Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grinding my life away

Sera's at 5.5 Synth as of two hours from now LOL Weapon Knowledge grind is fairly easy since I get to play my Ragnarok DS while I do it. It's minerology I'm a tad dreading over. Because once I max Weapon knowledge, I have to start on Minerology. da fun. o.o If you have no idea what I'm talking about, what this video: Megaten Synther Skillup I always cringe when I see this video. Makes me remember Seta's synthing days before 5x mastery and textbooks. DX *cringes*

Also, my (non-exsistent) birthday cause PS3 to fail. LOL So most PS3s aren't working or playing games atm because of some clock glitch. Hehe *Xbox 360 person* Best birthday present evar~

So I pretty much spent my birthday eating. Yes my world revolves around food and I'm still skinny as a stick. WTF is wrong with me?! DX Got to go eat Korean BBQ for the first time in my life and since I can't be a Vegetarian anymore due to stupid Iron deficiency (so I don't like to pop vitamins or pills), I got to try this rumored "cook-it-your-self meat". o.o It was fun, I spent more time grilling things I didn't eat then really eating it. It was good I just felt really bad for the animals. T-T Then the next day I ended up going to an all-you-can eat Japanese resturant that was rumored as the best Japanese food in the area. It was good and cheap since we went their for lunch and one hour after they opened, they already had line-ups. Intense. o.o

Yea aside from that, my life's been boring. Actually more like Sera's grinding is taking up all my time. DX Then again, hopefullly I can get to class 6 Synth before FFXIII comes out next week. I doubt it but I will try~ I can't wait to play it and get my VGA adapter/converter thingy in the mail so I can play it on the PS3. I got that bloody things just for this game so it better be a GOOD game or else I QQ that I spent so much money... Speaking of money... Why did I buy Last Rebellion again? D: Oh yea.. the art was pretty and the game play looks cute though I heard the game sucked. *cries*

Goal for the week: Grind Sera some more... D: I will (try to) be a good synther! *goes and draws circles on the floor* >.<||||

PS: I will typo check after I get home ^^;; *runs to work*

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