Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why, oh, Why do I play?

I don't know. Why do I bother? Probably because I still have friends in Megaten. Especially since I luff them all <3

Being nice in this game doesn't pay off at all. You end up getting used and stepped on like dirt to people who aren't your "close friends". And you wonder why everyone is an asshole? I don't blame them one bit. Yet, I like to believe that out there some where in Megaten, there may be a trade where things will go well and we can be friends. You know, LIKE HOW I MET 90% OF MY FRIENDS prior to community mean-ness increase.

Nice Ayu has gotta go in Megaten. I'm sick of being taken advantage/used of. I'm sick of giving people free stuff to help them only for them to never talk to me or doesn't reply to my tell (though there are a few who I still talk to, <3 them). I'm sick of hearing sad stories and find out later that people did it to discount the item. And I'm sick of strangers making promises to me (especially to hold an item) then changing their mind during transaction or after transaction and only to have the item's value drop because I held it for you. I already stopped lending things and I already stopped supplying things.

I don't want to be mean. I don't want to not trust anyone. But the last few weeks, I think it's time mean-Ayu has to come out when simply being on MT. Cause I want to stop complaining and I want to stop caring.

And FYI: You can't hate someone for buying something cheap because YOU priced it that way and find out they made profit from it. You DO realize who the idiot here is to begin with, and hint: It's not the buyer cause all they say is "I'll buy it" and "tyvm". There is a difference when someone requested to lowball your desired price vs.when you put up a desired price that is lower than the common market price.

btw, yaoi fangirls are fun people. xD And our skype calls now consist of 5-7 people. Fun times.

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