Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear god...

Bell sucks balls.
No Srsly.

Not only was I promised this "dedicated" line via optical fiber where LAG won't happen, and top speed service AND best service. Well it was a total L-I-E. My modem looses Signal (and its hard wired) at least a dozen times a week (and people in this house spam me often on my cell about it being down because it's on my computer) AND I LAG. I can't do runs with high cotw spam while normal ichi clears with cotw/enhancer is okay but I just did assassin and my dynes kept getting "stuck" while clearing nightmare rooms I'm fine. This isn't Aion. This isn't WOW. This isn't Rift. So it shouldn't lag like a bitch with such LOW quality gaming.

I used to us Rogers Portable Modem which was cheaper and DID have lag but it didn't DC as frequently and there were certain peaks I know when it'll lag (otherwise its okay). But with this bell one, its too random. :/ No Lag my ass.

Best part, 310-BELL is an automatic disconnect when I dial. WTF?! So I can't even call customer service to find out what's going on since I can't get through to a ring tone at all. orz

I'm also going to be very busy for summer, 2 jobs + school :'D My emotional and fatigue levels will be off the roof again. I'm going to be even more angry this summer than before. Angry customers will get a face full of Rage Yelling this summer, w00t. Soccer Moms are 90% of the time assholes :< a=" I" style="font-style: italic;">ABOUT THE COMPANY, yelling at me then telling me "its not me specifically" doesn't exactly make me feel better about the situation, stupid women. It doesn't change the fact that YOU. ARE. YELLING. AT. ME. Seriously. If you disagree about it, talk to someone who actually have the power to do something about it (aka. head office or the REAL customer services who have more power than the ones behind the counters) or ask who to be directed to in a CIVILIZED MANNER (we are civilized right?). Don't just yell. Next thing I know, you'll start yelling at that pole over there for having a plant being hung in the wrong side of the pole. =___= People, y u no think?!

On the good news, I'm in love with .Hack//Quantum and Infinite Stratos. <3

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