Thursday, February 17, 2011


Programming does not compute to Ayu's brain.
I used to take all the available classes on computers (programming, web, graphics, animation, etc.) when I was in High school and prior. Now I remember why programming was the only course I dropped. Yet, it comes back haunting my in one of my courses. Worst of all, we're doing it in a new open-source program called Processing which in the end it's just jibberish to me despite the hours I've spent doing tutorials and trying to understand its works. Uberfailme.

I has Aion time card! *holds it all Zelda style* Too bad I can't play it til the Weekend since my Mid-Term projects are due this week.

Let's add to my fail. A file our teacher put up was originally made in InDesign CS4, I have CS3 so google being epic these were the following methods I tried:
  • inx file format for backwards compatibility - failed
  • download and installed cs4 on pc - failed
  • download and installed cs5 on pc - fail
  • opening in other Adobe files - fail
  • asked a friend to screen-shot it for reconstructing but it's just too complicated to reproduce - failed
I'm not meant to succeed this week. orz

Just these two courses alone I feel like I just took one year's worth of courses in a semester. I don't think education was meant to be this frustrating and difficult. And before anyone says anything, my school is "self-proclaimed prestige" so they don't care about their students, if you have troubles that's "your problem" or if you have technical difficult, your better off shooting yourself in the head because this is a Design school, no one knows how to troubleshoot about computers. Also if you work "differently" (learning style or being too "pr0" that your teacher can't mark you like everyone else who isn't) your pretty much guarantee a fail.

Actually, I can't remember why I choose this school. Yay failme.

Retired on Megaten, I'll pop on once in a while if I feel like playing dress up or if Habu asks me on. I'm quite disgusted at the community and all the unnecessary children drama that's been happening. All the Veterans who have quitted, good for you. I'm sure there is a better game out there with less QQ'ers about how "impossible" it is to one-hit Deformed Kirins at level 50 with our current over-powered gear or how hard it is to HEAL a party member. I'm also debating whether or not to withdraw from the SSSU, I have the event written up prior to my loss of internet I just need to finalize and post it.

Damn Habu, he's already at level 38. Must catch up and get more Gold Armor! D: Especially now that the drop rate have increased. :3

Next week is Reading week and here are my goals for games that needs to be finished:
  • Hexyz Force PSP
  • Tales of Vesperia (need to finish it!)
  • Dragon Age: Awakening (Must finish before DA2 is out!)
  • Nier or Splinter Cell: Convinction
My backlog is dwindling! and back to stressing about homework...

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