Thursday, February 2, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Ryuudamon, Ayu wants you!!! D:
Your not seeing me for a while =A= *farming nerd* February 7th, COME FASTER~~~~

I'm trying to collect all the Dragon Digimon just cause I can. I finally got ultimate forms on my Agumon 4/5 and Patamon 5/5. MagnaAngemon is FUCKING HUGE in Ultimate. Dx I am considering to redo my Agumon (and all my other digis) to 5/5. I LIKE BIG THINGS 8D Still farming for a 5/5 Dracomon (blue) but knowing me, watch me fail and get a Green 5/5 D8

Dream Digimon:
5/5 Dracomon (Blue)
5/5 Ryuudamon
5/5 Agumon
5/5 Gabumon
5/5 Keramon

Salamon's head is big even for a 4/5. owo
K back to Digis and Daispora obsession 8D
First 6.4 Synth Fuck yea!!! <333333333

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