Saturday, April 9, 2011

NJF Forever



Good bye to being one of the original winners from this event and hello spammed NJF on server. I had my fun, since it's been two years since the event. But I thought they weren't giving it out anymore because if was majorly bugged and unfixable. o_O So wtf. Well there goes the last thing I have that's rare that I can be proud of. LOL -unmotivated to play since rarity no longer exist in this game-
I should learn to stop listening to Aeria's "it'll never be re-released in the future" lies. Just a ploy to make money. :/ *waves good bye to hundreds of dollars spent on those events*

Also, big news! Ayu is moving due to family problems. Let's hope this is a sign for a brighter future now that I am pretty much parentless. o-o (no, their not dead if you're thinking that! D: )

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