Saturday, December 4, 2010

[Megaten] Thing you might want to know.

Enhancers are support class. Enhancers who don't heal and/or don't buff - clearly shows that you should be in ANOTHER class.

Ichi Golds - designated parts of the room for damage dealers (front, back & middle) to make faster room clear. No one likes a stray Koppa and wasting time. At least be able to one hit Deformed Kirins before you advertise yourself as a damage dealer (or a Uber one). It just helps the party.... a lot.

Fun fact: Erosion Hex has a LOW chance of muddling Spectres. Stop trying and just Megi them or have null SSes so you can run away un-harm.

If you ask for help from someone, please don't afk on them while they're doing it for you. It's rude and disrespectful. ...And it also makes me hate you personally.

Most importantly, if you are selling something with a desired price and you got a buyer, HONOR IT. Sell the item for the price you have priced. If you change your mind because you want to keep it or want to sell it at a higher profit, then you my friend, are the biggest douche bag of a human being. The buyer is completely innocent and abiding to YOUR desired price so don't get mad if they rage because they have the right to as a consumer.

Drama happens. That's life. But to dread on it for months and months and continuously harass the parties that knows the players who are involved for info or just to make their life miserably presume, is immature. Grow up please and play the game.

Jiko is weak against FIRE. For all those idiots who uses ice on him, please ask party or check the wiki before hand. It makes you look like an idiot when you get reflected in the face. No, srsly.

Synthers - and any one who rebirths demons - Learn to READ THIS CHART! Because rebirthing your Artemis as Sowilo last will not get you the best possible stats on her. Re-birthing your Spin demon in Fehu chain last and then telling me your demon is done, makes me want to shoot you.

So this community has destroyed the last centimeter of my patient, kindness, and respect. So I'm off to Haitus from it and hopefully just quit all together. Because the amount of dedication I've put into this game seems to be for naught. And as we all know, veteran of this game will be an extinct race and people actually knowing about mechanically or how to play this game will slowly disappear. So... Imma go play Call of Duty: Black Ops with Haburi and Richy (when I get my bloody free copy in the mail... arggg....), my precious 999 DS (1/6 endings GETTO!) and dedicated my life back to deviant art like I should be. Thanks for everyone who I've met, be friends with and all the fun times we spent. I'll make a player dedicated post later. (exhausted atm...)

See you all in 2011!
Have a safe and happy Holidays everyone! ^-^

PS: Extazy's belly button rainbow beam cannot be stopped! Mwhahahahahaha~ Extazy <3

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