Tuesday, March 23, 2010


And who said it was set 5%?! This is during non-FM with 1 Kaiwan finished Booster + my ready-to-be-rebirthed Artemis. Yes Yang, I LIED D: It was obviously not 5%. After another semi-done supporter entered, we got 10% I just for to SS before pressing ok. >.>

We also got 10 runs in 30minutes just me as the Shot Mage and 04Yang a the sponsor. :D Hurrrrrrrrrr~ Yang completed my Runestone search today and made me sooooooooo happy :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Artemis is half way doonnnneeee~~

This is what happens when I go AFK for even a minute. DX Huy tried to rape me D:

Sexy Seta at the back of Ichi Camp Boss Room. :D I had about less then 5 seconds to take this before I got Gaki Raped. Shampoo was already dead on the floor from Ramboing Jiko so I ran away to the back (and left him dead <3). T'was such a fun deathy run XD

btw, I refuse to write depressing things on this blog D: Maybe complain a bit here and there but no one will read depressing entries from moiiiiii~ Unless you murdered my Arty. Then I'll kewkew in Vi's/Writhe's emo corner. T-T


  1. I could so see you running when Shampoo dies. I remember doing that once. After I egged him on to solo and we didn't have shields and he was our enhancer. Lmao.

  2. LMAO Mar~ XD It's okay Shampoo doesn't mind being left dead (since he's used to suicide runs that I keep dragging him to anyways :D)

    MAR DX We need to run together morez~~