Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6.3 Synth

Might be the first on server, who knows. Look at my coming-to-be sexiness.

I don't think I'll go for Metatron, I don't even have a 97 character LMAO xD 200 more Masakadus to go! ADD OIL AYU!

As promised: CUTEY DRACOMON >3< I wish he was 5/5 and not 3/5 but once Coredramon is implemented I can farm for a 5/5.

PS: Ayu's no troll, synthing is SRS BUSINESS.

EDIT - Cool, I think I got into the fastest Diaspora run as of today (18minute run). Sweet. Also, it seems I might be the only one on server who has even claimed the reward with Masakadus (let alone the only synther with 6.3+). Sweet, I feel accomplished in this game that I have been AFKing for the last 6 months xD.

EDIT2: Well it's official, I was drunk on something what I wrote this post. D: How embarrassing. *loser*

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  1. why didnt you get any comments on this! a very great achievement to reach 6.4 congrats again lol. I am still working on mine :P

    just showing your blog some love <3!