Monday, September 5, 2011

100% Rosary






All this is done with 4 synth booster (one of them not being chaos), 2 syringes on synther only and Revitalization. Females synthers should hit 400+ int without syringes. So... Goal is done, what's next?

That's right, FORMULATE A FORMULA FOR ROSARIES MWHAHAHAHAHAHA~ I seriously need a new hobby. >__> Demon friendship is seriously a pain in the ARSE to test. *faints*

Also been busying making a Rush Melee because its the only class I am missing before I can say I have done every class I can possibly think of that's not Medical Science and Gunners. Only 3 of them just need maxing expertise + lvl 90 but it can still function as a basic class (ex: regal DD, shield melee, etc). Ayu bored much? :'D

PS: I love how the stats bar are so epic that it falls right off the graph. xD

Thank you, Habu, Yang, Uni and Sai for all the help. <3 If it weren't for you guys, I'd be still dreaming all of this.

Except I have one problem with this party: Where are we going to squeeze the synthee? D:

School starts tomorrow QQ

/Ends Shameless Self Bragging xD

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