Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I has peanuts!

Dear Enhancers in Megaten,


If you have no int giving gear (let alone SI) and NO SS or Tarots, then you DO NOT HAVE 140 INT alone. You can't even have pass 109int (99 + 10 from syringe for 1 hr) at all. The only way is if all the party member is wearing motley or you have an uber synther(s) or synth booster(s) in your party to give the remaining (min. of) 31 int difference (and have pr0 friends who can clear fast and well to replace the sacrificed room), then you cannot have 140 int (especially if all your wearing is a salon set white).

I know how much I do when I'm on enhance with 140 int. If my damage is anything less than around that, then it's obvious you don't have 140 as you claim in shout. >_> It's true we cannot prove whether you have 140+ int prior to entering party (at least without analyzing every player's gear and adding it up o-o) but it's obvious when you start buffing.

I made two enhancers just to vent out frustration. I officially have an enhancer of every possibility (though most are still in the making). Again, just to vent out frustration and allow me to procrastinate in homework.

Btw, it took 30 episodes for Shoutmon to finally digivolve. It was gay. :( Kiriha (I think that blonde guy name was) looks much better now in the preview of episode 30. Ahahahaha. YES I AM A LOSER :< <--- also playing Pokemon Black ontop of that.

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