Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Sera Day

It's kinda weird to be grinding and playing Final Fantasy XIII (Japanese version) for 7 hours (about 3-4 hours of it was really grinding) on Saturday given my Synther is called Sera and the character I'm suppose to be saving in FF13 is also named Sera(h) (セラ). Weird... D: so I spent a good chunk of my weekend ignoring everyone because my attention keeps going all over the place orz. Sorry gais~

My first impression of FF13: Linear. Very Effing Linear. Lots of cutscenes. The story seems okay, the characters are meh-to-somewhat likeable (though I'm in love with the chocobo who lives in Sazh's hair especially how that I know it's name lol) and Vanilla is a nut case imo. My first impression: Lightning is Cloud; Snow is retarded but lovable; Hope must die or he better mature later; Vanilla is a nut case... oh wait I already said that; Sazh is pathetically funny; and otou-san is pure, pure, pure win. I'm also excited to see Laura Bailey's work as Sera(h). *ish becoming a Laura fan* XD The gameplay is enjoyable, but what makes this game amazing is the stunning visuals and the convenient Optima System (class change system). Otherwise, yea, your everyday Final Fantasy game. I'm hoping it's going to be good (though I rather play Resonance of Fate) but I don't think it'll be anything that will make it stand out, at least that's the feeling I'm getting. I hope I'm wrong. ^^;;

Tomorrow is Final Fantasy XIII release day. I'm going to die at work :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD orz.... Please let there be many bathed otaku gamers coming in... *prays*

I also learned an important lesson today. Taichou can play FF13 without looking at the screen. He played the game behind the counter on the other side of the TV. Should I be scared noaz? and Taichou, I had a very bad synthing day tonight, I know its a sign that your telling me to get off of Megaten and go to sleep. o.o

I'm trying to get un-addicted to Megaten, stop spending ap and use my time to prepare for going back to school. It's so hard DX I'm working as much as I can with photoshop but even then I'm just so unmotivated and mellow. -___- I need to fix that. I should get back to drawing or walling (desktop wallpapers) or even making sites again... B> a life. pm me please.

Once Seras get high enough level (he's a total leecher btw) I can lethe Seta's synth down and add retaliation for LOA and possible cotw (if I have enoug pts) so I can be more flexible in parties and runs. Ichi Gold speeds just isn't cutting out for me. It's getting boring. ^^; I need to try Deep Ichi one day :3 I need something new and a goal to work on improving on Seta. Otherwise I'm just going to minerology grind like a zombie on Sera all day... kewkew...

I'll post up some pictures later. For now... I sleep. :3

PS: because of work... I've been missing my dopey DX *draws circles in the emo corner* T-T Come here faster Wednesday... I miss you sweety!!

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