Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inb4 I do something right.

After taking a year off for personal reasons, I came back to school only to find that every piece of initiative I've took this year to be a "good student" is morally wrong or backfires. Not one project (and I wish I was being sarcastic) that I've done early was done right. Professors or the group organizers would tell us something vital to the project (that's not in the project sheet) about a or two week before its due which causes me to have to re-do it from scratch and resulting to more time and effort wasted (also the fact that no one else in class has finished it earlier). And every single time I finished a project, it was actually me thinking the project is due when it's not. Go me.

I'm also experiencing a group problem where one person rarely replies to emails while the other has put off all my emails about starting early until the last minute then proceeds to pin the blame on the fail project on me because APPARENTLY (without my knowledge) I was suppose to supply an analysis of our topic. I wasn't even aware that the others weren't gathering information. I wasn't aware that we even had a TOPIC CHOSEN until last minute. I wasn't even AWARE that each person had a role. And why wasn't I aware. Because all the emails I've gotten were one sentences telling me off about the issue. Same person who is blaming me, have had their email being bounced back every time I sent her my information for that week. I'm not saying I'm completely innocent. Yes, I should of kept my first assumption that NO ONE was going to do the work and finish off all the information and just putted it together. I should of analyzed it and just did it instead of HOPING that my group members would do a GROUP project. I should of kept my mouth shut. But I didn't because I DID NOT MORALLY FEEL RIGHT ABOUT PASSING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK. I'm in school to learn. Not to ride on people to my degree.

I find it befitting that the year I plan to graduate is 2012, the same year for "the end of the world" stuff.

Made two guides for synthing for SSSU that I'm contemplating on putting one of them up onto Aeria's forum (regarding presets of Demon Difficulty via Synthing in the game). Inb4 I get banned for helping Aeria (like everyone else LOL).

Yes, I have synthing in my head again. orz *needs to find a new hobby*

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