've only gotten green version once. I've been lucky enough to be spammed by blue version (since it's most wanted on the servers). I was able to get an Evolutioner too which I heard was EXTREMELY rare to get. :D Lucky me~ Trying to give birth to a 5/5 digimon is the same as trying to mod blunt 4 and 5 without cab pro2x and mat sequences. %$^@^^#%@$% B> Dracomon 5/5

I also have a confession to make in the new year. I've been killing innocent animals in Skyrim. D: I'm such a horrible person but their like running leather sources, how can I NOT kill them? D: *cruel person*

I'm... bored... need something to procrastinate... *look around for something to fiddle with* T> this piece of junk for a real laptop. Dx

Next post will be full of Digimon... FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^-^)V