Monday, December 5, 2011

Devil Prison + Rift

Your almost here!!!!! So both Habu and I can buy then quit again ahahahaa We're so ridiculous like that. But it is sexy you cannot deny it! I'm definitely buying a male and female set (female for vanity cause we all know Ayu doesn't play with female characters).

When Anura gets to 50 in RIFT, I'm making a bloody male mage and a rogue (prob male too lol) NC SOFT is the only time I'll play female mwhahahahaa! o-o But its okay, this trap dates a trap. LMAO Yes Habu I'm talking about you. No Lesbotime for you! xD <3

So we all know Ayu doesn't PvP. No she doesn't. Until she met Rift. D:

Unfortunately I still suck at PVP LOL Working on it D: I'm almost done Apoth... watever its called/Potion mastery! 30 pts left to go! Need to get to 50 and get that 110% mount D: I want to run faster! I'm also massively obsessed with Library of the Runemaster and Black Garden Maps. God, so much fun when your team mates aren't retarded. I also found out I can out DPS most builds, even mages. Scary D:

RICHY GET ON RIFT!! <3 *peer pressures*

Mirror of Extinction: One more page to do and then I'll be leaving it alone for a while. No motivation to work on it anymore and Megaten's community seriously killed it for me. It won't be done probably til Summer 2012 since it's a massive page and I have no time to code it. Dx

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