Monday, January 30, 2012

End of the Internet

Oh yea, I do believe that because not only are we fighting Internationally about ACTA now Canadians are presented with the issue of Bill C-11 (previously Bill C-32).

Take a look at: This This, This, and This.
If you don't know what this is, nor do not care. Well I suggest you to START CARING and start PROTESTING. Because the biggest issue is that everything you know about the internet will literally be altered and wiped off the face of the planet. If you are caught downloading or file sharing a song to a friend, your internet will be cut off and on worst case scenerio you may either find yourself with a fine or worse, be thrown in jail. Oh, sorry you didn't know? You'd think your Prime Minister/President gives a fuck? Nope. Sorry, you're out of luck.

Bill C-11 will not allow you rip music from a CD you bought to be put into your iphone. That will be illegal. You won't be allow to make a digital duplicate of your ebook. That's illegal too. But wait? You'd pay money for them. That's not what C-11 is saying.

I'm already trying to imagine a world without Anime, Manga, Fansite, Images, Music, Sharing, Dropbox (AKA. So where are my group projects to be shared now? =_=?), Inspiration, and anything foreign. No offensive, for one thing, Japan can forget about spreading the Anime/Manga industry here. Tokyopop's gone and so will fansubbers/translators. The American Entertainment Industry will be happy with their 28% increase in profit margins (according to France's censor bill) and Government will be loving the hundreds of fines they will be getting. Everyone wins but consumers. I understand the important of copyright, I understand that it is necessary but to put in a digital lock is possibly one of the DUMBEST idea around. It's like saying "Hey, that hammer killed someone, we need to ban all the hammers in the country!"

There are other solutions, offering a cheap and easy access to things; Crunchy roll, Netflix, Zune, Origin, Steam, etc. are one of the best examples of where digital and copyrights should be going. Cheap, easy to use, safe and hassle-free vs. Illegal, 3 days worth of cracking, possibility of virus and spyware, and free. The PROs outweighs the CONS, yet Entertainment industry QQs just because they can't keep up with the times. And here I thought Megaten had enough QQers.

I will be following this to heart when Q1 starts (Although this is mainly for ACTA):

I will not purchase any video game, movies, music or anything related to the entertainment industry. I will not support the censorship that reduces one's freedom. I will not agree to Hollywood's pressure. I do not support the threat of having my internet cut off or be fine or be thrown in jail just for a 13MB download. I will not support the idea that educational fair use no longer applies. Finally, I do not support the fact that my Anime/Manga will be taken away and, worst, loose it's future in North America. Otherwise, I DO support the ideal that copyright must be protected but in a non-mass public punishment.

Can't do that? No problem. BUY USE. Only the company that is reselling will profit. The company that is making them will not. I suggest trying to avoid big companies like Wal-Mart, Target, Bay, etc. Support the small companies or independent studios so they take minimal damage to this.

Apparently 21/27 countries have agreed to ACTA. Protests are being ignored. This was all done secretly behind our backs. Hackers are working FOR the people (there goes out perception that hackers are bad people LOL). What's next? MUDKIP INVASION?! (Yea Muddy I'm looking at you owo).

OHIP is being changed around. TTC's future plan of extension was changed because our retarded Mayor believes people want subways more than streetcars (maybe you do, but some of us LIKE our street cars). Oh and on top of all that, NONE of these decisions were made to the RIGHT audience. All to business man who are money hungry. It's just like Megaten, the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer.

Remember the protests of 4 BILLION people do not outweigh the 1,000 congress/government workers. Why? Because who ever told you that the government works for the "good of the people" must have made a wrong turn down LIMBO. It's all about the money folks, never about the general public.

Democracy, my ass. :<

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