Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue buffalo is better than Iams. Period.

So it's 5am and I've beenup since 3am because my damn body doesn't want to sleep. So I went to and just facepalmed for the last two hours. If you been feeding you cats garbage food all it's life, like Iams, Science Diet, fancy Feast,etc. And switch to a grain-free and by-product free food, the transition will take a while - Like several months to a year. All of those issues, diarrhea and vomiting is caused by bad transition, and your garbage food from the past. Think of it this way, if you've been eat junk food all your life and switching to bland home cooked meal, of course you'll be sick! It takes a year or two+ for humans to get used to the healthier change and so do cats. I've had cats all my life and my mother too, so finally changing to better quality (or I call it 'real food' since cats are naturally carnivorous) shows in Kiki's eyes, coat and activity. So the next time you or someone you know is making the better choice please be educated first! Vets won't tell you this because they make money from the food they sell at the clinic. And no offense, Science Diet isn't even real cat food. So just be weary. And dear god, pet insurance please! They are like people, health issues cannot be 100% healthy and risk-free with living thing.

And speaking of Vet, we finally found one that is more practical and was not after our wallets. He took the time to bond with our kitten and everyone in the clinic owns special and domestic cat breeds so they were highly educated. Laser surgery option for less painful surgery and very very small shelf of crap food plus they offering boarding. The other vets were quite the opposite, large shelf of science diet, no overnight after surgery stay and had their certificates plaster everywhere to cover up their uncaring nature. Luckily Kiki bit him during his rough examination and slow injection.

That's my morning rant, I'm going to be a zombie at work today Dx Frig I better not turn insomniac ;A;

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