Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help save Canadian internet!

Stop Canadian ISPs from thinking they can fucking rape our wallets whether because their technology cannot support the amount of access or they're greedy. Please sign the petition: HERE! Everywhere else it's unlimited so what's with this bullcrap?

I'm not going to get Internet until I find a unlimited bandwidth because blowing 200Gb a month for bandwidth is like eating a cake for me >.> <= downloads and streams inplace of 6yrs of no tv. Sucks that I finally got the ok to get Internet like a normal person and this stuff happens. And it took 4 years worth of argument at home to get a REAL Internet D: damn you Bell!!!

/edit - blogspot is horrible to edit on a iPhone. Regarding the Internet bandwidth it seems most providers don't go above 100gb without additional purchases. Anddddddd upload rate don't exceed 1mbs. Seriously, this makes me want to move to US alone >.> what's the point in sharing files if its going to take me 3 weeks to get one subtitled movie. Let alone an episode >.> glad I'm into gaming otherwise I'd be going nuts right now D: /end edit
Ayu won't be on megaten, Aion or Live. :(

On the other note: ALLEEEENNN!!! <3 I don't know who the bad guys are in D.Gray-man but I'm sooooo happy that the Noahs are helping Allen. I always liked the Noahs more, their much more cooler lol

Also been torturing myself in FF13. That game is NOT meant to be finished... God I hate bartendaluswatshismanyfaceassiscalled. Seriously... How much longer is this game I'm already pass the 50 hrs on the main story plot and I haven't even touched the damn side quests. And Golden Sun is GOD to me ATM. My childhood game still the same. Though it's a tad too easy compared to the GBA version. Too much dumb instructions unlike the older one ( we don't need a sign post five steps from the last sign post saying the exact same thing!). Are new generation of gamers getting stupider?! Recently the new games are ... Easier then I remember. Ah well... Going to finish some of my games and hope the tragic Internet ISP will either boost bandwidth usage or hope for unlimited. I'm good with leeching Internet from people. Might have to cancel my netflix account though. :(

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