Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Lucky Today?

So I asked myself today, "Do I feel lucky today?" "DO I?!?!?!" And played the FC cause yes, I did feel lucky. The matter of fact, nearly getting hit twice while crossing the street (effing drivers and their cellphones) to get home, got to deal with an annoying Weed addict at work (god, I know Uncharted 2 is epic, you don't have to tell me 20 times an hour while I was alone at work DX) and I got Pop eyes Chicken (well popcorn shrimp hohoho). YES in fact, I did feel lucky. So I played the FC. LOL Yes, Ayu, what kind of reasoning is that?! *kicks self* So, look what I got on my second try today.

I'm going to ride it like a gay man >:D *chickened out* >.>;;

SOON, you'll see Seta riding it as I destroy all his man-prideness!! I'm such a yaoi fangirl DX Aya!! what has you done to meh!?!? D: *secretly loves it* And I got Shampoo his belated Birthday Present so I hope he likes it :3 Now I don't have to farm for that scorpion SS.... ^^;;;.... *lazy*

It's 4am.... I should be sleeping orz <-- has work

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