Saturday, March 5, 2011

I die alot. It's a fact.

So Habu and I were playing Aion the other day, and he decided it would be fun to attack Andras (a field boss) and then run away.

Here's us preparing to attack Andras. I'm just going to watch and laugh when he gets killed :P

And the chase begins.

It was funny watching this frog thing waggle. I started to follow behind and watch the fun. Of course, with no apparent reason, Andras just TURNED AROUND AND CHOMPED ME. No I didn't aggro it. No I didn't attack him. He isn't Pre-emp. So yea. I was dead on the floor going "WTF ANDRAS?!" While it was happily chasing after Habu through the Camp (while the NPC/Guardians did absolutely NOTHING LOL) and into another area to loose Andras.

So we've concluded: I die because things just loves me. Even if I did NOTHING to them or they happen to be across the map and just comes and attacks me D: We also concluded that NPC/Guardians, don't fight field boss. Because they are smart and don't pick a fight with the big boys.

Anki in Fire temple. Love her new sexy look. Habu and I play dress up on our girls too much in Broker. xD

The free Chocobo the server gave us. It's great, you can feed it and it poops up stuff. Except... mines hungry *too lazy to feed it*

And I pulled another Richy and came back to Megaten. :'D Don't expect me to do anything cause I'm most likely finishing up my Enhancer or helping my friends fuse. Usually AFKing cause that's all I'm good for.

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