Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New end of the world Year!

And my first post will be... me procrastinating on my homework. :'D B>Motivation
... and wishing that the digital world from Digimon was real so I can do work at a pace where in the human world it'll be 3 minutes while it's been like 2 weeks in the Digital World while squeezing and snuggling my/a Dracomon. OH HOW I LOVE TO DREAM! *headdesk*

Normally I would write a Thank you for a great year post but I'm getting too lazy/busy for that. So for a short version;
Thank you guys for a great year! If you're written here that means I hold a happy memory of you even if it's just a chat here or there. I'm just weird like that. Lots for thanks to: Haburi (my looooovvveeee *hearts*), Richy (your bitch-ass that I've know for two years now), Uni (she's MY daughter D:< ), Yang (current status: MIA), Viraxe (Your full of awesome), Loch, Tristia, Onkot, Kouhei (so much lawl), Zetor, Kyou (I seriously need to stalk you more :( ), Kurakresh (homg what an old name xD), Reiya, and uhhh the raging squirrel in the corner over there...? God I don't play MT as much as I used to. I'm just usually spin AFK 99% of the time while playing something else. Lately I went back (I still blame you uni D: ), and went back to AFKing and vanity playing. I don't even do runs anymore cause it's boring. Daispora is a nice change though. Since it's like Rifting in RIFT but with more coorperation. Yay to instances. I look forward to what the end of the world is like the new year will bring! :)

So what have I've been up to? The jist of it:
1. Procrastinating homework by playing: Skyrim, Fable 3, Digimon MMO (DMO), Megaten, and RIFT
2. Work (dying... oh.. the dead bodies Dx) If a cat had 9 lives, I think I have about 100. 1 death for each time I work in that crazy retail located in one of the busiest malls in Ontario.
3. Sleeping/Fatigue - I hate my health. orz||||
4. Secretly hiding out. *puts on ninja mask*

That sums up my life in the last month and a half. :'D OH CRUD, I'm at school typing this *facepalms* NUUUUU I wanted to show you all my ADORABLE DRACOMON. Dx He's the new Arty for me. I love him to death and thinking of commissioning a professional to make a plush of him. I got lucky and got a TON of blue dracomon eggs but I am trying to farm some more so I can get a 5/5 Dracomon (blue) *-* Weirdly enough, I've only gotten green version once. I've been lucky enough to be spammed by blue version (since it's most wanted on the servers). I was able to get an Evolutioner too which I heard was EXTREMELY rare to get. :D Lucky me~ Trying to give birth to a 5/5 digimon is the same as trying to mod blunt 4 and 5 without cab pro2x and mat sequences. %$^@^^#%@$% B> Dracomon 5/5

I also have a confession to make in the new year. I've been killing innocent animals in Skyrim. D: I'm such a horrible person but their like running leather sources, how can I NOT kill them? D: *cruel person*

I'm... bored... need something to procrastinate... *look around for something to fiddle with* T> this piece of junk for a real laptop. Dx

Next post will be full of Digimon... FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^-^)V

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