Sunday, August 14, 2011

B> a Summer Vacation

I've been working 55+hrs a week for the past few weeks. I did it last summer with no problems, but this time, I can barely put up with it. I think my mind is telling me I need to go on a loooooooooong vacation. Preferably to Disneyland! :D <--- only reason is so she can bother Habu more [insert evil SFX] The last long vacation (stress-free) I ever had was when I was in elementary school. Yup, even I can't believe it. o-o Since then it's only been stressful little trips.

Megaten. The only reason I play is for vanity. Also, Auto-cancelers piss me off (unless you take the post down, which is understandable) but seriously, a simple "nty" or "no thank you" or "my c/o is xxx amount" is apparently asking too much. People DO pay more then what you've asked for just for replying. People DO tell you that it's out of their budget and not buy. People DO ask to bargain with you (whether in items or in macca). Whether you sell it or not, it IS up to you but please do so politely. So I don't understand the sales ethnic here for auto-cancelling. Last time I checked, we're a BARTER/TRADE system, not a SALES TAG system like Aion. People have feelings too.

Speaking of bitching, why, oh, why do you melees join Vishnu/Shiva runs with un-SIed, no tarot/soulstone geared and gear unmodded weaponed? Do you have no shame what-so ever? You're little 900-1500 damage is the same as NOT having you around (and more xp for party). Be a sponsor (but you're probably being a cheapo and making someone else pay with their REAL money for Yantras). If it wasn't for the fact that my friends are being nice (though we are bitching about you via Skype) and haven't kicked you (even though I keep telling them too because you were being a leecher), I would of honestly kicked you (fear the wrath of party leader). I don't go into public parties until my characters are 90% complete. I don't expect that from everyone, but I DO expect a halfway finished build/gear with tarot/SS and some SI/mods done. Doesn't have to be max, but at least you tried and is a decent melee.

B> REAL MT players

And Enhancer... your job is to keep ironclad/pulse and sa up at all times. It's not difficult. No seriously, it's not difficult >__> *always brings heals unless its a trust worthy enhancer*

I'm also a QQer of why the HELL is one of the best tarots and soul stone being one of the easiest to get (aka. 1mil each >__>) WTF................. Broken much? Especially how Pazuzu's are harder to get then Vishnu/Shiva crystal, that's when you know something is NOT right with this game. OH SHIT I just realized how much hell it would be to make Nyars... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF *has full Nyar taroted mage that will be a pain to make when switching to new gear*

Yay, now that's out of my system.

Been following the second half of Digmon Cross Wars (YEA YOU HEARD ME!! D:< ) And god, non-cold hearted Kiriha makes a very GAY Kiriha Dx Damn Taiki, keep your gayness to yourself! I loved Kiriha when he was a cold hearted bastard. Now he's all "I believe in you Taiki! Always! <3" (Okay not exactly like that but you know what I mean). GAHHH$!%$%^$^$ Gravimon has an unhealthy obsession with Kiriha, just saying. o-o Digimon forever yay! <----childhood cartoon

FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hakouki coming to North America! Saitou <3 Okita <3 YAY YAY YAY! *ish a loser* So excited for this, it better happen!!

EDIT- Play Catherine. It's epic. Alcohol snippets is lawlz.

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