Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm finally off for the holidays. For once I am not working this holiday yet I feel anything but relax LOL. I think I might quit MMOs for a while, Digimon's grind bored the crap out of me, Guild Wars just got repetitive (And gawd, there are awful players... and I was awful enough!), and also went back to Megaten for the last two weeks. Yea definitely don't miss the QQer's and drama. Once I'm done upgrade my melee I think I'll leave it alone again, was thinking of coming back but blah, community has proved me wrong. Extazy is also very different, I personally feel its for the worse so I rarely stay for long. I really miss the old days like everyone else. Life? Don't got one. D: Been stupidly busy at work and at home. It's like they expect me to help them off hours just because I am IT. Are you kidding me?! You be nice and people take advantage of you. Such a sad world we live. T^T I had decided to buy a DSLR since I've been interested in photography since High School so now that I can afford one, I got one on Black Friday. So many beautiful things in this world waiting to be captured, especially my cat! Ahahahha, just kidding. My Kitten, well she's still adorable as ever but still a brat. I feel like I'm taking care of a 5 years most of the time. xD That hyper thing. But we all love her. I've also updated my synth site after a gruesome one year of no time. Definitely coming back in game to get the Pope set, SI it, check Synth %, kill something and then log off for Sera to never see daylight again. I love synthing, unfortunate;y I dislike the current community so very, very much. Just and update post. :) I'm still alive and kicking. Happy end of the world day 3. Ahahahaha!

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